Trying Not To Listen to My Trash Brain – PushingUpRoses

If you don’t know who Pushing Up Roses is, she’s a mentally ill fat woman with no job who used to make videos about video games, then made videos about Goosebumps and Murder She Wrote, but for the past few years mostly makes pretentious and self-obsessed videos about herself, her shitty “art”, and her seemingly endless struggles with mental health.

We’re getting treated to a mental health video this time. She’s absolutely insufferable, by the way.

She doesn’t appear in the video. She’s just showing her art. If you want to see more of her art, consider “supporting” her on Patreon. She promotes her Patreon CONSTANTLY. How about you just get a job and support yourself?

0:15 – “In February, I got covid.”

Wait, what? Is this a recent video? Yeah, 26 May. 2023. People are still getting covid? You should have got your booster, PushingUpRoses.

What happened to the boosters, by the way? Apparently, covid still exists. Why aren’t the vaccines being produced?

You get new flu vaccines every year. Because there are many different strains of the flu. The flu mutates. As viruses tend to do. Covid is no different, right? In fact, covid is the deadliest virus ever. The whole fucking world got shut down over this. FOR YEARS. So where are the booster shots? I want to be protected from this awful plague.

It’s fucking bullshit. The whole world gets shut down for two years and then it’s just, “Oops, it seems like people are getting fed up of this. Let’s just drop the whole thing.”

No. I want to know. This was a deadly disease that required the world to get shut down for years. Why does nobody talk about it any more? Nobody but PushingUpRoses, anyway. The disease must still exist. Fucking PushingUpRoses says that she got it. Why is nobody panicking over this? They panicked a few years ago. Elected officials said, “Hey, we have to shut the world down over this.” Over this fucking cold.

PushingUpRoses says that her bout of covid was really bad. She also says that she got it on Valentine’s Day. Well, what difference does that make? You had to cancel your date with your cat and a jar of peanut butter?

0:30 – “Even though I’m vaxxed and I got the boosters, it was a pretty bad case and I was out of it for weeks.”

That’s another thing. How shit must these vaccines have been that you can still get the disease? I mean, I know that she must have got these vaccines and boosters YEARS ago by this point and even if they worked, they wouldn’t still work now, but then that just brings us back to why aren’t there still boosters being given? Maybe there are. I don’t know. But you certainly don’t hear about it on the news. There’s nobody scare mongering you into getting any booster.

The media and the politicians just stopped talking about covid. Like we should just forget about the whole world being shut down for years. What happened to all of those companies who required vaccines if you wanted to work for them? What happened to all of the travel restrictions where countries wouldn’t let you in if you werent’ vaccinated? What happened to having to scan one of those codes every time you go to work or go to a restaurant or whatever so your movement can be tracked? All of that shit just disappeared like it never happened. “Oops, sorry about that, everyone. What a ridiculous idea all of that was.”

No. I want an explanation. Why was the world shut down for years over a cold? Or if I’m grossly mistaken and it was in fact a deadly disease that killed millions, why aren’t we still concerned about it? Something isn’t adding up here.

For what it’s worth, I never got vaccinated and I never got covid. Or maybe I did but I just mistook it for a cold. But I’m still here. There was no need to shut the world down over this. Somebody made a lot of money from this.

0:45 – She says that she got sick in April too. Not covid, just some mystery disease. And this resulted in her getting a lower lung capacity.

No, you fucking moron. You’re clinically obsese and middle-aged. That’s why you’re finding yourself short of breath.

She says that she has a doctor’s appointment because she’s afraid that she’s going to die. She doesn’t expressly say that but it’s strongly implied. What a nut. Wasting doctors’ time with this shit.

“I know all of you people are shaking your fists at the computer saying, ‘Roses…did you go to the doctor?'”

Boy, did she misread me. I’m saying DON’T go to the doctor with your hypochondriac bullshit.

1:15 – She says that before February, she was able to get though her “pizza and coffee” treks through Chicago. This is apparently what she does with her life. She has no job and she’s 300 pounds so she just eats fast food all day.

And she mentions that she’s from Chicago CONSTANTLY. It’s really off-putting.

1:45 – She recommends that you watch her videos on Body Dysmorphic DIsorder. Which one? She mentions her “BDD” in every fucking video. Even the videos where she’s reviewing 40 year old Murder She Wrote episodes.

Her “art” on screen is a crying woman with pills or something being implanted into her brain. Uh huh. This is what I want on my wall. And it’s high school level art. And not even art from one of the better artists in your class. This is mediocre high school art.

Then she says if you don’t want to hear her talking about her eating disorder YET AGAIN, you can just click off. She says that she understands. She won’t hold it against you.

Well, how caring of this fat bitch to give us all a trigger warning. I would have preferred a bored warning before this video.

So she just posts a tweet that she wrote about her eating disorder and her “BDD”. And she says that her eating disorder and “BDD” was brought about by a former boyfriend who said that she was “big as a house”.

She’s told this story…god…if I’ve heard this dozens of times, and I don’t even watch her videos, she must have told this story THOUSANDS of times. Maybe tens of thousands. I’m not even exaggerating. She had this boyfriend YEARS ago. At least 10 years. Probably closer to 20. And she’s still talking about it.

And the guy was right. SHE’S FAT! I’m not saying that you have to be a dick about it but it’s reality that she’s overweight. MASSIVELY so.

“BDD” is when you think that you’re fat, for example, but you’re not fat. But that doesn’t apply here. PushingUpRoses is genuinely fat. When she thought that she was fat, and she was fat, that was just her accepting reality. It’s her current situation that’s abnormal. Now she thinks that she’s not fat but…she IS fat.

I’m not suggesting that she should develop an eating disorder but she needs to accept the reality that she’s fat and if she has a problem with that, she should start eating right and exercising. It’s as simple as that. You don’t need a psychiatrist for this. I just solved all of her fucking weight problems.

Now let’s talk about her financial problems. Go get a job. I just solved all of her financial problems too.

This is how a normal person operates. There are challenges in life, you look at the problems, and you take steps to solve them. You don’t fucking drone on about your boyfriend from 20 years ago and blame all of your problems on that. It’s fucking ridiculous.

Oh my god. I forgot how long this all happened. She’s talking about a boyfriend that she had when she was 15. So this was THIRTY years ago.

What a fucking nutjob. Blaming all of her problems on a relationship that she had in high school. Some guy said some mean things to her and that completely destroyed her life. It’s because of that guy that now she’s 300 pounds, insane, and can’t get a job.

Not buying one word of that. It’s disgusting that she places blame for her problems on that guy. Take some accountability for your life.

Then she developed an eating disorder. Then she gained weight during covid (no mention of the 30 years between this high school boyfriend and covid) then she gained weight during covid, then she lost it, then she got a new boyfriend so gained weight again.

What the fuck? Who cares? I bet that high school boyfriend is to blame for covid too. Fucking son of a bitch was in China experimenting on those monkeys or whatever. Way to go, asshole. Because of you, the whole world got shut down. FOR YEARS! Oh, and PushingUpRoses’ weight fluctuated.

Then she says that her “trash BDD brain” refuses to accept her weight, no matter what size she is. She says that she fails to lose weight but doesn’t want to feel bad about that. She just wants to accept herself for how she is.

None of this is “BDD”. What’s the opposite of “BDD”? Body Reality Disorder. BRD. PushingUpRoses’s BRD brain is telling her that she’s a big fat chick (because she IS a big fat chick) but PushingUpRoses doesn’t like that. What she wants is to develop BDD so that she thinks that she’s a slim woman instead of the fat chick that she really is.

By the way, she’s reading like a 10 page Twitter message.

Now she’s talking about “BDD” in case you didn’t hear her first 500 Ted talks on the subject. She knows what it is. She’s saying that it’s when you don’t perceive yourself as you really are. But…she DOES perceive herself as she really is. SHE’S FAT! It’s completely mental.

If she wants to be fat, I don’t give a fuck. But none of this makes sense. She’s ENORMOUS. And if she thinks that she’s fat, as she does, that’s just reality.

Now she’s reading from some article about BDD, just describing what it is. BUT WE KNOW WHAT IT IS. She knows what it is. But she does not have BDD. She has BRD. She’s upset at having BRD. She desperately WANTS to have BDD. She wants to THINK that she’s slim when in fact she’s fat. That’s her goal. It’s insane.

6:00 – “I see my face and body differently from how you see it.”

You really don’t. If she just understood this, all of her problems would be solved. When I look at PushingUpRoses, I see a big fat chick. When she looks at herself, she sees a big fat chick. When ANYBODY looks at her, they see a big fat chick. It’s called reality, madam.

6:45 – She’s talking about her “trauma” again of her 20 year old boyfriend when she was 15. She’s always mentioning this guy’s age. You picked him, fatass. Do you want to accept any responsibility for your actions? And it’s all because of this guy RIGHTLY saying that she’s fat, that she developed what she describes as “BDD” but is in fact “BRD”.

7:15 – She’s talking about how supportive she is of “body autonomy” and how people have the right to get tattoos (of which she has many) and decide on your medical treatments. So like not getting the vaccine? Because she was HUGE into promoting the vacccine. Shaming everyone for not getting it. And then she apparently got covid YEARS after covid stopped existing (I guess) in spite of the fact that she got every vaccine and every booster ever conceived.

8:00 – Now she’s talking about doctors who “made her feel worse about herself.”

These were doctors who presumably told her that she DOESN’T have “BDD”, and she really is fat. And if she wants to not be fat, she needs to diet and exercise. This made her sad. She wants to continue eating pizza every day. Chicago-style deep dish.

Yeah. Apparently, a doctor told her to “stop drinking all of those lattes”. It’s true. She said in this very video that she goes around town doing nothing but eating pizza and drinking coffee. That’s why she’s fucking 300 pounds. And a doctor just tried to splash her with the cold hard truth.

“What I want is to just not care.”

Fine. Do that. Or if you can’t do that, lose the fucking weight. What is the problem? This boyfriend you had in high school is probably dead now. Get over it.

8:30 – “I do have a therapist who’s involved with fat liberation.”

Come on. I’m trying to get through this.

Then she starts talking about some gibberish about going outside and people saying that sky is purple but you know it’s blue and blah, blah, blah.

For the billionth fucking time, that is not what’s happening. People are calling you fat because you ARE fat. And obviously people are not calling her fat. We’re not in the third grade. But people know that she’s fat. And she knows that she’s fat. That’s why she’s going to this “fat liberation” “therapist”.

But…in spite of everyone being on the same page in terms of PushingUpRoses’ obesity…she still thinks that she has “BDD”. And…she blames all of this on a relationship that she had LITERALLY 30 years ago. And all the guy said was that she was fat. And she WAS fat. She’s shown pictures of herself at 15. She was ENORMOUS.

9:30 – She says that when she looks at herself, she sees an alien. But when her “partner” looks at her, he sees “A pretty girl”.

I mean…HE’S the one with BDD then. Fucking look at her. Look at that thumbnail. Look at any picture that she posts of herself. She DOES look like an alien. Clearly. That’s the look that she’s going for. She’s all tatted up and she has this weird makeup and she makes weird faces and she’s fucking 300 pounds. That’s CLEARLY the look that she’s going for. She’s TRYING to look like an alien. And she’s succeeded. But she thinks that her thinking that she looks like an alien is “BDD”.

By the way, this “partner” will be out of the picture within three months. It’s just some recent boyfriend who she managed to get. Probably some purple haired loser. She’ll blame him for something and then never stop talking about him.

10:00 – Now she’s blaming covid for her recent breakdown or…whatever this is. It’s just beyond parody. She refuses to accept responsibility for anything.

10:15 – Now she’s talking about her “meds”. Fuck off. I hate how mentally ill people always talk about “meds”. Can you just say “medication”? I’ll even accept “medicine”. No, it’s always “meds”. Because this is one of their main topics of conversation so they have to shave off as many sylables as possible to maximise their “meds” talk.

10:45 – Then she posts a picture of her and her cat. Her cat is fat too. But actually, in this picture she doesn’t look too fat because she’s mastered the MySpace angles.

11:00 – Now she’s talking about things that she’s proud of. Because she’s self-obsessed.

She sold a painting in a gallery. By the way, here’s what her “art” is. She takes a canvas, puts it on a turntable, spins the canvas around, and drips paint onto the canvas. That’s her “art”. This is art for second graders.

She bought a jump rope because she saw some jump rope videos on TikTok and wants to do some jump rope tricks. She says that it’s unrelated to losing weight. Well…hmm. I’m not sure that a 45 year old obese woman should be doing jump rope tricks but…god what a lunatic. Maybe she’ll lose some weight in spite of herself.

She also got yet more tattoos. It’s a symptom of her mental illness but she doesn’t say that.

I mean, she is mentally ill. Clearly. But not in the way that she thinks she is.

That’s the video. We see the finished product. It’s a woman with “meds” embeded in her brain who’s crying black tears and has a bloody nose and possibly a bloody lip. And it’s amateur as all get out. Outsider art, I guess.

The comments are all aggressively positive. Huh. Imagine that. Almost like she scrubs her comments clean of any of that terrible reality.

10 thoughts on “Trying Not To Listen to My Trash Brain – PushingUpRoses

  1. She is the absolute most insufferable bitch on planet earth! She has such a punchable face, even though it’s wrong to hit women, I would easily make an
    exception for her, she deserves it! The smug pretentious look she has in her fat-girl-wide-angle-shots, every single one, screams out how she thinks she’s better than us and how we should only be so deserving for her to deign upon us a video that will enlighten us on all of the -isms of fill in the blank topic. She was actually one of the first channels I came across on YouTube and I was so perplexed why anyone would follow this bitch, but she had 100,000 subs or something like that. She’s also part of the inner circle (of jerks) that run the whole retro scene, including conventions. They all sit on Twitter all day every day telling unfunny jokes to each other, while stupid retards kiss their asses. And I mean the older set of convention “stars” not Mr Wright Way and channels that don’t make more than 50 cents a day.
    Pat the punk, game chasers, beat ‘em ups, gaming historian (not a real historian) metal Jesus crew, alpha omega sin (huge faggot) rerez, pro Jared (also huge faggot) game sack and so on. They all looked at the autistic video game nerd and saw the dollar signs, and they all acted like gods among men just because they could be rich making shitty videos about other dumb shit. And she is the by the far the most pretentious one of them all! Her patreon says $2850 per creation. What does that mean? For each video she posts there she gets $2850?! They are absolute shit! Q/A and “update” videos. True nothing. I mean if you like her shorty rambles about why Nickelodeon in 1994 was the best thing on earth, fine, but if that was your thing, I think you’d probably feel ripped off here! So if that’s how that works, she makes like $12000 a month or something. Even if it was just $2850 per month, Jesus-God! What a fucking racket!!

    I remember when she switched from stupid PC games no one cared about to tv shows people may have cared about, and it was all because of “sexism” and “hate.” Maybe people were just being honest about her and her shitty channel!

    Thank God this bitch is I guess too old now to reproduce. Her DNA will die out with her. I haven’t even mentioned this shitty tattoos she has everywhere. You really going to wear a halter top when you’re 80 and show that shit off?

    She bitches about “mental health” I say she isn’t not mentally ill! Ooh shock! Have you ever noticed people who are truly in need of psychological help often deny there’s a problem? Now we have a generation full of crybabies where god damn EVERYTHING is mental health! To me it translates to “I was such a spoiled and entitled cunt in my youth and now biology and reality are hitting me really hard and I don’t like it so I’ll just say I’m mentally ill to gain sympathy”

    I can’t wait till the patreon dries up and money runs out. She will have no job no husband and no money. Just a few desperate simps that listen to a 70 year old woman covered in faded tattoos, tits hovering over the knees, give boring and self righteous opinions to 50-60 year old tv shows. She will be worse than some old cat lady.

    1. I concur. I think the $2,218/creation is how much she’s making a month because she has 811 members and the lowest tier is $2/month, the next tier is $4.50 and the highest is $8.50. I took a rough average between 2 and 4.50 and went with $3, assuming that the vast majority of people are at the $2 tier. 3 x 811 = $2,433.

      I’m thinking that she’s mentally ill because who would choose to live like this? Instead of getting a job and leading a normal life, you’re making videos about your “BDD” and humiliating yourself for a somewhat modest amount of money.

      Even if it’s more money than she could earn doing an actual job, as it surely is, it doesn’t seem like she’s making crazy amounts of money. Maybe it is, I don’t know. But how much is your dignity worth? If she’s making $50,000/year, I say it’s probably not worth it. But $70,000, I don’t know. Maybe. And she very could be making that amount with Patreon and Youtube revenue and the money that she gets from her childish paintings. So maybe it is all just for money.

  2. Not only did someone “make alot of money” off that fiasco in 2020. But what exactly was in that special Bill Gates “love-juice” they wanted everyone to so desperately inject into their bodies??? I don’t claim to know, like alot of people but it was fucking weird to say the least…..the “powers that be” all of a sudden just “loved us so much”…i guess. Just shut the world down, even if it saves ONE person. Since when did they give a flying fuck about the sheeple? In 2020, thats when.

    3 leading causes of death are 1. Heart disease. 2. Cancer 3. Medical Malpractice….the first 2 are largely caused by all the shit, poison food they give us….why was McDonalds allowed to stay open during rona? But the mom and pop health food store was shut down? McDonalds should be required to have a surgeon general’s warning on every product sold “warning, this is carcinogenic and causes cancer and heart disease, the 2 leading causes of death in America. The whole thing was a smelly, Orwellian nightmare….

  3. blokes, never ever subscribe to or support a female “content creator”,” influencier” or “tik tok star”. you’re not only not helping her, you’re encouraging her self-destructive behaviour and delusions. worse still, you’re rewarding her with un earned attention and a sense of respect that they don’t deserve. those women would all be living happy simple lives if it weren’t for the endless supply of simps and creepy stalkers going out of their way to lavish attention on them and urging them to become e-thots.

    1. I disagree with the idea of never supporting or subscribing to female content creators, but I’m not subbed to any female youtubers lol

  4. Chicago is a shitty city with good food. I’m surprised that she claims to go out. Knowing her, she’d be a perfect shut in and use Uber or Door Dash to have her slop delivered. Chicago has been getting worse, so I hardly go out myself. I wonder what neighborhood she’s in, because eventually the crime leaks out from the south side and hits the parts of town her old hipster ass tend to flock to.

      1. She must have had a terrible father. Can clearly see daddy issues here! Oh am I wrong Roses? Tell me why!

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