Discovering The Lost Saint Seiya Cartoon | The Secret Stories of Saint Seiya Part 2 – Ray Mona

Let’s try to get through this shit. It’s going to be another boring as fuck anime thing from crazy Bobdunga aka Ray Mona where she has to pretend that she’s Agent Scully from the X-Files.

I attempted to review part 1 here:

0:30 – Yeah. It’s the same shit. Crazy Bobdunga is going to pad this out with fucking ridiculous cloak and dagger bullshit. And let me remind you that we’re talking about a CARTOON. Not fucking international intrigue over nuclear secrets.

God, this is fucking insufferable. I’m about to quit after one minute.

I was watching that Litvinenko series a few months ago. I saw the first episode. It was about the investigation into the poisoning. It was alright. But I didn’t watch the remaining three episodes. Not to diminish the man’s death but I’ve got other stuff to do. I don’t need to watch another two hours of this dry bullshit detailing the day to day minutia of police investigations.

So take that idea and then apply it to ANIME. And instead of following the actions of actual detectives, it’s following the actions of a fucking crazy woman who’s pretending to be a detective. She’s trying to solve the case of the missing anime.

It’s pretentious in the extreme. It’s a 60 minute video that can EASILY be edited down to 10 minutes. She talked to some people who made the anime, they told her that the anime can be found in the Library of Congress, so crazy Bobdunga contacted the Library of Congress and they send Bobdunga the anime. That’s it. That’s the story. Who gives a shit?

But she’s going to completely pad this out with stupid bullshit about her life being in danger and meetings with shadowy informants and possibly an extraterrestrial abduction. Maybe she’ll get anally probed this time. Then she can go on a many year campaign about how the aliens “gaslighted” her and try to get the aliens removed from Youtube.

1:45 – During one of these obnoxious recreations of crazy Bobdunga doing some “research” on her laptop in her bedroom in her mother’s house, she has a framed picture of the father from the Fresh Prince of Bel Air on her wall. I’m not even joking. That’s him, isn’t it? It’s blurry but I’m pretty sure it’s him.

Why would she have a framed picture of Phillip Banks in her room? Maybe because her own father left her as a child so Phillip Banks is her surrogate father. The man died years ago, by the way.

She also has Christmas lights strung up on her bed. Why? Just some more crazy bullshit from this very disturbed woman.

3:00 – So now we’ve finished with the prologue so we’re into the intro. Yes, there’s both a prologue and an intro.

The intro is just some rocking tune that crazy Bobdunga found from some free music database. Or maybe a horntard made it? Or maybe it’s the them from this anime? I don’t know.

I’m seven minutes in. This is so bad that I can’t even describe it. I just want this to be over.

I’m sorry. I made it to 10 minutes and still nothing has happened. I’m turning this off. I don’t give a shit about any of this and crazy Bobdunga REFUSES to just fucking get on with it.

Let me look at the chapter headings.

No. It’s just crazy bullshit. None of this tells me anything.

Comments. I’m done. Fuck it.

Nothing interesting. Of course. There was a comment where Bobdunga said that she made the dolls that appear in the video. I did wonder about that. Because their costumes appeared to be paper. So that was just crazy Bobdunga playing with her dolls. Making clothes for them.

So she put fake stuff into this “documentary”. Well, I suppose it’s full of fake shit.

She links to the first “documentary” that she made which was done in the same exact ridiculous X-Files style. She was so happy with how it turned out that she’s used that same style for her other “documentary.” So now everything has to be a big conspiracy that only crazy Bobdunga can uncover. Who can solve the mystery of why my underpants always get skidmarks on them? Bobdunga is on the case. She’s going to make a three hour video on it where she interviews a whistleblower from the Hanes corporation in silhouette. She can’t just say, “Hey, maybe you should just wipe your ass more.”

Here’s Erin shiling for crazy Bobdunga. Bobdunga is closing in on Erin’s subscriber numbers. Bobdunga has 68,000 subscribers and Erin has 76,000. Good for Bobdunga. Bobdunga did it WITHOUT resorting to being a sugarbaby for anyone.

At least she’s not writing about her homosexual ex-boyfriend any more. Not from what I saw, anyway. What was his name? Oh. RelaxAlax. What’s he up to these days?

Oh, about two months ago he started making videos again. He took a year old break. All good tv shows take a break. So good for him. The videos are unwatchable, though.

3 thoughts on “Discovering The Lost Saint Seiya Cartoon | The Secret Stories of Saint Seiya Part 2 – Ray Mona

    1. She rarely makes them. For the last two years, at least, she’s just been doing these X-Files type “documentaries”. She’s made two or three. She promises to make other videos but she never does.

  1. That framed photo of James Avery is very odd. Like you said must have been a lack of a father figure when she was a kid. Still gave me a good laugh when you pointed it out.

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