Resident Evil: Welcome to Racoon City is Fun and Fine – Tony from Hack The Movies

Let’s try to watch this shit.  I just woke up, it’s 9.00 in the morning, so surely I won’t fall asleep.  Plus, this is “only” an hour.  I can do that.  He’s been releasing two hour “reviews” recently.  Come on.  NOBODY is watching this.  It’s impossible.  A two hour movie summary.  Fuck off.

This is about Resident Evil, by the way.  I’ve never played any of the games, I didn’t even realise that there were Resident Evil movies, and I have zero interest in this shit.  So this should go well.

0:30 – Extended autistic word play.  It’s like, “Resident Evil?  What does that mean?  There are evil residents?”

What the fuck is this?  Are they doing a parody of Jimmy Rolfe?  

3:45 – Shout-out to their Patreon for “trailer reactions.”  Mmm…no, that doesn’t tempt me.  I think I’ll keep my £2/month.

It’s kind of annoying how they don’t give you the equivalent price from dollars.  Because I’ll bet that the minimum price in the US is $2.00.  Let me see if I can figure this out.  Here’s where a VPN would come in handy.  Where’s Shilling Jimmy Rolfe when you need him?  You can just use a proxy but I don’t want to bother with that right now.

Well, the two tiers are £2 and £4 in the UK.

It’s €2 and €4.50 in the Eurozone.

Here we go.  $2 and $5 in the US.  I knew it.

The price is the highest in the UK.   Why?  Why not just give us the actual conversion prices?  

Let’s figure this out.

£2 = $2.65 = €2.34

£5 = $6.62 = €5.85

So you’re paying $0.65 more per month, at the lowest level, for this complete horseshit.  That’s 25% more than Tony from Hack the Movies fans in the US are paying.  Why?  Why am I getting fucked out of an additional 25% of my money?  It’s a 25% tax for living in the UK.

Charge us £1.51/month.  That would be the accurate amount.  Or round down to £1.50.  Fine.  And update the price periodically to reflect changes in exchange rate.  

He actually has 500 people on Patreon.  He’s making $1500/month from this shit.  

Anyway, back to this trash video.

7:00 – They went to this movie with Jessica, who’s the intern.  Tony calls her the “editor”.  Then Jessica puts some unfunny female comedy notes up.  “Hi!  yes, I went!” and “I knew jack shit!” and “Nemesis is in Dead By Daylight and he looks super cool!  That’s all I know about the Nemesis!”

It’s not something that I want to criticise.  I really don’t.  It’s not a big deal but…it’s bad.  This is bad female comedy.  And I don’t like it.  I don’t want to know who the editor is.  Especially when they’re not funny.  

20:15 – They’re talking about if you have problems with your eye bleeding, you should go to the hospital.  This is some kind of running joke.  Tony has a problem with one or both of his eyes.  Cataract or glaucoma, I assume.  

Then he says, “I know if you don’t have insurance it’s rough, but trust me, no amount of debt –“

This suggests that Tony doesn’t have health insurance.  What kind of shit company is Screenwave?  Let me check these job listings again.

Oh, this is bullshit.  I realised why I couldn’t look at these jobs before.  If you’re not in the US, you can’t view the fucking jobs on Ziprecruiter.  You can only view jobs in your country.  What if you plan on moving?  What if you’re just on vacation?  What if it’s a remote job?  They’re all hidden.  Any job not in your country is hidden.  It says, “This job doesn’t exist.”  But it does exist.  They just don’t want people not in the US to see it.  Fuck off.

Fortunately, I found a way around this.  Again.  And according to this ad for a “Influencer/Talen Account Manager” at Screenwave, they offer 401k, dental, medical, and vision insurance.  

So what’s Tony’s problem?  Is he considered an “independent contractor”?  What a scam that is.  I worked for one company, this was in the UK, and we all had to be “self-employed”.  But 100% of my jobs came from this company.  That’s not self-employment.  That’s employment.  The company did this because they didn’t want to give whatever benefits that employed people get.  Holiday time and whatever.  And if you’re “self-employed” they can fire you for any reason, with no notice.  Because you’re not even employed by them.  You’re “self-employed”.  

Apparently, this shit has been challenged in the courts and the companies pulling this shit have been found to be in the wrong but would it even be worth pursuing?  You don’t get the big money judgements in the UK that you do in the US.  

Back to the video, Kieran and Tony start saying things like, “Just don’t pay it” and “There’s no debtor’s prison.”

This is a common problem in the US.  People get into extreme debt from medical bills and student loans.  And here we see two examples.  It’s extremely common.  People leave the country over this.  

Anyway, I can’t watch this video any more.  I’m at the 30 minute mark.  They’re just summarising the movie, as usual.

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