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This was just a random recommendation from Youtube’s fine algorithm.

0:00 – Whoa. Don’t hide those milkers behind Kirby, baby. Let the world see.

Where is she from? Bath, according to her Twitter. You guys all know Bath, right? Is it in Norfolk? Let me look this up.

No. It’s near Wales. This explains why she seems to have a lot of videos taking place in and around Wales.

Here’s another picture where she’s hiding the goods behind Kirby.

You know who I’m reminded of? At the risk of turning this blog into some kind of haven for perverts, I’m reminded of 1990s/2000s Welsh softcore porn star Lorna Morgan. Just facially.

Looks very similar to me. And I could swear that Lorna Morgan had red hair in at least some pictures.

Anyway, what is this woman doing? Oh, she’s going to a retro video game store. Good stuff. Let’s check it out.

0:30 – She’s with her boyfriend on a train. The boyfriend is a GIANT nerd. GIANT. How did he manage this? I mean, good for him, but it’s just surprising. Maybe he has a 12 inch penis or something.

0:45 – She’s walking through the town. Every town in the UK looks like this. You have the Schuh, the Deichmann, and there’s some kind of crazily overpriced outdoor market going on. This is everywhere. I’ve been all over the country and it’s this from London to the northernmost tip of Scotland.

Fucking Schuh. Who are the people shopping at Schuh? But you see them everywhere so somebody must be going.

1:00 – They stopped at a cafe. She shows the sandwich that she got. Well, this is different, at least. I don’t even know what this is. It looks like corn and peppers and onions in a sandwich. It wouldn’t be my first choice but these cafes always have limited options and the options are odd.

I went to a cafe recently and it was like £8 for a BLT with avocado on it. “BLAT” it was called. Why would I want this? But it was this or their take on a burrito or pancakes. Those were the three options. A “BLAT”, a burrito made by a white British person, or PANCAKES. It was lunchtime. So I got the fucking BLAT. It was fine and a reasonable portion size but kind of odd. Why the avocado? Was anyone clamouring for avocado? And they had vegan options for everything. So you could have vegan bacon instead or whatever. I don’t know. Whatever. It was fine.

Anyway, she’s showing the stuff in the shop. It’s all behind glass display cabinets. Seems a really unpleasant way to shop. Stuff is hidden behind other stuff. How are you supposed to know what’s there? And then I guess you had to get the owner to open the cabinet to get the games that you want. Presumably, the store never gets terribly busy.

6:15 – Then she went to a mall or “shopping centre”. Same shit again. You got a Reiss. You got some “pubs”. It’s just all the same shit no matter where you go.

7:00 – Then she shows an old hotel.

I don’t know what I’m expecting but you can go anywhere in the country and you’ll see all of this. I don’t know anything about Bath so I thought maybe this will be something different but no. Same shit.

She’s at some other bar now and there’s a coronation decoration. So Bath must be some “Tory” town full of elderly people. I’ve seen loads of these places too.

Anyway, they literally went to like five different pubs. This is another thing you see all over the country. It’s a nation of alcoholics.

7:45 – Now she’s back at her home with her boyfriend or whoever this guy is. Husband. They’re showing what games they got for the rest of the video. I don’t care. If she’d lower the camera just a touch, I might be interested. She’s making an intentional effort not to show her tits. So good for her. I appreciate that. Adds a touch of class and elegance to the videos and tells you more about who she is as a person.

Let’s see what the horntards have to say.

  • “Wow that shop looked like a museum.”

Yeah, I was going to say this. It looked like a museum, not a shop. That’s not good when you’re operating a shop.

So overall impressions, I’m saying that that was okay. I like when people do little things where they show the town and where they ate and whatnot. It’s the only part of John Riggs’ videos that I enjoy. The parts where he shows what he’s eating. And he eats a lot.

But then the video game “content” has to start and that’s death. At least for me.

She had a pleasant voice. A lot of English people have really, really unpleasant voices. They sound either really pretentious or it’s just really fucking grating like TheGebs24. But this woman had a nice accent.

She didn’t say anything stupid. She seems to be genuinely interested in video games. And she has reasonably big melons. So what’s not to like? I’ll subscribe.

3 thoughts on “I find RARE Nintendo and Sega games in the BEST retro video game shop! – Lydgendary

  1. They remind me of Nostalgia Nerd and Octavius Kitten. Except these two aren’t psychotic assholes that don’t deserve the graft they live off of. They might actually be decent people who love games more than money. The small channel size reflects that in many ways.

    1. Oh yeah. I never saw Nostalgia Nerd before. Why do all of these fucking nerds on Youtube have beards? But yeah, this woman seems alright. And the guy does as well.

      1. They do it to cover their double chins and they are lazy. None of them have real jobs so they’ve never had to deal with a proper dress code. Anyway, he’s a dick.

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