Pam being thirsty and obsessed with sausages while playing Gabriel Knight 2 – Cannot be Tamed

Part 3 in Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining’s series of bafflingly unfunny Twitch clips.  I reviewed the first two here:

Let’s check the description.

Some highlights from recent streams while playing The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery. I really wanted the characters to kiss. And buy sausages. And commented on both of these things a lot.

Oh.  So she’s going to repeat the same unfunny half-joke numerous times.  That’s funny, right?  Let’s find out together.  Twenty minutes.  Oh, we’re in for a treat.  My sides are aching already.

0:00 – So she’s watching this FMV of two guys drinking and then she says, “Now kiss.”

Get it?  Like they’re gay.  That’s…well, let’s think about this.  It’s not funny.  We know that much.  But is what she saying homophobic?  Because these characters aren’t gay.  So why is she attributing gay characteristics to them?  

You wouldn’t attribute heterosexual characteristics to gay men, would you?  “Hey, nancy boy.  Why don’t you go have sex with a woman.”  Because that guy isn’t into that stuff.  He’s gay.  And to suggest that he should sex with a woman is offensive.  You’re not respecting his sexuality.  

You’d expect a woke woman like Pam to understand all of this.  No.  She doesn’t get it.  

0:15 – There’s FMV of flames in front of a child.  “Are they setting that child on fire?  Goodbye child.”

Get it?  Are your ribs tickled yet?  Strap in.  We’ve got twenty minutes of this aggressively bad non-comedy to get through.

1:00 – She attempts to give a butcher some money and the protagonist says, “I’m not much in the mood for mead at the moment.”  Pam says, “Why?”

That’s the joke.  It’s going to be this for twenty minutes.  Why does she think that any of this is funny?  This is just a window into her mental illness.  None of this is REMOTELY funny.  I can’t even understand how she can think that this is funny.  These are not jokes.  These are not witty remarks.  This is nothing.  But she thinks that this is all hysterical.

1:45 – She suggests that two heterosexual men should kiss.  Again.  Why is any of this funny?  It isn’t.  

And I think that this is supposed to be an example of Pam being “thirsty”.  Really?  This is Pam when she’s horny?  She has the same blank expression and monotone voice that she always has.  No wonder her boyfriend left her and she’s fucking her dog now.

3:30 – “Sometimes the musical cues are not totally fitting of what’s happening on screen.”

I don’t even know what to say any more.  How many different ways can I say that none of this even remotely funny?  Or interesting?  Or sexual?  It’s just…nothing.  These comments are nothing.  But Pam, inexplicably, finds them to be funny.

I’ll give it another two minutes.

4:15 – “Yeah, boyfriend.”  And then she zooms the camera in, during post-production, to her taking a sip from her water bottle.  

No.  This is abysmal.  And it’s not going to improve.  It’s going to be this for twenty minutes.

Let’s see what the horntards have to say.

– “BAHAHAHA this game is just a gay porn! (beast within eh, so he’s closeted?)”

Any way you look at it, this is offensive.  What if the guy is gay?  Pam trying to out somebody is not cool.  It’s certainly not funny.  

– “this is just….hilarious and perfection. Thank you for the many many smiles Pam. :)”

Where?  Which parts were funny?  Can you cite a single example?

– “These are your highlights? Glad I didn’t watch you stream. Cringe af.”

God fucking damn it.  Finally a voice of reason.  It’s like fucking Bizarro World in these comments.  How can ANYBODY find ANY of this to be funny?  These aren’t even jokes.  She’s not even ATTEMPTING to be funny.  Right?  She can’t be.  These are just random comments.

– “Gross. Unsubscribed.”

Another person who gets it.  There’s nothing funny about calling people gay.  

Well, I don’t want to be too disingenuous.  I enjoy calling the boys on TheCinemassacreTruth gay.  But I’m doing so in a comedic fashion.  And there’s at least a kernel of truth in what I’m saying.  You have to be pretty gay to talk about a man’s penis on a regular basis and make Photoshopped pictures where you make men look like women.

But calling somebody gay when they’re not gay is…offensive. I know that it’s offensive.  It’s no different from calling people “faggots” in online games.  This used to be popular, I don’t know if it still is.  You’d get angry at somebody and call them a “faggot”.  

I can fully understand why gay people would be offended by these remarks.  They don’t want their sexuality to be used as an insult.  

But here’s Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining calling this man gay and saying, “Hey isn’t this cute?  I’m calling a straight man gay.”

It’s not cute.  It’s offensive to homosexuals and it’s offensive to heterosexuals.  Heterosexual men don’t want to be emasculated by being called gay and gay men don’t want their sexuality to be used as an insult.  How can she not get this?  Pam is the ultimate SJW.  

She’s an SJW when it suits her.  She has no problem being insulting to white men, gay or straight.

2 thoughts on “Pam being thirsty and obsessed with sausages while playing Gabriel Knight 2 – Cannot be Tamed

  1. Women in general aren't funny. There's just always this entire emperor's new clothes thing going on where all the simps pretend she's funny because they want sex and then she, having no sense or humor herself, assumes they must really think she's funny. The same phenomenon is on display in basically every workplace; everyone treats women tacitly as a kind of mental retard where you have to be nice to them and act like they're doing a great job even when they suck ass.

  2. I'm with you up until the workplace commentary. But Pam seems to be on a whole other level with these videos. They're not even jokes. There is seemingly no attempt at comedy with any of this stuff. It's interesting from a psychological perspective. In what way can she possibly think that this stuff is funny? I don't know.Erin has exhibited similar behaviour. The “casserole” incident being the most obvious example I can think of. She found the word “casserole” hysterical for reasons that perhaps only she can explain. Then she thought that “pancake” was funny.I don't know. It's not something that I think I've ever seen in real life. Maybe I just haven't noticed it because I didn't realise that the woman thought that she was being funny.

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