Mike Matei Doesn’t Know Shit About Doom

I’m not going to review this seven hour stream but I’ve watched a few of his videos where he plays Doom. He’s been playing a bunch of them recently. Different ports. He’s makes some shockingly ill-informed comments.

He was playing the SNES port in one of these. And he kept complaining about the lack of music. “When you think of you Doom, you think of the rocking music.” He said something like this.

No. There was no music. Not in what I was playing, anyway. I had fucking Final Doom. PC. No music.

He’s playing Final Doom on the PC (I think it was only released on PC) in the video I linked to above and there’s music. So I don’t know if it’s because of my system being really slow back in the day so music was disabled or if the music is due to the many, many mods that I think he’s using on this thing.

Maybe there was music in Final Doom. Maybe I just had the volume down too low. But I certainly don’t remember any rocking tunes. I just remember the sound effects. Shooting guys and the monsters yelling.

Second issue is that he’s playing this with a mouse and keyboard. There’s no fucking mouse control in Doom. It was keyboard only. So you couldn’t aim up or down or whatever. Just if you were facing the target and they were on the same vertical axis as where you were aiming, they’d get hit. Didn’t matter if they were way above you or way below you.

He’s using some mod that lets you use the mouse to aim like a modern first person shooter. But that’s not what Doom was. I thought that he was all about the original, authentic experience. This isn’t it.

I don’t even recognise the game he has so many fucking mods on here. He has like a machine gun shotgun and shit like this. What? There was no machine gun shotgun. And there are a bunch of crazy melee kill animations and shit. None of this existed in Final Doom. This is all from the mods. Brutal Doom and whatever other mods he put on here.

Why not just play the game properly? There’s your “challenge”. Beat Final Doom the way the game was actually meant to be played. No music. No mouse. No crazy weapons. No crazy animations. 20 frames per second.

People, including myself, gave Erin shit for playing Doom with some mod that lets you use the mouse to look around. I talk about it here:


It was one of the first posts on the blog. This was years ago. Erin obviously got the game from Mike and Mike’s version of the game is laden with mods. So much so that it makes the game almost a full conversion. It’s a totally different game.

I expect Erin to not know this shit. But Mike doesn’t know it?

Yeah, being able to look around with a mouse is better than not being able to do this. And all of these other mods probably make the game better too. But that’s not the fucking game. This is not Final Doom that he’s playing.

Anyway, I fucking hated the game back in the day. I got it years after Doom became popular, probably in 2000 or so, and I didn’t get it. “People are playing this shit? Shooting up schools over this?” The game sucks cock in its original form. Its intended form.

And Final Doom in particular. I never played the original two games. To this day I haven’t played them, such is my contempt for Doom, as a result of my experiences with Final Doom. But I know what it looks like, having seen Mike play the game many times.

Final Doom is basically impossible. The difficulty was cranked up massively over the previous games. I didn’t know this at the time. So I would just play on god mode and no clip and whatever. Check out the levels.

The last level in particular, of at least one of the…wads or whatever they were called, is impossible. Endlessly respawning enemies. Even with god mode and no clip on, I couldn’t figure out how the level was supposed to be beaten.

So that’s Final Doom. It’s a complete and total piece of shit. Whatever Mike is playing is not Final Doom. Get rid of the mods, play the game properly, then let’s see how you do.

1 thought on “Mike Matei Doesn’t Know Shit About Doom

  1. You could use the mouse in the original doom, you just couldn’t look along the ‘X axis’ (modern source ports enable this by default which is annoying, but it doesn’t alter gameplay other than revealing potential secrets).
    However I agree that Mike doesn’t really know diddly-dick about Doom and that “Brutal Doom” is shit.

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