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What screams 2010s more than the 1990s hit South Park?

YOU FUCKING LAZY PIECE OF SHIT! I haven’t even owned a tv in the past 12 years but if I was going to pick a show from the 2010s, it wouldn’t be this. This fucking retard just picks the easiest fucking shit he can think of. CARTOONS. Fucking half of these episodes were CARTOONS. Cartoons from when he was a child.

It is so fucking stupid. How did Screenwave possibly greenlight this? Why didn’t they say, “Hey, James, we know how much you hate working but how about doing a live-action show that actually peaked in the decade that you’re talking about? Just try it out. We’ll help.”

0:15 – In a weepy voice he says, “This is the last installment for now. Yeah…I know. Maybe another time I’ll come back and do more Halloween tv shows because this was really fun.”

He’s saying this like we’re fucking disappointed that this is the last of his zero effort videos. No. James. Stop this. I don’t want to watch this shit. Who does? Who’s the audience for these episode recaps?

It’s not me you should be concerned about. It’s you. You’re not doing me a favour by making these shitty videos. It’s your JOB. This is how you make money. If you continue on insisting on putting out absolute shit tier videos like this, the job is going to end. Don’t you care about that? Isn’t the very real prospect of living on the street motivation for you to put some fucking effort into your videos?

2010s. South Park. That show that I watched in college in the 1990s. Fuck you.

0:45 – He’s going through his honourable mentions. Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Then he rattles off a series of children’s shows. And I mean…fucking unbelievable…he’s talking about shows for FIVE YEAR OLDS. These are shows that he watched with his children, presumably.

He mentioned one show for adults and then a series of TODDLER shows. Really? Why does he refuse to put any effort into this? Just fucking Google it. 2010s Halloween tv shows.

1:30 – He’s complaining about Tegridy Farms episodes. Isn’t this what they’ve been doing for quite some time? There’s a theme for each season? He’s says that he’s watched the show from the beginning. Wouldn’t he know this?

2:15 – He chose the episode because it’s about Blockbuster videos and the Shining. James…if you haven’t done anything since 1997, that’s fine. But then just don’t do videos where you promise to talk about the 2000s and 2010s. Because this is fucking stupid.

4:15 – “As somebody who hangs on to physical media…”

And he’s pointing to a video casette collection. But…it doesn’t exist. He’s pointing to a greenscreen. This is all greenscreened. This is completely insane.

5:30 – “In the 2006 episode Hell on Earth, in which Satan throws a big party, was a spoof of an MTV reality series My Super Sweet 16, which I never heard of, nor would ever care to watch…”

James REALLY wants you to know that he’s never even heard of My Super Sweet 16. We get it, James. You’re not watching shows about teenage girls. Who are you trying to convince? Nobody was accusing you of anything.

“No. Come on, guys. Enough messing around. I seriously don’t even know about the existence of teenage girls. It’s not something that interests me. Alright? I have a wife and family.”

James, what the hell are you doing? We were just talking about South Park here.

He also seemed REALLY offended by the weed farm storyline in South Park. James…we get it. You don’t smoke marijuana. It’s fine. You don’t have to freak out about it. Nobody cares.

6:30 – He’s saying that he’s seen people use an iPad on a skateboard (what?) “Often during covid in 2020 but let’s not dwell on that nightmare.”

James is also absolutely petrified of covid.

I’ll tell you what James was doing during covid. Smoking weed with teenage girls. You sick fuck. That’s why he’s expressing such outrage about these things. He’s trying to throw people off the track. I’m on to you, Mr Retard Man.

Then he just continues summarising the episode. Fuck this lazy shit.

Unbelieveably bad. This whole Monster Madness has been awful. All he does is summarise the episode and after the 1990s, he stopped watching tv so for 2000 and 2010 he just chose more 1990s shows. And they were fucking cartoons.

All James had to do was to go to that page and find something suitable. The work is already done for him. Let’s find some good 2000s and 2010s Halloween tv episodes that I think would appeal to James.

  • Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Gossip Girl
  • Pretty Little Liars
  • Scream Queens
  • The Carrie Diaries
  • Gilmore Girls
  • Glee
  • Teen Mom
  • 8 Simple Rules for Dating my Teenage Daughter
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch

That’s a start. That should keep James busy for next year’s Monster Madness.

Mrs Nerd: James, are you still watching Gilmore Girls? Your family misses you.

James: Honey, please. I’m doing very important research for Monster Madness. This is my job. And leave those tissues there.

5 thoughts on “South Park (2010s) – Monster Madness 2023 – Cinemassacre

  1. I think the Simpsons could legitimately make a list made by an adult who wasn’t retarded. The 90s though. What would make a good list aside from the episodes themselves would be cultural impact. There were no animated shows that weren’t just for kids and wasn’t abject shit until they came around. And the 90s HW ones were great. And they set the trend for every animated show and Halloween show / putting the cast in character roles. But no. Bimmy the retarded scatophage millionaire had to talk about Urkel. So everything moved up 10 years. Not that it means anything anyway. It’s all horeshit. It’s like the phrase “world champions” well who decides that? The people who say they are. Who believes it? The people who just do.

    I was always hanging on to The Truth in the hopes that we could watch Bimmy’s collapse and failure. And watch him leave YouTube and go off to suffer like an asshole for the rest of his life. But I will never happen. Just this brain dead shit for eternity, lapped up by his cult audience who will never ever leave. The last video he ever makes will be just by chance the one he makes before he dies from old age sometime in the 2050s. He will still be talking about the 1980s and have ZERO FUCKING ZERO awareness of life after 1999! And his kids will be well off from it, never having to struggle a single day. He’s so brain dead and retarded he has no idea how lucky he is. Fuck him.

  2. Why the need of this self-imposed “one episode per decade” rule in the first place? Just make a list over personal favorites, that you can focus on stuff you are actually passionate about and avoid watching Halloween specials you don’t give a crap about.

    1. Because Bames didn’t come up with the idea. The Slobware staff did. That Sean guy is the new Newt, just copying all the info from Wikipedia and putting it on a teleprompter for Bimmy to poorly read.

  3. Mrs Nerd: James, are you still watching Gilmore Girls? Your family misses you.

    James: Honey, please. I’m doing very important research for Monster Madness. This is my job. And leave those tissues there.

    Mrs Nerd: Okay, but are those sad tissues or happy tissues?

  4. The man is a husk. I really, genuinely tried to give these a chance, but I couldn’t do it. That’s why I come here, for hilarious summaries.

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