Valentine’s Day try on haul – Destiny Fomo

(This is a vintage Destiny Fomo review that I’m re-uploading)

Why even call it a “gaming” channel at this point? This is a $500/night “video editor” behaving like a $500/night “video editor”. I don’t find that interesting. If I want to see “video editors”, I’ll go to the abandonded industrial area by the docks at 2:00 am.

This is pathetic. This is a pathetic attempt to get views using the only means she knows of. If your only tool is a hammer, you treat everything as a nail. If your only tool is sex, you treat everyone as a john.

It’s insulting. This is not interesting to me. I don’t even understand how anyone can be interested in this. Where’s the market? Do these people not know about Pornhub? I know there are streamers who just wear little outfits and that’s enough to make a living. But I don’t get it. I’m a heterosexual man and it makes absolutely no sense to me.

Let’s begin the video, I guess. How much can I possibly have to say about it? She’s trying on clothes. Great. Who gives a fuck? Unbelievable.

0:00 – “My last try on haul made the percentage of females grow, like, a lot. It went from 0.6% to 6.8%. That’s, like, huge. So I thought I’d do another try on haul because I’d like to have more females watching this channel.”

Really? We’re doing this? We’re trying to frame this as a feminist thing? Body positivity?

She wants us to believe that she’s doing another “try on haul” to inspire “females”. So…it’s not softcore porn for nerdy men.

You can imagine a young “female” browsing Youtube. She’s looking for makeup tutorials and fashion videos and whatnot. Then she stumbles on this “try on haul” video. “Oh, here’s an obvious ‘video editor’ trying on skimpy outfits. I feel so empowered now. I can be an astronaut!”

It’s just depressing. How does she possibly expect anyone to believe this? And she has fucking “Valentine’s Day” in the title. This is clearly intended to be a titilating gift for all the lonely socially awkward men out there on Valentine’s Day.

0:15 – “Since Valentine’s Day is coming up, I thought, ‘What would be the perfect time to help females find outfits for Valentine’s Day?'”

It’s not even worth dignifying with a response. Also, the question doesn’t make any sense. “Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to help people find outfits for Valentine’s Day”.

“Or help guys find outfits for their girlfriends for Valentine’s Day.”

No, nobody is doing that either.

Oh, by the way, she had a foot of cleavage showing this whole time.

0:30 – Some sort of grey harlot’s dress. I mean, what else can you call it? Nobody would wear this in public. It’s so tight that you can see her gut. And she’s a fairly slim woman. It’s not flattering.

She pimps out Forever 21. This company is also mentioned in the video description.

1:00 – “When I looked at this hanging up on the rack, it seemed like it had more of a swoop in the front but since I’m so busty, it doesn’t swoop in the front for me.”

Uh huh. “Oh, she said, ‘busty’. I’m about to nut, dawg!”

This dress looks like it’s about to explode at any second. I don’t even think she’s able to get it off. She probably has her “daddy” cut it off.

1:30 – Black dress. Foot of cleavage showing.

“This one is a little business-looking.”

I found this hilarious. It’s not as obviously streetwalker as the previous dress but there’s no fucking way that you would wear this to a job interview. MAYBE you could wear this in a club.

1:45 – “I feel like this is definitely something you can throw a blazer on if you’re headed to the office.”

Can she possibly believe that? I assume that she’s never worked in an office. You’d be asked to go home and put something appropriate on. You very well could get fired.

It’s just crazy. It’s an insight into Madam Fomo’s mind. She thinks that attire that one would find in a bawdy house is normal attire that you’d wear on the street. So when you “class it up” a bit, and go for a dress that you would wear in some of the sleazier clubs, that’s “business attire” to her. A normal dress that covers everything would be considered funeral attire to Madam Fomo.

Then she suggests that youc an put a t-shirt underneath this dress if you want to go to work. What the fuck? That doesn’t even make sense. Look at this dress. Then imagine that she has a t-shirt underneath it. What is she talking about? It would look ridiculous. “Why are you wearing a t-shirt under your dress.” It’s insane.

Did she mean OVER the dress? Let me check this again…she said “under”, right? Yeah. She wants you to wear a t-shirt UNDER the dress. I’ve never seen such a thing in my life.

2:30 – “Even though you can see that this dress fits my body very well, it’s not tight.”

It is tight. But again, it’s not ridiculously tight like the previous dress. That’s what she considers normal.

2:45 – Some burgundy…fuck, I don’t know. Strapless long dress. It’s really tight.

“This is something you would wear if you were going to an event.”

Yeah. The AVN awards, maybe.

3:30 – “Normally, I don’t do strapless but because this was so tight, I didn’t feel a concern for it being strapless.”


3:45 – “This is also something that you can wear really casually, like to the beach.”

Seriously. Look at these fucking dresses and where she’s suggesting you can go in them. It’s insane. Nobody’s fucking wearing a dress like this to the beach. What fucking beaches is she going to?

“Or even to the movies”

WHAT? I’ve never seen it. This is a dress like, I don’t know, you’d see in the MIss America evening wear section of the competition. But obviously a low rent version. You’re not going to the fucking cinema in this. People would think you’re insane.

“With a jean jacket and flip flops”

She wants you to wear that dress with a jean jacket and flip flops. Does she believe any of this or is she just intentionally saying absurd things? I’m starting to wonder. This is not a casual dress.

4:00 – Red…bustier, I guess. Come the fuck on.

“The top is a whole body suit, actually and I believe that it was in the lingerie section.”

BECAUSE IT’S LINGERIE, YOU IDIOT! How does she not know this?

And she’s wearing a skirt which…you know. Like so many of these things, I wouldn’t even consider these real outfits. They’re costumes. They’re not things that real people wear in public. This skirt is another example of that. It’s a Halloween costume if your costume is slutty nurse or something.

She shows the back and it’s a bra type fastening.

“It’s gotten really popular in the past few years to wear body suits like this as a shirt.”

Really. Tell us more, Madam Fomo. Where can I find women wearing lingerie as a shirt? I mean in respectable society.

“I’ve actually done it in the past with a few items I got from Fashion Nova.”

Okay. So Madam Fomo enjoys going out in public wearing lingerie as a shirt but who else is doing that? I’ve never seen it.

Then she suggests that you can wear this bustier (it’s actually more revealing than a bustier but I don’t know what to call it) and this skin tight nylon skirt to “somewhere fancy”.

I don’t even know what to say any more. She’s on another planet.

“It’s not like the other dresses I’ve shown where you can wear them dressed up or dressed down. This is definitely something dressed up, at least the way I’m wearing it here.”

This is the sluttiest “outfit” that she’s shown. BY FAR. And that’s saying something. IT’S FUCKING LINGERIE! But she considers this the most elegant outfit that she’s shown so far. She wants you to wear this to the opera and then at a nice restaurant. It’s totally ridiculous.

5:30 – She again describes the skirt as looking “dressed up”. Which nobody but her would agree with. And then says that material looks “very nice”, which again, nobody but her would agree with. This looks like cheap, flimsy shit. It’s a costume.

5:45 – Then she has the same bustier (or whatever) with a black skirt.

6:00 – “I don’t like to wear white because I tend to spill things on myself.”

Yeah. Like semen.

So that’s the video. Yeah, I got some great Valentine’s Day ideas from it.

“Here you go, baby. I got you a bustier and a skin tight nylon skirt.”

“Umm…I have to say that I’m not really comfortable with this but maybe I’ll wear it just once for Valentine’s Day.”

“No, no. It’s not for the bedroom. We’re going out in that. I have theatre tickets.”

Let’s check out the comments:

– “This comment section is about to be lit.”

Then Madam Fomo replies, ” the ban hammer is very real” and ” im ready to ban lol”

Why? She has a video where she’s dressed like a prostitute and then doesn’t want people to say, “Hey, I like that prostitute dress.” It doesn’t make any fucking sense. She’s wearing LINGERIE in this thing. She doesn’t expect comments from horny losers?

Then somebody says, ” You’re planning to ban men for complimenting you on your appearance? Very odd if so.”

Somebody else says, “yeah that is really odd”.

Indeed. It’s insane. It’s an insane coimment from somebody who just released an insane video.

You know, having a “try on haul” video is insane enough. But she starts the video by making the insane suggestion that this is a feminist video. Then she makes insane comments throughout about the various upscale places that you can wear this prostitute attire. I mean…it’s multiple levels of insanity.

Then the white knights jump to her defence. “Oh, no. She’s right to ban people. I hope she bans me!”

1000 comments…when was this posted? Yesterday. I think that she responds to just about every comment, though.

– “The black dress looks the best 😀 You should list your measurements when doing “try on” videos, so girls can imagine how’d they look properly. Great video, as always <3"

It’s funny how this guy uses Madam Fomo’s insane argument against her. “Tell us how big your tits are! It will help all the big titted girls out there know what to buy”.

– “Well my gf didnt buy that I was watching this for Valentine ideas xD”

Yeah, I mean…nobody can honestly believe this. It’s a joke.

– “Wasn’t this a gaming channel?”

Madam Fomo replies, “I make 2-3 videos total that aren’t gaming related and now my channel is being questioned? Wow”

Yeah. It’s good to see that people are calling her out on this shit. And these are the people who HAVEN’T been banned. I have to assume that the more foreceful comments have been deleted and the user banned.

I’m all for creating content that isn’t video game related. It doesn’t have to be 100%, “Here’s me playing Streets of Rage.” But this is shit. This is shit that a $500/night “video editor” would do. I don’t give a fuck about Madam Fomo’s body. Maybe I’m weird that way. You have tits. So what? So does half the population. Give me something interesting.

– “Do a bikini haul next”

Madam Fomo replies, ” Not a chance lol”

Why not? Why would that be any more degrading than what she’s already done? She’s wearing lingerie. She’s wearing harlot costumes. In her previous video, she had that French maid costume and the geisha costume. Bikinis would actually be less degrading. At least that would be something that people actually wear. Nobody is wearing these fucking sex worker costumes.

– “I’m guessing the percentage of guys watching went through the roof after this one.”

No, no. This guy must not have watched the video with the sound on. At the very start, she says that the percentage of WOMEN went up as a result of her last “try on haul” video. It went up TEN FOLD! By the way, I’ve been looking for comments from women. So far, I haven’t found any.

– “Hello. You have picked out some very amazing outfits. And you did very well showing off your choices. I hope you get much more female subscribers as well, hopefully they also are gamers as well. And if ok to post, “A lot of guys are very intimidated by an attractive woman, and they dehumanise her because our culture perceives beautiful women as commodities. But I think if you’re able walk up to a person and get to know them, and you see their flaws and their impurities, and realise that they’re like you, then you can humanise them again.” something I keep in mind as I’m autistic. All one needs to do is conversate with any person, and then you realize, they’re only just humans. Have a stellar night always. Take care Destiny.”

Skakin Bacon Media, you can say all of that but you’re still alone jacking off to the video. So where did that 200 word comment get you?

– “I love girls dressing up for Valentine’s Day… sadly I’m the Human incarnation of the “Forever Alone Meme” so no woman will ever like me. )=. I wish a Happy Valentines Day to y’all. I really hope y’all finally find the love of your life. (; and if you have found it already… please appreciate it.”

That man represents the average viewer and I’m not here to insult him. I appreciate his honesty. But this is the audience.

Numerous people ask if she has a boyfriend and she always replies and says yes. Any time somebody suggests that they want to do stuff to her, she says that she’s “taken”. She really seems to not want to make “daddy” angry.

– “Everything was so pretty n looked great💕💕💕 loved the first dress the most”

That was a comment from a “female”. Allegedly. Her description is, “Writer, gamer, mama”. So alright. There’s one.

– “This video is great and no, I dont mean for the reasons listed in some of the other comments below. I just love the soothing sound of her voice explaining the try-on haul to me (or us) as well as the aesthetic of watching my dream girl enthusiastically make this video for us. And no, Im not simping lmao I have already given up hope since we may never meet in this large ass small city but I just enjoy getting to talk to her through comments and live stream. Its what makes me happy so I do it.”

That’s another pathetic comment from a desperately lonely guy thinking that he’s going to have sex with Madam Fomo if he just keeps leaving long, ass licking comments.

– “Don’t worry about the hate comments 😎 and have a great day ✌️ “

I haven’t seen ANY hate comments. Maybe they’ve all been deleted. But maybe by “hate comments” he means, “I want to have sex with you” comments, which are the expected comments for this type of video.

– “Why?”

Yeah. Travis is just sitting there as puzzled as I am.

– ” shes fully embracing it now”

Yeah. She’s gone full on $500/night “video editor”.

– ” Not a single female commented on this video”

Madam Fomo says, ” i noticed…. smh”

So…it turns out that ladies DON’T much care for softcore porn. Who knew? I guess that the Youtube statistics lied to Madam Fomo.

– “I’m single in high school I’m a boy I need help to get a Girlfriend”

Madam Fomo says, “yikes lol”.

What a bizarre, uncaring reply.

– “Percentage of guys is definitely gonna go up too… just saying. Promise you, I won’t complain. lol”

There were a lot of comments like this. These guys don’t seem to know how percentages work. The percentage of male and female viewers can’t BOTH go up? One goes up at the expense of the other.

– “Honestly it annoys me that people hate on her while she’s doing her thing just because she has a big chest like you think she asked god “hey can I have a big chest”? You can’t tell somebody they can’t do YouTube just because of how they look “

Again, I haven’t seen a single “hate” comment. But how about making videos about video games? Can she try that out? You can have big tits but still do videos on Somer Assault. She’s not interested in that. She’s a “video editor” so she makes videos that a “video editor” would make.

– ” She’s doing a try on haul for all of us guys 😂 Female viewers where you at?”

– “Tbh I’m glad I watched this and I’m even more glad you’re legit. You’re a fantastic nerd and you’ve got some sweet taste in clothing. Ignoring the boobs because that’s not what I’m here for, I’ve just been following on social media for a while and clicking on the occasional video. As a guy and a fellow nerd it’s cool to see more and more females get into this stuff. The black dress was definitely my favorite, it would be great for business now and drinks afterwards. The bottom frill was a nice touch”

None of this will get you out of your parents’ basement.

– ” Uhh yea… female audience, no doubt.”

Yeah. Not a single person bought that.

– ” my wife and I met in our teens. She had a piece like that she would wear often to the movies. Made it easy to rest her over the trunk and get in it before the movie’s. Oh! The good ole day’s. It was exhilarating!!! “

I read this four times and I still don’t understand it. There’s something untoward about it, though. 

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