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What the fuck? Madam Fomo hasn’t done a try on haul IN YEARS. Here are two posts I made about previous try on hauls:

Those articles are from November 2020. And they’re re-posts of stuff that I wrote, I think from back when I was writing this stuff on Reddit. So I’m thinking perhaps 2019 was the last time that she did a try on haul. No later than 2020.

But suddenly, the blog is gone and she goes right back to try on hauls.

I don’t want to say that the blog is influential in any meaningful way. I was getting like 200 hits a day at my peak. But I think that the people who I write about think that the blog is significant. Madam Fomo has talked about the blog and tried repeatedly to get it shut down. Erin has talked about the blog. Newt has talked about the blog. Tony has talked about the blog. Horseface has talked about the blog. I think that half of my traffic is from the people who I write about.

So why the sudden change in behaviour when the blog wasn’t around? Is it because they think that they’re free to do what they want now OR is it to encourage me to come back? Because nobody else is fucking writing about these people. And they surely like the attention. Even though I’m talking about how shit their videos are.

Because suddenly, Erin is slutting it up, Madam Fomo is slutting it up…which…I mean…she’s a genuine prostitute so perhaps trying on tight clothes for a Youtube video isn’t really slutting it up for her but hopefully you see the point.

I’d be astonished if they were moderating their behaviour while I was writing the blog. Why would they?

Although, Pelvic Gamer became REALLY boring after I started writing about her. And Erin said just recently in that Mario 64 video something like, “He’s going to say that this is worst Mario footage ever recorded”, presumably in reference to me. It is something that I say. Retro Ali stopped making videos entirely. I don’t know. I don’t know what influence, if any, I have on the sort of content that these people make. Hopefully none. Other than the fact that these women should stop making videos entirely and get jobs, I don’t want to influence their content. Don’t let me stiffle your lack of creativity, talent, and judgement.

So tight outfits. Tight outfits on Destiny Fomo. Let’s check them out. Nine minutes of this shit.

0:15 – “I get requested to do this a lot.”

She uses a lot of terrible English like this. But…this is her language. This is the only language that she speaks. It’s just…well, it’s sad. When did she stop going to school? What the hell was going on with her family? How did she end up with her pimp TuanX? Was her mother in the same line of work?

0:30 – A sundress. It’s long and cute according to Madam Fomo. Looks like a grey dress to me. But let’s see it, Jessica Rabbit.

1:00 – And then she tries it on. Yeah. That’s a dress all right.

Oh wait. I think I’m supposed to be jerking off to this. Let me check. No totally flacid. Maybe this will get better.

She shows front and back. Okay. Something for everything. Shout out to the ass men. I never understood the appeal of buttocks but life is full of mysteries.

She’s doing a lot of poses. Okay. I’m not digging this. This is getting really boring now. Can we move on?

She’s showing the back again. More posing. Okay. We get it. It’s a dress. And that’s your ass. And those are your tits. Right. I think I understand the video. Next outfit, please.

Holy shit. This just keeps going.

2:00 – FINALLY the next outfit. It’s a florescent orange dress. Madam Fomo says that she usually goes for muted colours. So this is going to be something special. I guess.

She originally got this for a sexy Velma cosplay. Uh huh. Great. We’re all jerking off to Velma over here.

3:00 – Yeah. That’s an outfit alright. An outfit that a prostitute would wear. So it’s fitting. But I’m sorry, there’s still nothing going on in my pants. Not to boast about impotence or anything but this just doesn’t do it for me.

Then she does the same exact poses. Front and back. Come on, TuanX. Teach her some new poses. How about grabbing her ankles? Or pushing her tits together. Come on. This is Porn Poses 101.

4:00 – “Backless mini dress.” Okay, Madam Fomo. We get it. Lay it on us.

“I don’t normally wear backless things because I need so much support.”

We get it, Fomo. You have big tits.

I’ll say this about Madam Fomo, no visible tattoos. I like that. Especially with prostitutes, it’s so common for them to have tattoos. I’m sure that Madam Fomo has her pimp TuanX’s name tattooed somewhere on her. That’s normally how these work. But I haven’t seen it.

4:45 – Then…she tries it on. It’s some weird dress with a separate…arm and shoulder piece. No. This is just confusing.

5:00 – Then she takes the arm thing off. Oh man. Am I…no. Still nothing.

5:30 – White dress.

6:00 – “I’m afraid it might be a little too sheer but I guess we’re going to find out.”

Alright. Come on, Madam Fomo. I’m ready to go. You made a promise. Let’s see what you got.

Ummm….no. This doesn’t do anything for me in the slightest. It’s not sheer. Let me make this full screen.

No. You can’t see anything. And she’s wearing a bra anyway. This is so disappointing.

7:15 – Last dress is a black possible sun dress. Oh great. Saving the most boring for last. And these were all boring.

7:45 – Then she tries it on. Yeah, that’s a dress alright, Madam Fomo.

Then that’s…the video.


  • “Worst OF page ever. Trust me boys, don’t do it. It’s a total scam.”

Madam Fomo must have given up on scrubbing the comments. This one was posted a week ago.

But yeah, this video was just done to promote her OnlyFans. She has a link to it in the description. And yeah, her OnlyFans is AWFUL. At least it was when I saw some leaked pictures years ago. It was just her taking a bath fully clothed. What kind of bizarre fetish is that? There is no nudity AT ALL on that site.

And then I remember seeing something, this is more recently, within the past year or so, where she was advertising a masturbation video if she got like $5,000 in “tips” or whatever they’re called. But she’d be masturbating using some big vibrating device OVER HER CLOTHES.

Guys…there’s a lot of free porn out there. Porn where the women get totally naked and have intercourse. You don’t have to watch this weird scammy bullshit.

It’s not even cheesecake photos like a woman in a bikini with a spraying garden hose between her legs. Or a dog pulling on a woman’s panties. Or a woman in high heels smoking a cigar. Those sorts of pictures have some sort of sexual inuendo to them. There’s also a certain artistry to it

A fully clothed woman with a big vibrating wand is NOTHING. NOBODY has this fetish. It’s just some weird bullshit created by somebody who has absolutely no idea what men are interested in. And it all makes sense when you read Madam Fomo’s escort reviews. They were UNIVERSALLY NEGATIVE. I’ve never seen anything like this. Every single person gave her a terrible review. She doesn’t have the foggiest idea what men are interested in.

I mean, it’s fine. I’m not saying that women should be sex symbols. BUT THIS IS HER JOB! She chose or TuanX chose for her to be a sex worker. So you have to put the fucking effort in. You have to know what men want. Men do not want a photo of a woman, in the bathtub, in a one piece swimsuit, with bubbles on her chest. Alright? That’s not what we want.

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  1. Erin has talked about the blog? Fine! It’s good to know she is aware of what people think of her, besides her horny followers.

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