NES Games Alphabetically- Letter A – Erin Plays

Gee, Erin. Where do you get your ideas?

Mike has done this, of course. And even when Mike did it, it was SHIT. He plays the game for two minutes and then says, “Okay, that was a piece of shit” or “Okay, that was Super Mario Bros” and then moves on. What’s the point of this? And I think that he skipped all of the sports games.

What is achieved from playing a game for two minutes? Is anybody going to be impressed when you tell them, “Oh, I played every NES game for two minutes”? It’s completely pointless.

And why would she choose the same fucking system that Mike did? Haven’t we seen enough NES games? Why not choose all of the Sega Master System games instead? Or all of the TurboGrafx games? Erin is such a big fan of the “PC Engine”, after all.

No. We’re getting this fucking boring bullshit that she’s obviously never going to complete. I mean, let’s hope not. Five hour streams for each letter of the alphabet?

Speaking of which, what happened to her fake carpal tunnel syndrome? It seems to have magically been cured. She’s back to doing these long streams. Is she still doing wrist stretches during the streams? And wearing her wrist brace? Not that I’ve seen.

0:00 – “I’m going to say this right from the start, I don’t know if this is something that I’ll stick with. Because at first I thought it was a good idea but then I was like, NES games A through Z is a really big committment and what if I get tired of it and then everybody will be like, ‘But you have to finish it.'”

Forget about you getting tired of it. I’m tired of it. I’m tired of it already. At the letter “A”.

Do people want to watch 26 fucking streams of this? I was just ignoring this video hoping that it would be a one-off and she’d come to her senses but she’s now uploaded another five hour stream for “B”. Fuck this shit. Nobody wants to watch this. Come on. Have some respect for the audience.

1:00 – So she starts with 1942. So…not the letter “A”. She’s starting with the games that start with numbers. There was an edit right before this where presumably the horntards pointed this out to her because the stream started at the letter “A”.

“You know what? I don’t think that I’ve ever played 1942.”

Here’s what we’re doing. I’m done. I’m done with all of this shit. Do these 26 five hour streams for your fucking horny retards where you say “I’ve never played this before” or “I forgot how to play” or “This is cute” or any of your other fucking retarded catchphrases but I’m not spending one fucking second on any of this shit. Why would I? Take these boring as fuck videos and shove them straight up your ass.

Why would I spend my time on this when we’ve got fucking Newt Wallen pumping out great content on the regular about fucking dead chicks up the ass and whatnot. Or Zap Cristal’s awful new podcast with Mr Wright Way II? Or Destiny Fomo whoring around the Orient? Life is too short to spend any time at all on Erin’s aggressively boring bullshit. There are plenty of god awful Youtubers out there who are more deserving of my free publicity.

Or maybe I’ll crank out a 100 page tits and gore script. Or write the great American novel. Why waste my creative juices on this fucking fraud saying “I’ve never played this before” for 130 fucking hours?

4 thoughts on “NES Games Alphabetically- Letter A – Erin Plays

    1. Truth! You could still do an interesting A-Z just do 26 games total. You don’t need to play all 1000 whatever. They almost all suck and weren’t great back then.

      1. She’s not interested in producing interesting videos. She’s doing this for the same bizarre reason that Mike did it: she wants to say that she played every NES game. Not that Erin actually cares about this but she just co-opted Mike’s rationale as well as his idea for a video.

  1. “I’m going to say this right from the start, I don’t know if this is something that I’ll stick with…”

    This is LITERALLY Erin’s entire life.

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