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  (Originally published January 2020)

My next article was about Destiny Fomo but I’ve already re-published that one.  You can see it here:


It was completely insane.  Madam Fomo used to do crazy videos like this.  Now her videos are crazy in a different (and boring) way.

So the next post was, perhaps confusingly, a re-post.  I must have written this in about July 2019.  It was just a post on TheCinemassacreTruth.  

I remember being completely shocked by how transparently sexual this was.  She was clearly desperate for views.  And I hadn’t seen many Erin Plays videos at this point so I was still trying to figure things out like, “Why does she say that everything is cute” and “Why does she talk about colours so much”.  It’s because she knows absolutely nothing about video games, or anything, and is a complete personality blackhole.

I predicted that this would be Erin’s most popular video and indeed that’s the case.  By a huge margin.

I also use the phrase “change their underpants”.  I use this occasionally even though the phrase doesn’t make a lot of sense.  It’s a reference to somebody ejaculating in their underwear, which isn’t a phenomena that I’m familiar with.  It’s sort of a joke on how something is just so hot that the horntards (or whoever) just came in their pants without even touching themselves.  And I say “underpants” instead of “underwear” or the British term “pants” (which refers to underwear, not trousers) because “underpants” it’s a funnier word.     


(I originally wrote this five months ago)


Erin Plays gets that *nostalgic* Nintendo Power Pad. You know, that big sheet of plastic that came with the NES for playing Track and Field. You can run on it.

0.00 – Wikipedia.com

1.30 – A little something for the foot fetishists out there

1.55 – She thinks that the dance instructor sprite in some game is “adorable”. Marvelous. I love these deep Erin Plays insights.

2.15 – Oh come on. What is she wearing? A leotard? All 20,000 of her subs have to change their underpants now.

2.30 – “I failed stage 2 the first time playing because my ass kept falling on the back buttons” (with video of Erin in leotard, ass falling on “back buttons”). What the fuck? This is insane pandering to perverts.

2.50 – The dance instructor in the game is wearing a pink leotard. “I wish I had her outfit. I think this would have been, like, cooler if I had the leotard and the sweatband”. On further inspection, Erin isn’t wearing a leotard. It’s merely a tight top and shorts. Sorry, boys. Maybe she’ll do a Patreon-only video where she’s wearing a leotard.

3.25 – Whoa. She was in “drill team” and cheerleading. Not really sure what “drill team” is but insert your own sexual joke here. Also, more footage of Erin’s bare legs.

3.30 – “Right there it shows you how many mistakes you made”. Then there’s a picture of a counter of how many mistakes she made. She only made one so far. It must be Mike playing. I wonder if he was in a leotard.

4.00 – “Uh oh. We’re sitting down for this one” (footage of Erin sitting down and kicking her legs). “Ooh, this is getting hard”. Get the fuck out. There’s no way that this isn’t intentional.

4.45 – The game becomes a version of Twister. You want to see Erin playing Twister in a tight, revealing outfit? Now’s your chance. Absolutely shameful.

5.30 – New game. I never heard of it. Some Japanese track and field shit. Erin is running and jumping. Titties bouncing. “Oh my god, we’re getting our asses beat”.

6.00 -“Okay, so we obviously lost”. Yeah. That’s to be expected from Erin Plays. But at least we got a lot of softcore porn out of it.

7.35 – Now she’s playing some other track & field game. Interesting way of pronouncing “turtle”. Just more of the same. Erin running and bouncing in her little outfit. She loses every event by a huge margin.

10.00 – She’s playing some burger stacking game. I don’t know. But it’s more of the same shit.

10.30 – Now she says “turtle” normally. WTF? She also says “this is getting hard” for at least the third time.

11.30 – Fuck. It’s too stupid to even comment on. Also, random observation. She says “yeah/yay” a lot in a really annoying fashion.

13.30 – She plays a game that she doesn’t know the rules of. Gameplay is poor even by Erin’s rock bottom standards.

16.30 – New game. Same running and bouncing.

17.00 – She “passes out”. I mean…do I need to say anything? This is porn. Bad porn that I can’t imagine anyone ever jerking off to but that’s clearly what its intention is.

19.30 – She plays a Famicom game called “Jogging”. And she gets the Japanese power pad equivalent out. Where the fuck did this come from? She said that she just got the much more common American Power Pad recently. But now she also has the Japanese version? Oh, that’s right. Mike probably had one. Mike also probably had a Power Pad. Indeed, it might be his Power Pad that she’s been using this whole time. Anyway, Erin jogs.

She mentions “DDR” about five times. It’s only at the end of the video that I finally understand what she’s talking about. Dance Dance Revolution.

Holy shit. I can not believe this. Firstly, I watched the entire 20 minute video in one sitting. That’s not easy with Erin Plays. But it was more out of shock and disbelief at what I was seeing than being entertained or aroused.

This is without question the most erotic Erin Plays video ever. Download this one for your spank bank, boys. It’s only been up for about an hour so the comments will be few but I can’t wait to see them.

Wow. 387 comments already. This will be Erin’s most popular video. It already has twice as many comments as her previous video (which has been up for two weeks) and nearly as many views.

– ” You need to confess your sins for that thumbnail”

– “Itd be looking like those porn vids” (in reference to the thumbnail)

– ” How hot is Erin “

– ” fire ass hott “

– ” Mikey you lucky bastard!!!!!!!! “

– ” You have really nice legs and feet! “

– ” Avgn sent me here and I’m definitely subbing. Your work deserves more recognition!! ” (There are a few comments like this. No, AVGN did not “send you”. It’s Mike Matei. James should be spitting blood that an account closely associated with him is being used to promote pornography for his dumbass leech friend’s dumbass leech girlfriend).

– “What a fiery redhead she is. She got then Stacy Kiebler legs “

That’s as much of this shit that I can read.

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