BIG Channel Update! (and a Preview) – Mad Panic Gaming

1:30 – He’s talking about how he “rebranded” earlier in the year from Kid Shoryuken to Mad Panic Gaming. He then shills for the Mad Panic Gaming t-shirts that you can purchase. Yeah, I think I’m good for t-shirts right now.

2:00 – He says that he came up with the name “Kid Shoryuken”, “On a whim when I was, like, a teenager when I came up with my first channel in like 2006.”

WHAT? There is NO WAY that this guy is younger than I am. Significantly younger, apparently. Let me figure this out.

Now, he said “like a teenager”. So that could mean anything. Maybe he was 25. But let’s just say that he was genuinely a teenager in the sense that most people would think. Let’s say that he was 16 in 2006. That would mean that he was born in 1990. God, there’s no fucking chance on earth. So he’s 33?

Come on. Look at that guy and tell me that he’s 33. Yes, he has the haircut of an 8 year old boy but he’s also OBESE and looks to be at least 50. Don’t give me this bullshit.

And he said that he was retired from the military. At 33? I don’t think so. And this was years ago that I heard this.

“That was okay when I was aged 18 to age 20 or something.”

So what we can infer from this is that he’s saying that he was 18 when he started the channel. So he’s 35 now. No chance. And who refers to themselves as a “teenager” when they’re 18?

“When you’re in your mid 30s, though, to still call yourself a ‘kid’ is not applicable.”

Mid 30s my ass.

Where is he getting the money to pay for Destiny Fomo’s services as a man in his mid 30s working as a TEFL “teacher” in Japan? When I assumed that he was in his 50s, I just thought he had some shady investments or military pension or something. But now it makes even less sense.

2:45 – He claims that the channel is a collaborative effort now. How? Where are the other collaborators? All of the videos I see are just of him, although I haven’t really looked.

Mid 30s. It’s impossible. Look at this guy.

Let’s say he is in his mid 30s. Why is he blowing all of his money on sex with whores? Who does that in their mid 30s? Just get a fucking girlfriend. If he was 50, I would get it. But in your 30s, you should still be looking for a relationship.

3:45 – He claims that he invented the game hunting in Japan videos but now everybody is doing it so he’s trying to mix up the formula to try to stand out. Well, bringing whores into the video is one way to stand out, I guess.

Then he starts talking about doing game reviews. How about whore reviews? Speaking of which, I’d like to remind everyone that Destiny Fomo got the worst whore reviews I’ve ever seen in my life. EVERYBODY gave her negative reviews.

7:30 – He gives a preview of an upcoming video. Who cares?

10:00 – He says that most people sign up to his Patreon for the “game boxes”. What? Let me see what this is.

By the way, he went on this long rant about how Kid Shoryuken isn’t his name any more and yet all of his social media, including his Patreon, is “Kid Shoryuken”.

Well, he has the world’s most expensive Loot Crate thing going. The lowest price is $50/month and the highest is $200/month. For $50/month, you get manga, figures, and snacks. The higher tiers are all boxes of video games and, presumably, the more money you spend, the more expensive the shit that you get.

It’s actually not a bad idea. Let these weeaboos think that they have a friend in Japan. And he’s giving people something that people actually. Any time I see these Patreon tiers, it’s always some complete bullshit like a postcard or something. No, you can keep your postcards.

It seems like a lot of work, though. And are the prices at all reasonable? Because Loot Crate and the like is going to be $30 or whatever, I think. But they’re giving you complete shit. What kind of stuff is “Kid” Shoryuken giving? If he’s just giving you cheap ass games, it’s not worth it.

Obviously, he has to make a profit on these things. But how much of a profit is he making?

And how much time is he putting into these? Because he has 24 of these. He has to buy games for 24 people every month? And then ship them out? Although, there’s an option to receive your packages every two or three months instead of monthly.

It’s something different at least. It’s an interesting use of Patreon. But I wonder about the execution.

So anyway, that’s the video.

  • “Jim you need more chicks with big tits in these videos”
  • “I’d like to see a collaboration with フジタさん”

He’s talking about this guy, apparently:

The Richard Simmons of Japan.

6 thoughts on “BIG Channel Update! (and a Preview) – Mad Panic Gaming

  1. Let’s say he is 19 in 2006, even though his channel started in 2011???? He would be born in 1987, same as Erin! But not cykill86! So he’d be 36 I guess? Maybe it’s true. I looked at his oldest video. He looked about 21. If he was 50 now he’d be a lot older looking in his oldest video than he is. So ok he’s 36. That shows you what life of living in Japan, living in a shitty small apartment, doing English “teaching” and spending all your money on games and ladyboys does to you!

    1. That’s good detective work. He does look young in these but…21? I don’t know. I think because he’s sitting cross-legged, it might give the illusion that he’s younger than he is.

      And even in 2011 he was in Japan? I could swear that he said that he was in the navy and he retired but this can’t be right.

      If he was born in 1987, he would have been 24 in 2011. Well, I guess that’s realistic, looking at these old videos. And the fact that he was already in Japan is realistic. I must have completely made up the military thing. Or he said it and he was making it up.

      But yeah, this changes everything. Apparently he is in his mid 30s.

  2. someone with the mental capacity to call himself “kid shoryuken” was in the military. did they let him anywhere near ordnance and armaments? was he allowed to touch a firearm at all? judging from his online presence and perceived limitations, i guess his role in the army was to be the recruits’ prag.

  3. He’s doing tours right now. Maybe if I’m lucky enough he can take me to the soaplands and bars where they let the gaijin in.

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