LIFE UPDATE – I don’t know what to do in this situation – Ircha Gaming

0:00 – She promises a philosophical discussion about life. Alright, let’s hear it.

So far she’s just talking about how her house is a mess (it isn’t) and she’s playing Diablo 4. Come on. When does the philosophy start?

1:00 – She’s driving to the store to purchase a microphone. I’m starting to despair.

Oh, she has a podcast called DiskyDisk with her lesbian friend. Wait, I shouldn’t say that. I think that this woman mentioned having a boyfriend before. Well, her friend with the crew cut.

1:45 – Now she’s at her neighbour’s home…for some reason…and he says that he has to pee. If you’re not understanding what’s going on, it’s not because I’m leaving out any important details. This is the video. Just random shit happening with no explanation.

He’s drinking alcohol and playing Zelda.

2:30 – “New day, new possibilities. I’m going to try to get a new microphone arm.”

God, this is lame as fuck. This is the LAMEST PHILOSOPHICAL DISCUSSION I’VE EVER HEARD. Nobody cares about the philosophical implications of purchasing a microphone stand. Just go on fucking Amazon if you can’t find one in a store.

“Today is the hottest day in Harstad(?) ever. There’s no way you can wear pants today.”

Oh baby. Take the pants off Ircha. In that sweltering Harstad(?) weather. I don’t even know if she’s saying Harstad. It was something like “Harshtar”.

So now she’s talking about her sick cat. Spoiler: the cat dies. She mentions this in the comments.

4:00 – Footage of her cat. He’s dragging himself around. Back legs don’t work. Some spinal infection.

The cat makes a mess while defecating so requires a lot of cleaning. So this is basically why she had him euthanised. That’s a typical reason why pets get put down. You don’t want to clean shit every day. But it’s not really a debilitating thing. It’s not like the pet is in pain. So it’s a grey area. Are you going to kill a cat just because you don’t want to clean him every day?

When I was a kid, I had a dog who had epilepsy and he would shit himself when he was having bad days and he wasn’t properly cared for, he wasn’t cleaned enough, and he spent the last few years of his life alone in the centipede-infested basement because my mother didn’t want to care for him. I was already moved out by then.

So it’s because of that experience that I’ll never get a pet. That poor dog. And it’s just because my scumbag mother didn’t want to take care of him. She didn’t take care of her own children, why would she take care of a dog? Euthanising that dog would have been the preferable option to living like he did, with the gross neglect.

6:30 – She says that you should subscribe to her podcast channel DiskyDisk. The latest video is about feminism. I definitely have to put this on my to do list. They’re up to 58 episodes and that latest video got 700 views.

That’s the video. The only “philosophy” mentioned was around whether or not to euthanise her cat. I suppose there are philosophical elements to that.

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