Desperate Twitter Potpourri

“I feel like I’m going insane. I have a vivid memory of the Care Bears intro ending with them all posing to get their photo taken during the “5, 4, 3, 2, 1” part but I can’t find it anywhere. Did this NEVER happen?!”

This first one is from Erin.  Hey guys!  Remember Care Bears?  

Not…really.  And I’m ten years older than Erin.  

So one of the horntards locates a clip of this and it’s from 1986.

Erin was born in 1986 or 1987.  

Does anybody see a problem with this?  Why the fake *nostalgia*?  She wasn’t watching this shit before she was born.  

In the comments, she said that she had VHS tapes.  Why?  Why would her parents get her VHS tapes of old cartoons?  They’re not going to buy VHS tapes for an infant.  So they must have bought these tapes, at the very earliest, when Erin was five years old.  This would have been 1992, according to Erin’s “official” birthdate.

You’re buying Care Bears VHS tapes in 1992?  The show was over for four years at this point.  They weren’t releasing the tapes any more.  Erin’s parents had to have purchased them used.  Who would buy used tapes of old cartoons for their children?  And I don’t mean classic cartoons like Bugs Bunny or Popeye or something.  I mean flash in the pan, trash that’s only designed to sell toys like fucking Care Bears.  It has no artistic value.  No parent would buy that shit for their children in 1992.

I can see parents buying Care Bears tapes while the show was being broadcast because their children might be saying, “Hey, I really like Care Bears.  Can you get me the tapes?”

But this was 1992.  Erin was five years old.  She had never seen Care Bears before.  Why…it doesn’t make any sense.  This is all fake.  This is fake *nostalgia*.  

Why doesn’t she just talk about things that she actually watched?  Because she hasn’t watched anything.  She’s never done anything in her entire life.  But at least do the fucking arithmetic and pick fake childhood interests that match up to your actual date of birth.

Fucking grifting, scamming, idiot.

Let’s move on to everyone’s favourite writer, director, and producer, The Ideas Man himself: Mr Newt Wallen.

“#edwood #puppet is coming along. #plan9fromouterspace with puppets remake will start production this summer. 1 of 4 films currently in motion I’ve either written or producing for Schlock And Awe Films #mutantfam”

He’s working on four movies.  How many of them are good?  We don’t want four pieces of shit, we want one GOOD movie.

“Reached a whole lot of 6’s With the #lordsofsalem and #unbearableweightofmassivetalent reviews. And #TheNorthman review coming Tomorrow #MutantFam”

Then Joe from Gamesack replies, “Gotta keep an eagle eye out for 6969.”

Hehe.  Joe, you card.  He’s trying to get a date with Newt, I guess.

But yeah, Newt CONSTANTLY gives updates on how many people subscribed.  He’ll give updates after just like ten new people subscribed.  It’s ridiculous.  But he’s really, really concerned about subscriber numbers.  This is what he bases his self-worth on.  How many people are watching his kitchen movie review videos and how many people are going to his Twitter and shit like this.

Now for the equine portion of the article.

It’s Crystal Quin screenshotting a couple of Youtube comments from a “hater”.  She’s trying to shame this guy for having the audacity to not like her appearances on Hack the Movies.

He says, “its a crystal episode.  skip.  we got rid of her creepy boyfriend, why not get rid of her too?”

I agree entirely with this sentiment.  Then he continues:

“Crystal, complete the look: wear two noserings, one on each nostril, two lip rings on both corners of both lips, and stop appearing on the show!”

I’m missing the context but yeah, I agree.  She should stop appearing on the show.

Then he says, “crystal episode?  SKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIPPPPP”

Indeed.  And he made these comments over the course of two videos.  The first one was on one video and the second two comments were on another video.  So it’s not like he was spamming one video with all of these comments.

She’s fucking awful.  People know it.  It’s not just me.

So a couple of days later, she tweets:

“A life lesson that has helped me so much: when people are freaking out at you, there’s a good chance they are projecting. It’s a them problem, not a you problem. Hear them out and listen with care and respect with that understanding.”

Maybe you just objectively suck ass, Horseface.  Have you considered that?

“Wow, all of these people are telling me that I’m terrible.  They must all just be having a bad day.  Because I’m awesome and everybody wants to have sex with me.”

No.  No.  You’re horrendous, Horseface.  Listen to these people.   These people are laying the cold, hard truth on you.  

6 thoughts on “Desperate Twitter Potpourri

  1. LOL the levels of denial and barriers Horseface puts up when criticized.It's so predictable that she not only can't handle little comments on youtube, but her ego is so massive and fragile she posts about them on another site publicly so that simps will make her feel better about being dishonest. Good god she is insufferable. She's not even subtle about it.

  2. Pam does the same thing. She regularly posts “negative” comments that she gets on Youtube on to her Twitter. She also makes entire Youtube videos where she highlights “mean comments”. It must really get to these people. If there was no merit to the complaints, it wouldn't bother them. It's the truth of the comments that they don't like.

  3. She does? Dude that's even more psychotic.Totally agree about why they do it. If there was no truth to any of it they wouldn't care this much. They can lie all they like, but it's hard to deny.If they ever complain about this blog for example, the hypocrisy of how they spent their own free time would be off the charts.

  4. From Horseface's twitter:”It took me a long time to be comfortable on the show to be myself and silly without caring what everyone was going to think. I think this is first episode I am truly myself”LOL you're lying so badly. Fuck off.

  5. Oh, yeah. Under an animated gif of her shaking her tits. It's good to see her true, narcissistic self finally. She was always so humble and unassuming before.

  6. The 'projecting' thing is such a lazy rebuttal and everyone uses it because they love psychobabble and pop-sci bullshit. It's not 'projecting' when I call you an ugly fuck. It doesn't mean I'm ugly. It means that you are, in fact, ugly. It means exactly what it says. Do ugly people go around calling others ugly? It seems like they'd do that less, since it'd be a sensitive issue. Just sheer retardness.

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