Five Glorious Years of Erin Plays

She wrote some weird post commemorating the occasion.  I’ll add my comments in bold.

My dearest viewers, What the fuck kind of salutation is that?  Like she’s writing a love letter to her sweetheart during World War I.  

Today is the FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF MY CHANNEL! Well, I made the channel on January 1st, 2017 but the first upload didn’t technically happen until the 2nd, ha. We don’t care about the minutia, Erin.  Learn how to write.  Anyway, I just wanted to say thank you to my subscribers for sticking with the channel for so long. It’s been jam packed full of ups and downs- meaning I’ve experienced both growth AND feeling stagnant. So…ups and neutrals.  The infamous “algorithm” can really be soul crushing, Erin…your views are down because your content SUCKS ASS.  Face reality.  but it’s all worth it in the end when I read comments from you guys and gals. 99.9% guys.  I’m extremely lucky to have an awesome little community here in Erin Plays Land and I never take it for granted.  She’s always complaining about not having enough viewers or whatever.  Here she mentions her “little community”.  Again, the channel is not a success because the content is bad, Erin.  You’re a total fraud and anyone who isn’t grossly retarded can see it.  You’re also completely devoid of a personality.

This past year sucked. Oh right.  Covid and whatnot.  I’ve been struggling with hand and wrist issues, No.  She didn’t want to talk about covid.  She just wanted to talk about herself.  Her imaginary carpal tunnel syndrome.  We still haven’t seen the results of that nerve test from October.  What happened with that?  and sometimes burn out, so I haven’t been able to get content out as quickly as I’d like. The algorithm seems to only have your videos pop in feeds if you crank out at least 2-3 videos per week, Erin…forget about the fucking algorithm.  Your content is bad.  Your personality is non-existent.  You don’t like video games and you don’t know anything about video games.  THIS is why the channel performs so poorly.  Not the fucking algorithm.  which can be tough for me since I do all the game capture, Yeah…you’re also a giant fucking liar.  That’s another turn off for viewers. writing (if it’s scripted,) editing etc by myself. AND I stream. This isn’t me feeling sorry for myself, just letting ya’ll know what I’m working with lol.  You don’t have a fucking job, Erin.  What you’re describing can easily fit into 40 hours a week.  It can fit into 20 hours a week.  You have all the time in the world.  You’re just lazy and incompetent.  

So that being said, I’m going to experiment with making some YouTube Shorts to put out over the next week or so. Ha!  Like her TikTok experiment.  She made about six videos, they were HORRENDOUS, and she gave up.  It’s a bit refreshing to try a new format, and it’s a way for me to get videos out faster to you. But don’t worry, normal length videos are still going to be the focus,  I was not worried.  I just am going to experiment with ways to make videos an easier process for me– mentally and physically, on my end.  How can this “job” possibly be any easier?  She shits out videos of her playing games for the first and last time ever.  She makes completely inane comments throughout.  Then she says, “Thanks for watching” and waves to the horntards in a suggestive fashion.  Which part of this is at all difficult?  And again, she has NO JOB.  THIS is her “job”.  

My goal for year 5 of the channel This is year 6, you fucking cretin. is the following: Continue to remember WHY I made this channel in the first place! You don’t…she clearly was suggesting that she was going to list things…list her goals.  She even used a colon (hehe…buttsex) to indicate this.  But then just named ONE thing.  This is not how the English language works.  

I made this because I was getting back into retro gaming, Yeah…”back”.  You lying sack of shit. and I also was craving a creative outlet Again with this shit.  We’ve heard this story a dozen times, Erin.  Change the record.  Speaking of which, go see if your job at the record store is still available. and wanted to make videos about games and topics that I really care about. I watched shows like James and Mike Mondays for years Oh come the fuck on.  There is absolutely ZERO chance that this is anything other another lie in Erin’s laundry list of lies that she’s told over the years.  She never watched one fucking episode of that trash.  Why would she?  And whenever Mike talks about something related to James Rolfe, Erin tells him to shut the fuck up and that she doesn’t want to hear it.  She’s not REMOTELY interested in this but she told this ridiculous bald faced lie. and that was inspiring. Yeah…”inspiring” in the sense of, “I bet this Mike Matei loser could really help my Youtube channel.  I should try to get into a fake relationship with him.  Unfortunately for Erin, things didn’t quite go to plan.  SHE ended up being the one taken advantage of.  Mike is making out like a bandit with all of that buttsex and Erin is getting very little in return.  Documenting finding games that are new to me was also a reason I thought would be fun “Documenting finding”.  Another interesting use of language.  This is a woman with a degree in English.  But yeah, this is that whole, “I’ve never played this before” style of videos that she thought that world really needed. because I didn’t want to pretend to be some “gaming expert” or whatever (I leave that job for Game Sack.) Shout out to her beta orbiter.  Hang in there, Joe.  She’ll drop Mike once she realises that being with him isn’t helping her channel and then it will be your turn.  But yeah, nobody expects her to be an expert.  That’s never been the complaint from anyone.  The complaint is that she’s a complete and abject fraud who has no interest whatsoever in video games.

There were a few moments where I found myself looking at Google Trends this past year and feeling stressed. What’s stressful about that?  Get a fucking job.  That’s what you should  be stressed about.  You’re wasting your fucking life on this scam that will never, ever be successful by any measure.  That’s not what I want the vibe to be when I think about my content. Or thinking my channel would do better if I cursed less Once again, that’s not the issue, Erin.  The issue is that your content is unwatchable, you’re a personality black hole, and you have no interest in video games whatsoever. and censored myself more in my let’s plays and streams, ha! And I’m well aware that I think everything is cute and that I talk like a valley girl. As Popeye once said, “I am what I am.” She’s never seen a Popeye cartoon in her life.  Believe me, I know some people find me off putting and I get it XD Shout out to…everyone with an IQ over 60 who has ever seen an Erin Plays video.

I want to make what I’M interested in. Right.  So 1990s pop music and Disney.  What’s this video game shit about?  It’s absurd.  Stop the fucking scam.  It’s not working.  And I used to feel nervous about posting things like weird list topics (Top 10 Gaming Sunsets Part 2, anyone?) or going through old Sears Christmas Catalogs, but I realized that you guys also care about that stuff and you get it. Erin…these people are mentally challenged and they’re masturbating.  This is your audience.  They don’t give a fuck about your videos.  They watch this shit on mute.  It’s why you’re here. And it’s a really amazing feeling and I appreciate all of you.

So, those are my rambly Not a word, Miss English Degree. thoughts. I never thought I’d make it this far with the channel How far?  You haven’t achieved anything.  $10,000/year?  It’s ridiculous.  and I have no plans of stopping. Oh, come on.  What a kick in the teeth. I love making videos and streaming. Thank you for continuing to believe in my work. I appreciate every view, comment and “like.” “Likes”, you fucking idiot.  Did you proofread at all?

Also, thank you very much to my friends who encouraged me to make this channel in the beginning. Built me a PC, helped me learn to edit, capture footage, etc. That all allowed me to get the channel going. Do you want to name anybody?  What a way to treat Jose.  He BUILT her a PC, for free, presumably, and got NOTHING out of it.  AND shout out to the bigger channels like Cinemassacre, Game Sack and Slopes Game Room who were kind enough to support me in the beginning. Fuck.  ANOTHER shout out to her beta orbiters.  This is pathetic.  That meant a lot. Lastly, thank you YouTube Gaming for choosing me to be first Creator on the Rise – I’m still shocked that happened!  Oh yeah.  I talked about that here:  Spoiler: the award meant less than nothing.

Happy New Year and see ya on the internet!



Let’s check out the comments.

Hey, a horntard asked about her fake carpal tunnel syndrome.

– “Been curious about the hand and wrist stuff. I have similar issues, they even lock up and cramp. It’s nasty. You mentioned in one of your videos the specialist said inflammation may be the culprit and not carpal tunnel. Have they figured it out yet or have feeling better?”

Erin replies, “Well now I’m seeing another doctor who thinks it IS carpal tunnel after all, lol. I need blood work done and stuff though but he gave me an injection which seems to have helped A LITTLE bit. Still figuring it out. Sorry to hear you also deal with it :(“

So the first doctor, the one who she saw in October, obviously told her, “It’s nothing.  You’re wasting my time.  Stop this bullshit and get out of my office.”  Just like NUMEROUS doctors have apparently told Erin over the past however many years she’s been pulling this shit.

So now she’s seeing yet another doctor who “thinks” it’s carpal tunnel syndrome.  Allegedly.  According to Erin, who is no friend of the truth.  

Why does she need “blood work?  She already had a nerve test done, which apparently showed that there was nothing wrong with her hands and/or wrists.  What will be in her blood that would indicate carpal tunnel syndrome?  

I just Googled this.  First result: 

“No blood tests exist for the diagnosis of carpal tunnel syndrome”

Anyway, a bunch of horntards reply and she replies to a few of them just with “thanks” and the like.  She doesn’t give a fuck about these people and she’s completely incapable of having any kind of conversation.  Not written, not spoken.  She’s just a complete moron.

But none of her beta orbiters replied.  What’s wrong, Joe from Game Sack?  Somebody should do a wellness check on that guy.  

Then she posted a picture of her from five years ago.  She wasn’t a looker then and she’s not a looker now.  I just don’t get it.  What the fuck is the appeal for these horntards?  Just ANY woman?  There are so many other women “Youtubers” out there.  Women who play video games.  Women who GENUINELY like playing video games.  Most of them are more attractive than Erin, almost all of them have a better personality than Erin, and every single one of them knows more about video games than Erin.  So what is it about Erin that appeals to these mentally challenged guys?  

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