MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: Dead Reckoning (Part 1) Review – Newt Wallen

I’m only watching this because somebody in the comments suggets that Newt talks about Horseface not accepting his apology.

10:30 – They were talking about this movie for the past ten minutes and then:

Newt: Because that’s where Cerebro basically is. Oh, that would be cool if there was an all-back X-Men and it was called Cerebro.

PVC: Oh. Okay.

I have absolutely no idea what he’s talking about or if I got the spelling right but some more of that delightful racism from The Ideas Man.

There’s good lighting in this video, though. This isn’t something that I’ve ever mentioned, I’m not some lighting-obsessed nerd, but I don’t know. I like the lighting here. They’re in a theatre where Newt works. PVC Bondage Guy is here too, by the way. She’s wearing a mesh top.

23:15 – PVC Bondage Guy decides that we need to see a close up of her armpit so she grabs a Dr Pepper from behind the camera. She was doing some other weird stuff during this video too. Oh, I remember. She was pulling at her eyelashes and trying to crack her neck. Does she know that this is being recorded?

Anyway, I haven’t had a Dr Pepper in years. I think that I was in my 20s when I first had one. I always avoided it because the name is terrible. I don’t want a sugary beverage that has pepper in it. But then when I had one, I thought, “Why was I drinking Coke and Pepsi for all of these years? Dr Pepper is clearly the superior beverage.”

26:30 – PVC Bondage Guy says, “I’m just here to hang out with Newt. I don’t care about Mission Impossible.”

It reminds me when I’d ask my girlfriend to go to the cinema with me and she always shot down my movie suggestion. “I don’t want to see that. Let me look for something else.” And then she never found anything else. She always went with my original idea.

This would happen every single time. So first she was rude by saying that she doesn’t want to see the movie that I chose and then she was lazy as fuck by refusing to find anything that she’d prefer seeing.

So I would tell her, look, it’s not about the movie. I don’t care what we see. It’s about spending time together.

She never got it. PVC Bondage Guy gets it, though.

30:15 – Newt says that in 2001 he, “Made all the staff get dressed on Halloween.”

What an asshole. As if working in a cinema for minimum wage isn’t degrading enough, he also makes them wear stupid costumes.

32:00 – PVC Bondage Guy says, “I’ve been a little off for a few days.” Newt says, “I know.”

She’s mentally ill and having some episode and creepy Newt over here is perfectly fine with continuing to creep on her.

So I’ve watched the whole video and not a single mention of people not accepting apologies. What the fuck JoshuaWeirdo talking about when he said this:

  • If they won’t accept your apology, then it’s their loss. Your a great guy who’s funny and super creative. And I hope you know your worth. Keep on being awesome my friend.”

And then Newt responded with, “They refused my many apology attempts so now its just a joke”

I was basing the whole fucking article on this promise of discussion about apologies.

Puppet Plan 9 From Outer Space being filmed in 2024. Allegedly.

He also tweeted about reaching the 11,300 subscriber milestone on Youtube. Fuck off.

Let’s see how the blog is doing.

Ummm…marginal improvement, I guess? Three months ago, when I re-started the blog, I was getting about 50 viewers a day. That’s individual users, not hits. Now I’m getting about 70 a day.

Oh, Twitter has a new logo. Erin will be panicking over that. “If Twitter ever goes down, remember that I’m also on Lines” or whatever the fuck she’s talking about now. Erin, relax. You’re never going to make money off of this. It’s fine. Go get a job.

I’m thinking of starting a Google Plus account. Oh, it was shut down in 2019.

What about classmates dot com? It seems to still be around but now it’s mostly a place to view bootleg yearbooks.

I remember I had a password to classmates dot com that I just found from some guy giving his password out to anyone who wants to use it. So with the account, you were able to message other people who had accounts. This was before MySpace or Facebook or any of that shit so it was a novel thing to be able to message people who you went to school with. I didn’t actually message anyone, though. There was some other benefit to having that password but I don’t remember what it was. Maybe people were able to write a short bio for themselves and you were able to read it if you had an account.

Or what about those sites where you could rate people’s pictures? And then they had porn ones like ratemyboobs or ratemyimplants. The latter was sort of a support group for women who got breast implants or were thinking of getting them. They’d talk about the various surgery options and how big they should go and whatnot. And it was also a place to go to jerk off to tits. So something for everyone.

There was also that site…boobscan dot com or something. This was way before smart phones and even digital cameras were in their infancy. But people had scanners. Today, the only reason anyone gets a scanner is to scan documents, if this is something that you need for whatever reason, but back in the day, the main reason to get a scanner was to scan photos so that you can put them online. Like photos that you took with your film camera that required going to the drug store to get developed.

But you could also just smash your tits into the scanner and hit “scan” and that worked too. So people would do that and then you could rate the pictures. Most of them were gross but eventually people realised that if you would just lightly rest your tits on the scanner, you could get some decent stroke-worthy pictures from that.

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