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This video is under four minutes in length. According to the thumbnail, she’s going to be talking about Cool Spot, Chester Cheetah, and the Noid. You know…corporate mascots from the 1980s. Erin aka Cykill1986 was allegedly born in 1987.

By the way, I was watching a Mike stream recently and he claimed that the Cykill1986 account is his. It probably is but why would he use the name Cykill1986? He was born in 1980. Is he trying to pick up chicks on his Playstation account? Chicks who are interested in guys with Gobot names? Would the six year age difference even change anything? There is NOBODY who is going to be interested in ANYONE who has a Gobots Playstation username.

And his account was completely locked down anyway. There was certainly no picture of him on his account. You couldn’t even see what fucking games he has. So why didn’t he just go with Cykill1980? It doesn’t make any fucking sense. Who is he trying to fool with this? And to what end?

0:00 – “I miss the days of turning the television on and seeing food mascots like the Noid, Cool Spot, and Chester Cheetah gracing the airwaves.

I remember all of these characters. I’m going to guess that the Noid stopped appearing in commercials in 1988. I’ll say that Cool Spot stopped in 1992. Chester Cheetah was probably the last to go. I’ll say 1994 for Chester Cheetah.

Reminder: Erin was born in 1987.

Now let’s look this up. Maybe I can find official end dates for these characters.

Noid was 1986 to 1995. That’s much later than I thought. It ended because a mentally ill guy with the last name of Noid thought that the commercials were about him and he held up a Domino’s restaurant. I remember that story.

The only information about Cool Spot that I can find is that he appeared in commercials during the early 1990s.

Chester Cheetah is allegedly still appearning in some form or another but in terms of mainstream, traditionally animated commercials, I think that that stopped in 1997 or so.

So the oldest Erin could have been when she saw these characters was 11. That’s old enough to remember them but she was watching them when the characters were on their way out. Nobody gave a shit about the noid in 1992. Except for that one guy, I guess.

Why doesn’t she make *nostalgia* videos for things that are appropriate to her age? Things that she actually saw?

She’s said before that she never saw a single episode of Friends. Or Seinfeld. The two most popular shows of the 1990s.

But she does talk about Buffy. A show from the 2000s.

It’s accurate. I don’t take any issue with her talking about Buffy. That’s a show that she apparently saw and the timeframe fits. The show ran from 1997 to 2003. She would have been 10 to 16 years old.

I’m ten years older than Erin and it fits with tv shows that I’m *nostalgic* for. So we’re talking 1987 to 1993. Mr Belvedere. Perfect Strangers. Small Wonder. Shit like this.

But I’m not talking about shows from 1977 to 1983. I wasn’t even fucking born for the early part of those dates. I have no idea what was on television at the time. I’ve never seen a single episode of Charlie’s Angels. I don’t even know what it’s about.

She does this shit because she knows that her audience is comprised largely of horny, mentally retarded men in their 40s. So she makes videos pretending to know about this shit. Poorly.

Then there’s a picture that she took from the Dinosaur Dracula website. This is FLAMING homosexual who does *nostalgia* content. He’s been doing this for like 20 years. He has a blog. I remember going to it regularly, back before it became Dinosaur Dracula. It was called X-Entertainment or something. He would mostly post around Halloween, a very popular holiday for gay men. “Hey guys! Remember Double Bubble?” Shit like this.

Anyway, apparently Erin talks to this guy now. I saw him posting on her Twitter before.

0:30 – Now she’s talking about the games that had these characters in them. “It didn’t matter if the games were good or not, we were just happy to play anything that contained these characters.”

Really? “We”? Erin was sitting at home, in 1990, playing Yo Noid? With a diaper full of stool?

You know what I remember from 1980? NOTHING. I was two years old. But somehow, Erin was really living it up. Playing Yo Noid on the NES. And she was happy to do it. She just wanted to play a game based on her favourite advertising mascot the Noid. He ruins pizzas.

Cool Spot. Released in 1993. You know what I remember from 1983? NOTHING. I was five years old. But in 1993, Erin, as a five year old, was chilling with the game based on the 7-Up mascot.

Does she think that we’re all fucking retarded? She was not playing these fucking games. Fuck off. She never even heard of them until she was desperate to make a video and asked Mike for some ideas.

The Chester Cheetah game was released in 1992, by the way.

“Because we already had an emotional connection to them from seeing them for years on television.”

AS A FIVE YEAR OLD? She had an emotional connection to Cool Spot, as a five year old, from watching him for years on television.

Why is she incapable of honesty? Just tell us what you like, Erin. Enough of the bullshit. We don’t need to hear FAKE interests. What’s the point of that? Tell us something that you actually like?

She never fucking did anything. Her parents were fucking monsters who locked her in a closet for her entire childhood. And when you do that, this is what you get. Erin Plays. A total sociopath who can’t tell the truth and only exists to use people.

0:45 – “Drinking soda out of a Spuds MacKenzie glass.”

I barely remember the charter. I was a little kid when these commercials were on. And they were beer commercials. I wasn’t interested in beer.

But Erin, who’s ten years younger than me, is pretending that she’s all about Spuds MacKenzie. The character stopped appearing in advertising in 1989. Erin was two years old. Do two year olds drink from glasses?

“Going to the grocery store and picking up a bag of Cheetos with your grandmother. They weren’t just mascots. they were a part of our lives.”

Interesting that she didn’t say that she went to the grocery store with her parents. Her parents wanted absolutely nothing to do with her.

But yeah. Mr Peanut was a part of Erin’s life. AS A TWO YEAR OLD. And she remembers this. She’s a big Mr Peanut fan. She makes Mike dress up in a top hat, cane, and monocle before he has anal sex with her in exchange for Youtube promotion.

1:00 – “And maybe, just maybe we felt more comfortable with them than we did with our own friends and family.”

Well, I can see Erin prefering corporate mascots over her particular family. But not corporate mascots from 1989. Not as a two year old. It’s patently absurd.

1:00 – Then there’s a waving American flag and Erin says, “God bless Cool Spot, God bless Chester Cheetah, and God bless the United State of America.”

What is this? Some unbelievably weak attempt at comedy. Some of that delightful female comedy that the world loves. But it’s all preposterous. We’ve already established that Erin’s CAN’T POSSIBLY have any memories of these characters. Just by the fucking years that these characters ceased to be on television in relation to Erin’s date of birth. Why does she do this?

1:15 – Then she starts “reviewing” the games. We’ve got two minutes of this shit. She’s going to “review” three games in two minutes. Three games that she OBVIOUSLY has never played before.

1:45 – The game is cute. Great stuff, Erin.

2:00 – The SECOND reference to McKids in this video. McKids is a game that she’s played on stream, for money. That’s the only reason she knows anything about it.

2:15 – Then she reviews Yo Noid for like ten seconds. Literally ten seconds. But this game has so much *nostalgia* for Erin. I don’t get it. She was playing this game as a two year old. She can’t give it more than ten seconds. All she said is that she can’t get into the game and doesn’t like it. Well, okay, but didn’t you like it as a two year old? Tell us some stories about how you used to play this game as a two year old.

2:30 – Some Chester Cheetah game that she’s never played before. She likes the colours. Great stuff, Erin. And she “reviewed” this one for about 15 seconds. She also “reviewed” numerous Cool Spot games for like ten seconds each.

3:00 – Now Kool-Aid Man for the Atari 2600 gets a shout out. This is a game that was released in 1983. Erin was playing this out in the ether somewhere, in whatever realm that one occcupies before you’re born. She was a collection of cells in her father’s ass just chilling, playing some Kool Aid Man on her Atari 2600.

Oh, I almost missed this. I assumed that she was talking about Kool-Aid Man on the Atari 2600. Because that’s how I played it. But the game she’s holding is the Intellivision port. She mistakenly calls it “Coleco” and then corrects it in post-production by having “Intellivision” appear on screen. Can’t be bother to do another take.

3:00 – The THIRD reference to McKids in this video.

3:15 – “I miss the wackiness of food mascots. Let’s have a Geico Gecko game on the Switch because why not.”

Oh, sure. Who doesn’t enjoy eating their car insurance policy?

But aside from the fact that the Geico Gecko is OBVIOUSLY not a food mascot, this is an age-appropriate example that she gave. When Erin is forced to come up with corporate mascots, without the aid of old NES games, this is the shit that she comes up with. Corporate mascots from the 2000s. This is what she remembers. It makes perfect sense.

What doesn’t make sense is pretending to be *nostalgic* for characters that haven’t been seen on television since you were two years old.

“Why do these mascots mean anything to me?”

They don’t. You’re just completely full of shit. You enjoy lying. It’s the only thing you know. You’re incapable of telling the truth.

3:15 – Chester Cheetah has been around my whole life and it’s good to see him around.”

Has he really? According to Wikipedia, the character had a new voice actor in 1997. That’s probably around the time that the character was being phased out. In 2003, they say that there was a CGI Chester Cheetah. I certainly don’t remember that. Then from 2008 to the present, he was internet only. Has anybody on earth ever been to OrangeUnderground dot com? No. But Erin wants us to believe that she’s all about Chester Cheetah. She’s followed his whole career. It’s fucking ridiculous.

3:30 – “The world kind of sucks now.”

No it doesn’t. You suck. You suck big time. Get your life together and suddenly you might find that the world doesn’t suck. The problem is you, Erin. You’re getting fucked in the ass every night for $3.000/year and bi-weekly trips to visit your parents in California. Yeah. That sucks. That’s a sucky existence. But get a fucking job and start behaving like a functioning adult and then you might find that your outlook on life changes.

Then she ends the video by talking about Mr Peanut. She talked about Mr Peanut a number of times in this video. But it’s totally unrelated to anything. The video was supposed to be about the Cool Spot, Noid, and Chester Cheetah games.

This was fucking awful. Even by Erin’s standards. No effort AT ALL was put into this video. And it’s just four minutes of lies. What’s the point of this?

She can’t possibly be making much money from this. If she was, wouldn’t she be more motivated to make videos? She’d be making them regularly. And putting effort into them.

  • Are you old enough to remember all of this? You look young af”

No. Even the fucking retards on her channel don’t buy this shit. It doesn’t make any fucking sense. Why the fake *nostalgia* for stuff that you can’t POSSIBLY have remembered seeing?

Mike has the same affliction. “Hey guys! Remember the A-Team cartoon? And the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon? That’s my era!”

Really? Because I’m two years older than you and have absolutely no memory of those cartoons. They’re before my time.

  • Erin, are you running for Congress???? “…and G-d Bless the United States of America.””

Erin replies with, “Nope, I’m just insane :D”

Oh, look at me. Aren’t I kooky and “random”? That’s funny, right?

No. No, it’s not funny, Erin. It’s painfully unfunny.

And that guy censored God because…he has an Arabic name. Do Muslims do that? I know that Jews do. Well, I can see Muslims doing it too.

  • “The reason you notice the simularities with the GameBoy version of Cool Spot and M.C. Kids is because its a sprite swap of the same game 😛 | Don’t feel bad for not knowing that, I interviewed the dev and he didn’t know that has game got sprite swapped either lol”

Erin replies with, “I had no idea about this, wild! I definitely need to look up game play lol.”

So Erin didn’t even know. Erin is a big McKids fan. She played it once, on stream for money. And she didn’t realise that this Cool Spot game, which she played for a few seconds, for the purposes of this Youtube video, ARE THE SAME FUCKING GAME.

What a gamer!

She just got caught out in another lie. This is all that she does. But these fucking retards overlook it because they’re just there to masturbate.

  • “U guys have a staus of celebrity not many can match so if u only stay on you tube well there’s a lot of ppl who know u guys all exist and James Rolf pioneered this type of fame something u can be very proud of even if u never make one Hollywood appearance u done things in ur life most ppl can only dream of ppl like me this girl the fact she likes games and is pretty and on camera has a really chill personality makes it seem possible to get a woman like her they far and few between but good luck to the whole crew here”

This guy is admitting that he’s only here to jerk off. And Erin replied with something totally banal, as usual.

6 thoughts on “Food Mascot Retro Games – Erin Plays

  1. Why would anyone feel closer to advertising mascots than their own friends or family?! What the fuck? I can see maybe a kid with a rough life, who has abusive friends or is bullied at school, feeling closer to characters from a TV show or a movie or a book than their friends or family. But not fucking advertising mascots.

    1. Makes sense, her family lives far away and they obviously only tolerate her life, but hardly approve of it. So she bonds with nonsense.

  2. It’s all a schtick for views, she has no personality whatsoever. And if she wasn’t with Mike, she wouldn’t even have a YouTube career.

    1. She doesn’t cook, she has no job, she’s boring as fuck, she’s stupid, she’s never done anything, she has no personality, she’s average looking at best.

      So I don’t know. He really likes buttsex?

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