Bobdunga Rebrands as Ray Mona

When did this happen?  I can’t find any reference to this on her Twitter but she tweets and retweets about 20 times a day so there’s a lot to trawl through.

Here’s her new channel description:

“Hi! I’m Raven “Ray Mona” Simone and this is my channel!  Home to The Bobdunga Show.”

So she’s still using the name Bobdunga for “The Bobdunga Show” but…she’s Ray Mona.  Ray Mona is doing The Bobdunga Show.  Maybe these are two of her personalities.

Her Twitter also changed.  It used to be Bobdunga92.

But that’s all been deleted.  Now it’s TheRayMona.

The only mention of “Bobdunga” is in her email address.  She hasn’t changed her email address.

Why did she change the name?  Maybe it became “toxic” due to her totally groundless accusations of abuse against RelaxAlax.  

But then why would she do it in this half-assed fashion where she’s still doing videos called The Bobdunga Show?  

According to her Twitter, she’s working on “Chapter 2” of some Sailor Moon thing.  I barely even remember the first video.  I tried to review it but I had to turn it off.  She kept talking about how Sailor Moon was liberating for gay men and I had to turn it off.  What the fuck does this have to do with some Sailor Moon “lost media”?  

And in that first “documentary” she did on some Mean Girls “lost media” or something, I had to turn that shit off too.  She and her loser “Youtuber” friends were doing “dur dur idiot” hillbilly voices when reading comments from some message board.  Even when it was obvious from the content of at least one of these messages that the person was from Germany.  

It was one of the most disgusting things I’ve ever heard.  Fucking jobless, mentally ill, Canadian Bobduna/Ray Mona and her loser, jobless, “Youtuber” “friends”, using fake American Southern accents to depict people who wrote on some message board as idiots.  Nobody saw a problem with this?  Nobody said, “Wait a minute.  Maybe we don’t want to offend the entire American South with this.  Maybe we don’t want to offend Americans broadly with this.  Maybe we don’t want to look like assholes who think that we’re better than everyone even though not one of us has a job.”

No, they just did it.  And the horntards lapped it up, even though it was an insight into how Bobdunga and her loser “Youtuber” “friends” think about them.  “WE LOVE IT WHEN YOU MOCK OUR LOW INTELLIGENCE!”

If you enjoy the docuseries on my channel but also miss the old gaming segment I had, then you’ll be happy to know a new series that is gaming oriented is in the works and will most likely premiere sometime in October. I plan to run this series alongside the docs 🙂

I missed none of it.  And she only got two replies.  She gets really few replies on Twitter.  Probably because she writes A LOT on here and a lot of it is just nonsense where nobody knows what she’s talking about.

Unrelated to gaming but a personal goal I have is to be cast on a scifi fantasy show even if its just as a minor background character 

You know what would help?  Being an actor.  

She has all these weird aspirations.  There was some contest to be on a butter commercial so she did a video for that.  She wanted to be a member of that bathwater woman’s crew.  There’s probably some other shit but I just can’t think of it.  

No.  Just get a job, Bobdunga.  Or Ray Mona.

Some Dragonball thing that she drew as a teenager.  Yeah, that’s another thing.  She wanted to be an artist of some description.  It didn’t go anywhere.

Oh, I finally found an explanation for the rebranding.

So because I don’t want any issues or confusions going forward (being mistaken for Raven-Symone and getting lost in the algorithm [laughing emoji]), and because I’m moving things into a more professional direction, I’ve had to rebrand a bit [two laughing emojis] Hi,I’m Ray Mona

Her real name is Raven Simone.  Like Raven-Symone, that girl who was on The Cosby Show.  And That’s So Raven.  And later, she became a big fat lesbian.  Was she on The View?  I had already left the country when that happened.  

But how does this help anything?  Her channel’s name was Bobdunga.  Not Raven Simone.  So…her new name is actually MORE similar to Raven-Symone.  It doesn’t make any fucking sense.  

Only diehard Bobdunga fans (of which there are few) even knew that Bobdunga’s real name was Raven Simone.  

Holy shit.  I just DuckDuckGo’d Raven-Symone.  She’s HUGE.  What the fuck happened?  She has the money for a nutritionist and personal trainer and whatever surgeries are required.  Why is she so fucking obese?  

She also got married a couple of years ago.  To a woman.  The woman is a “media manager”.  And they started a Youtube channel.

You know, for a media manager, this woman hasn’t yet figured out how to make interesting videos.  These are AWFUL.  And the volume is all over the place.  They’ll be at whisper-levels, so you turn the sound up, and then REALLY LOUD MUSIC will start playing.  Fuck off.

Nobody is watching this.  The channel started a year ago.  It started with views in the tens of thousands then quickly went off a cliff.  Now they’re getting about 4,000 views on average.  They seem to not be making videos any more.  

The videos are slickly-produced, there’s obviously a team of people working on them, but they’re boring as fuck.  That’s the problem.  Nobody wants to watch some brainless Hollywood millionaire trying and failing to connect with the common man.  They’re totally clueless.  

It reminds me of Brie Larson’s channel.  Same slickly-produced content, same quickly plummeting view numbers, same totally boring and out-of-touch videos.

Here’s a video about mental health.  Women love talking mental health.  So she’s trying to connect.  And failing hard.  

And why is her zombie wife so red?  Does she have some illness?  She has red, blotchy skin.  This is the best that a big Hollywood bigshot can get?  Some anorexic “media manager”?  And why isn’t Raven taking diet advice from this woman?  Obviously, don’t go as far with it as this woman is doing but…there’s a happy medium to be found somewhere here.  

They also both have that weird speaking cadence that so many out of touch celebrities seem to have.

Awful stuff.  They have 39,000 subscribers.  As a reminder, Erin has nearly twice that number.  Maybe Raven needs to start sucking Mike’s cock.

Anyway, back to Saint Dungalous.  All of the horntards reply saying, “Yeah!  Way to go Dungalous!  Love the new name!”.  Not a single person says, “Wait a minute…this doesn’t make any sense.”

The horntards will just support everything.  They know that any dissention leads to getting banned.

Some people will dedicate their time to hating on you, calling you a slut, rearranging your words, lying about you, spreading false narratives, and when i think about the people that have the time to do all of that, i get kinda sad. They’re missing out on living a good life

And they will see posts like this and use it for content on their very sad pages. Why watch the posts of people you dislike so badly when you could make a list of all the things you want to do and change in your life, and do it? I promise, you will be so much happier in life

Idk ive seen some really odd stuff online and its kind of sad when you see how much passion and anger is in their comments about people they dont know personally. When you put so much hatred into others, all you’re going to get is bad energy and a bad life

Also a tip for anyone whos ever delt with that: Don’t not waste your energy trying to disprove what people like that are saying about you, by the way. You don’t have to prove yourself. Let them keep talking into an endless void [various emojis] that energy is just toxic and extremely ill

Two replies.  Neither horntard has the slightest idea what she’s talking about.

I think that this is all a reference to Relax Alax.  I won’t go through that whole saga again but briefly, they dated for a while, he was a weird gay man who wasn’t interested in her, and then when he ended the relationship Bobdunga went on a many year crusade against this guy with nebulous claims of abuse.  Even by her own account, NOTHING HAPPENED.  But she continues with this.  And Relax Alax basically stopped uploading as a result of Bobdunga’s crazy harassment.  He was a “Youtuber”.

Just get a job, Bobdunga.  That’s how you can get a happy and productive life.  

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  1. I remember Raven Symone being pretty cute when I was a teenager so Jesus Christ looking at her now, lmao what the fuck happened, what's with those John Lennon glasses

  2. The reason you're allowed to mock the south is because they're not a 'protected class'. It all boils down to the fact these people are dogslaves, and attack whomever their masters tell them to. Don't say anything that might upset the poor victim gays and blacks, but you can absolutely say the most vile and belligerent things about southerners, because they're rednecks. And rednecks are “”””””racist””””””. Remember when they owned slaves hundreds of years ago because the northern yankees fucked the economy and made it so that no one could work a farm and earn an honest living? Yeah, the RACIST REDNECKS DID IT. Sic em!!!

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