E-Girl looking for love – Destiny Fomo


It’s some desperate as fuck, five second video of Madam Fomo in a little costume, gyrating, and a Family Guy sound clip of Stewie singing, “I want to have intercourse with you” plays.

So Madam Fomo wants to have sex with you.  That’s good news, right?  You just scored, horntard.  

Be careful what you wish for.

She has a tight little body, amazing and youthful natural boobs and was very cute. But she was a complete dud in the act…if I were to compare her to a dead fish, I’d be insulting the fish.

And from what I’ve read about her lately, she hasn’t gotten any better. I would avoid unless you want it purely for the eye candy…but be aware, there’s a good chance that you’ll struggle to get off…her skills are terrible, she positions herself in a way that you can’t fully go in and a whole slew of bullshit that you’re better off jerking yourself off…and you might have to even if you go see her…

Huh.  Interesting.  Maybe she was just having a bad day.  Maybe it was a one off.

This statement is 100% exactly how my session went. Great tits that’s it

Oh.  Maybe she just two bad days.

That said, her attitude really makes it seem like she doesn’t want to be in this business. I feel like she might be forced to for some reason or other. I would never hate on her for that reason, but don’t expect a PH-like performance.

Somebody talking about her pimp TuanX.

Annnndd she just increased her rate to 250. RIP her provisions from any veteran monger. I remember her from the BP days and all this starfish/no enthusiasm stuff fits what I read back then and I’ll also mention that a couple have written that her coochie has a distinct smell to it.
Also a foul-smelling vagina.   I didn’t need to know that.

She was a complete dud and additional sessions didn’t improve at all. No sense of any enthusiasm whatsoever but if you’re okay with that, the appearance was great.

I see.

Stay away from her, terrible experience

I’m noticing a pattern here.

She is aware of her bad reviews and changes her name & # to keep ahead of it.


She’s been around for years now and almost every review mentions how she hates the job and isn’t into it and the place she works out of is a dump. Pretty sad to be honest.


Her handler periodically contacts me through EM posing as another client, trying to encourage me to return.

That wacky TuanX.

Everyone should avoid her. This girl is terrible and I don’t understand how she does this kind of work.


She was one of the worst experience I had in this hobby. It looks like she’s just being forced to this job. And her pussy is very loose. I couldn’t feel anything.


Nothing sadder than somebody in this line of work who is clearly not into it. I get the sense that she isn’t independent either, so maybe she’s not doing this by choice.

TuanX strikes again.

Funny, I thought the same thing – that maybe she owed a lot of money or some other circumstance.


She’s Probably a recovering junkie or owes a lot of money to a Shylock. 

No need for antisemitism.  TuanX is a black man.

Best wishes for Her,then and I hope She segues into another line of work

Yeah, she has.  Conning retards on Youtube and OnlyFans with absolute shit-tier content.

She must basically be grossed out by the whole thing and not even pretend to want to be there to get as bad a rep as she has.

Sounds about right.

You will regret seeing her. For the price she charges, you can buy a cheap Blu-Ray player and an adult film of your choice, go home and get yourself off. 

Who’s watching porn on Blu-Ray?  Don’t be ridiculous.

She probably doesn’t have many repeat clients because three times I’ve caught her texting me not knowing exactly who I was. After the first time, I agreed to meet with her provided she give DFK which she refused once I got there. A month later she texts me again and I told her (in a nice way) that she’s terrible and needs to find another job. Then the third time I replied and then she probably saw who I was from the last convo and that was it.  She’s the worst and her body/face is overrated.

Thank you for your insights.

Damn, I don’t think i have seen a provider get reviews that are consistently this shitty in a long time.


She hates what she does, she hates herself, she hates sex and most importantly she hates her customers.  

Every single review I’ve seen was overwhelmingly negative.  This is extremely uncommon in the seedy world of prostitute reviews.  I’d say 95% of prostitute reviews are positive.  Even if the experience was bad, the loser going to a prostitute still got his dick sucked so he’ll say, “Well, it was okay, I guess” and give a thumbs up.  You have to REALLY try to get a negative review.

Every review was negative for this particular person.  Every single one.  Maybe the worst prostitute in the history of prostitution.  

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  1. When you look at girls in video games, movies, or any other 'nerd' business you get the exact same feeling as the reviews here. They want the money and attention, that's it. Otherwise they don't want to be there. They'll do everything in their power to control the space though.

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