Mint Salad Saw Rain Man (MOVIE REVIEW) 

Initially, I was going to look at the Clerks review that she did because Tony from Summarise the Movies said that Kevin Smith said something to Mint Salad on Twitter about this video.  I’m sketchy on the details because I don’t give a fuck.  

Anyway, I could only watch that video for about two and a half minutes.  She’s boring as fuck.  So I’ll try Rainman instead because it’s only three and a half minutes.

0:45 – So far, it’s just Mint Salad constantly repeating that she liked how the Tom Cruise character grew to understand Rainman’s autism.  We get it, Mint Salad.  You’re autistic and you want everybody to know about it.  

I don’t even know if she is autistic.  I have a hazy memory of her saying that she was never diagnosed as autistic.  So, if this is true, this is just her own diagnosis.  

3:00 – Mint Salad says that she can identify with Rainman not liking the smoke detector alarm.  She says that when she was a kid she also didn’t like that sound.

Oh sure.  As opposed to all of the non-autistic people out there who just love the sound of smoke detectors going off.

On to the comments.

– “Have you ever thought about learning Portuguese? would gain many Brazilian subscribers”

She has a hard enough time with English.

So how are we going to pad this out?  Talk about unpleasant noises?  Let’s try it out.

Fire engines.  They’d always be in parades and I hated them.  They’d come down the parade route blaring their siren.  Who the fuck wants to hear this?  What’s even the point of this?  Okay, it’s loud.  We get it.  Are we supposed to be impressed with the volume of the siren?  It just makes you not want to go.

Do people even go to parades any more?  It’s so old fashioned.  The town parade for Independence Day or whatever.  That’s the only parade that I recall my town having.  It must be the same in most places in the US.  That’s the big day for parades.

Local “celebrities” who you’ve never heard of and various local business representatives would throw candy out and you’d pick it up off the street and eat it.  That can’t be going on any more.  Even in the 1980s, we knew about germs.  I’m surprised that it even went on then.

But I’d go and I’d enjoy it.  Give me some of that street candy.

There would also be people from some local charity holding a big tarp of some description and the idea was that you throw money into this tarp.  Coins only because bills would fly away.  That’s really weird too.  A charity soliciting money at a parade and you just throw money into this tarp.  A quarter or whatever you happen to have on you.

School bands would also be there.  Playing, whatever, The Star Spangled Banner.  How many times can you listen to this?  

There’s no way that anyone goes to these any more.  It’s a shame, I guess, but you can put local 4th of July parades along with circuses and the Ice Capades.  They just can’t compete with the internet.  I mean, who would go to any of that shit when you can sit at home and watch Mint Salad shit out another horrible video?  

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