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Kieran quit his job at Screenwave a few weeks ago. He talked about it during one of his streams. The stream is somewhere. I don’t know where. I saw it, though. He had a number of gripes but let’s just say that he quit because of dissatisfaction.

He says that he was living pay check to pay check. While fucking Ryan was living in a mansion and wanting to get giant breast implants.

I seem to remember the homosexuals on Reddit saying that Kieran made $40,000 and they suggested that it was a low wage. Is it, though? I don’t know.

About twenty years ago, I was making $8.50/hour. How much would that be per year? $17,500. My rent was $500/month. So yeah, that would be about 1/3 of my income was going to rent. That’s the general guide. You shouldn’t spend more than 1/3 of your income on rent. And I was doing that. It was fine.

I remember people at the time, co-workers of mine, asking how I managed to afford my own place. They had roommates. Well…you’re making $1500/month, rent is $500, that leaves you $1000/month for utilities, car insurance, gas, food, whatever. It’s enough.

Kieran was possibly making more than twice that. Why was he living pay check to pay check?

I know that my example is from 20 years ago and prices have gone up but can it really have gone up that much?

Anyway, I just have my standard advice: get citizenship in Ireland and move. Why not? Everybody always talks about how Irish Kieran is. I think that all you need is one grandparent who was an Irish citizen and you can get Irish citizenship. Does Kieran not have this?

You don’t have to pay any lawyer or company to do this. You just gather the required information (proof that your grandparent was a citizen, your birth certificate, shit like this), fill out the form, send the $2000 or whatever it’s going to be, and then you get the citizenship. It’s not a problem. And it’s all in English.

Then you can move. Go to Dublin. I did it myself. You can read about my fabulous four weeks in Dublin right here on the blog.

Then you can get a job doing whatever. It doesn’t matter. Anything is fine. Anything is an improvement over living in rural Pennsylvania doing some shit job. Wouldn’t it be much more impressive to do a shit job in Dublin?

You can also immediately claim benefits. Or at least I did. Maybe the rules have changed.

Kieran would also have an advantage with the ladies if he moved. I’m not saying that he’d be swamped by interested women but if you’re an American in America, that’s worth nothing. But an American in Ireland is worth something. It’s a slight advantage over your previous position in the US.

Or he’d be able to go to Spain with Irish citizenship. He says that he speaks Spanish. He can get some low-paying job at a TEFL school. Or maybe even a legitimate school if he’s fluent in Spanish.

Or you can go anywhere. Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, Poland. Anywhere in the European Union. If you don’t speak the language, it doesn’t matter. You can just go there and collect welfare until you learn. Check the laws before you go. Some countries are more generous than others.

Think of the possibilities. And it’s not some crazy bullshit idea like thinking that you’re going to make money with tits and gore movies or the world’s dullest movie reviews. This can all be done with reasonable ease. I moved with $2000. I know people who moved to the UK with $200. This happens all the time.

What is Kieran hanging on to in rural Pennsylvania? Family? Friends? Why let them hold you back from all the fun and adventure in Spain? Fucking the big-titted ladies.

And if it doesn’t work out, you can go back to rural Pennsylvania. But at least you’d have a story to tell of the one time in your life when you actually tried to do something.

The alternative, if we’re focusing on staying in rural Pennsylavania, is that Kieran goes back to his porn store job or Walmart or whatever. So it seems obvious that he would try the Ireland thing.

People just don’t seem to do it. I can think of two people who I knew from school who lived abroad. One did some veterinarian course in Ireland, met an Irish guy, and I think she still lives in Ireland. And the other did some medical degree in one of those shady Caribbean medical schools and she’s a doctor somewhere in the US.

But most everyone else I know from school, they just stayed in the ghetto and hoped to win the lottery or something. I don’t get it. Why were they content with that life?

I suppose when you have children you can’t really uproot your family and move abroad with no job. You’re just committed to stay where you are for the next 20 years. And after 20 years, you’re looking at your seniority in your job and thinking about retirement and the opportunity to do anything interesting is long gone.

But Kieran is still a swinging bachelor and a reasonably young man. So by this time next year, I expect Kieran to be in Ireland. Or whatever. Holland.

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  1. Yeah, I know it sounds easy. Because it’s easy, right? I mean, not dead easy, like getting fat and pretending to grow a beard, but manageable, I’d say.

    And yet, not many of us do that. I could do that myself. Heck, I could literally pack my shit in two hours and go out there searching for adventures, but no, I am stuck at home, just seeing life go by.

    I can relate to the caveman. But, unlike him, I have a decent job (although boring as hell) and no money problems. So, it’s a life worth living, I guess.

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