Pam being irreverent, inappropriate or lost on stream for 15 minutes – Cannot be Tamed

More accurate title: “Pam being Drunk and Boring for 15 Minutes”.

0:00 – She’s reading something in a stupid voice.  While drunk.  She thinks that this is funny.

That’s the “teaser”.  We’re supposed to get excited for the video by that.  

0:15 – Now she’s drunk and playing some Castlevania game.  

Then there’s just a series of non-jokes.  But…I think that Pam thinks that these are all funny.  I’ll give a random example.

1:00 – “I keep forgetting that I have a backdash.  Don’t do backdash, stupid.”

See?  That’s supposed to be funny.  Here’s another one:

1:15 – Oh, she threw a cat at me.  You levelled up, student witch.”

That’s a “joke” in Pam’s mind.  These are all “jokes”.  She thinks that this is funny.  This complete anti-comedy bullshit.

2:30 – “I have never said to ring a bell.  I would never say that.  I have not rung a bell for anyone in my life.”

These are the jokes, people.  This is Pam cutting loose.  She’s drunk and she’s the life of the party.

Let me check the title of this again.  “Pam being irreverent, inappropriate or lost on stream”.

Where is any of this?  Can anyone direct me to the irreverent comedy stylings of Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining?  Where’s the inappropriate, edgy, shocking comedy?  There’s none of this.

It’s just the world’s most boring woman, intoxicated.  She thinks that this is funny.  Show me one other person on earth who finds this funny.

This isn’t female comedy.  This is nothing.  This is not comedy that women would enjoy.  It can’t be.  Where are the fucking jokes?

It’s like when Erin says, “X looks like Y” or “casserole”.  She thinks that these are jokes.  How is it possible?  Is there a single person out there who’s laughing at this stuff?  Man or woman.  

5:00 – “Die, die, die.”

Get it?  I’ll give you a moment to regain your composure.

5:15 – “Auto mod is not a fan of anything, it’s just anti-fun.”

A lot of the “jokes” that she’s telling are just her reading messages that have been blocked by this auto-mod that she has on her stream.  It’s some program that’s supposed to detect offensive messages from the horntards and not post them.  So she’ll read them.  She’ll read the blocked posts and then make a brief comment about how auto-mod isn’t very good.

This is supposed to be funny.  Pam thinks that this is all hysterical.

5:45 – “Yeah, poutine is everywhere in Canada.  Any fast food place you go: McDonald’s, Harvey’s Wendy’s, they all have poutine.”

Watch out, Jim Gaffigan.  

What even is this?  She’s just making a factual statement.  Poutine are french fries with gravy on them or something.  Who cares?  Why is this funny to her?

Believe me, I am not cutting out the good jokes.  There aren’t any.  They’re all like this.  They’re all non-jokes.

6:15 – “This whole game has been easy so far and now this last fight is just like, ‘Fuck you.  Die.'”

I just…none of this makes any sense.  Let me take a peek at the comments.  Are people laughing at this?

Largely, the answer is no.  For the most part, they give lukewarm, “that was kind of funny, I guess” sort of responses.  But there is one odd one:

– “That was a hilarious compilation of clips and i laughed when i was seeing all that on the video. 🤣 Funny. I wonder how Erin would react at this video.”

He’s trying to get a date from both Pam and Erin but even this guy…he doesn’t cite a particular joke that he liked.  Because he can’t.  Because there aren’t any jokes in here.  

6:45 – “Stop blowing your silly little horn.  Come on.  Be serious.”

I give up.  There is not a shred of comedy to be found anywhere in this video.  Watching the next seven minutes would just be a confusing and pointless endeavour.  

I think that this is just another way for Pam to feel superior to everyone.  Like you’ll say, “None of this is funny” and she’ll say, “That’s the point, you philistine.”  The joke is on the audience.  

But no, she’s just not funny.  At all.  Not even a tiny bit.


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  1. She's the type of girl that if her family saw that this is what she does in her infinite free time they would tell her she needs to get a real job and a life and find a husband.In fact I'm positive they have and she does most of this out of defiant resentment.

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