Pam aka CannotBeTamed complaining on Twitter again + I review Skyrim

She’s outraged that somebody didn’t like her “content” again.  So she attempts to publicly castigate him.

Horntard: Sure you’re hot but you never played this game and you are not a gamer.  You sound like you are reading a gamespot review

CannotBeEntertaining: Oh no, someone’s got my terrible secret figured out.  It’s true.  I am hot.

She was so angry at that comment that’s both benign and ass-licking that she went through the trouble of screenshotting it, putting it on her Twitter, and coming up with a “witty” remark.  

The guy rightly pointed out that she has a monotone voice.  MANY people have pointed this out.  This is what makes her Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.  It’s immediately apparent that she’s boring as fuck.  

But Pam turns this into a feminist thing, or at least her bizarre idea of feminism.

So someone else responds.

Horntard: What about reading a script that you wrote after playing? I’m sure everyone (including you) doesn’t like fake gamers but I’ve watched a few things and there are while I agree and disagree with some takes you at least appear authentic

CannotBeEntertaining: I find the concept of a fake gamer utterly ridiculous

Horntard: Fair enough. It is a good term for someone exploiting a hobby they’re not actively involved in though *I don’t think you are fake honestly). If you have a better or more accurate term though I’m all ears.

CannotBeEntertaining: I feel like creating videos/streams/content around video games makes you actively involved in the hobby

This is how Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining justifies Erin making videos about video games.  “Hey, if she’s making videos about video games, she’s by definition a real gamer.”

It’s absurd.  But she views everything through her insane, misandrist misinterpretation of feminism.  If you make videos on video games, you’re a real “gamer”.  Even if you have zero interest in video games.  Because “fake gamer” is largely a label that’s applied to women and any criticism of women, even if it’s totally justified, is something that Pam doesn’t abide by.  So she just made up this insane justification to resolve her own cognitive dissonance.  

It’s interesting how Pam regularly calls these detractors out but never the big dog.  Never the proprietor of the largest gamer grrl blog on the internet.  It’s easy to tear down the attacks of the mentally retarded but a little more challenging when you’re dealing with somebody who’s capable of dressing himself.

By the way, all of the horntards just told Pam that she’s hot.  Great.  Good luck getting a date with that shit.  She’s also a lesbian, you idiots.

So anyway, I’ve been playing Skyrim recently.  I’m about ten years late on this.  But I was looking for a game similar to Fallout 3, which I liked, and Skyrim was always the game that people recommend.

This is no Fallout 3.  I’ve been playing it sporadically for the past couple of weeks and can’t get into it.  I keep restarting just to create a new character.  That’s the only thing that they got right: you can customise your character’s appearance pretty extensively.

I’m playing whatever the recent version is, by the way.  The 10th anniversary edition or something.  They’ve apparently re-released this game many times.

So I create the character and then I walk around.  I discover a house or something.  I go into the house, and something attacks me.

This happens all the time.  Why is everything trying to kill me?  This is not fun.  This is stupid and unrealistic.  Why is every location full of people who try to kill you?  

I understand that if you enter somebody’s home, they might not react too favourably.  But give us the option to knock on the door.  Let’s have a discussion.  Even if it’s just, “Go away right now or I’ll kill you” that would be a step up.  At least I’d be able to make an informed decision about what I’m going to do.  Because as it is now, you have to save before every fucking location.  It’s annoying.

And these quests all suck penis.  “Go to some place, collect three lilies, and bring them back to me.”  Get your own fucking lilies.  I don’t want to play an errand boy simulator.  

Or quests will just start without you knowing it.  There’s one where you enter a house, it looks like a regular house, but actually the house is haunted.  So you go in there and then a voice tells you to kill the guy who brought you into the house.  I don’t want to kill the guy.  So the guy then starts attacking you.  You can’t run out of the house because the doors are locked.  So you have to kill this guy.

It’s shit.  This is stupid.  I didn’t want to kill this guy, I didn’t know that I couldn’t exit the house.  How could I possibly have known any of this?  The answer is you have to save before every encounter.  It’s annoying.  There’s nothing fun about this.  

The combat also sucks.  You just mash the attack button until your opponent falls down.  You can block but I’m not doing that shit and it doesn’t seem to be a problem so far.  

The magic is shit.  I haven’t got far with it but it looks to be much the same thing.  You just keep throwing fireballs or whatever at your opponent until he dies.

Oh, and the enemies level up along with you.  So when you’re at level 1, the enemies will be at level 1.  When you’re at level 50, the enemies will be at level 50.  Again, it’s stupid and unrealistic and not fun.  

The thing that’s most disappointing and makes me not even want to play is the fact that you can level up every fucking stat to the maximum level.  So it doesn’t matter what race you choose.  And you don’t pick stats at the start of the game like in so many other RPGs.  It’s just each race has their own stats.  But again…it doesn’t matter.  You can be a big orc or whatever and still get 100 in “stealth” if you just keep grinding your stealth skill.  Indeed, you can max out EVERY stat by grinding.

Not interested in that shit.  A big part of the appeal for Fallout, at least for me, was trying to trying to figure out the stats.  You could only level up so far so you had to think about which stats you wanted to level up and which you could do without.  Same thing with the abilities that you would get after levelling up.

But no.  In Skyrim you can be a god who has all the abilities and 100 (or whatever the maximum is) for every stat.

I don’t want to play this.  It’s stupid.

How did this game become so critically acclaimed?  Why have we not advanced at all from Fallout 3?  

Oh.  Fallout 3 was only from 2008.  I thought that it was older than that.  Still, it’s been nothing but a regression since then.  There should be realistic games now where your actions have a genuine effect on the world.  I don’t know.  Maybe it’s expecting too much.  But in Skyrim and Fallout and every RPG I’ve ever played, the NPCs that you encounter clearly only exist for one stupid quest and then their life becomes meaningless after that.  Can’t we make something more dynamic by now?  

6 thoughts on “Pam aka CannotBeTamed complaining on Twitter again + I review Skyrim

  1. Skyrim has always been shit, it's just it was advertised so much that everyone including your grandmother played it and thinks it's good when it's not.The real RPG that came out at the same time is Dragon's Dogma. It takes a little while to get used to (I hated it for the first few hours) but when you get into it it's one of the best and most underrated games of the last decade. The combat is so fucking fun being able to grab onto a dragon and stab it, or cast meteors down from the sky, or use a whip made entirely of lightning. Every NPC is voiced and has their own little routine they do in the day (even if it is a bit simple). You can romance literally any character in the game bar a couple of exceptions which gives you a slightly different ending depending on who it is. There's nine classes to choose from (some of them are kinda shit but most are diverse) and the character creator is a thousand times better than Skyrim's. For instance, your height and weight affect your character's movement. Being 6'4″ and 200lbs means flying enemies can't lift you, but being a midget allows you to run super fast and not get tired.Man fuck Skyrim.

  2. Dragon's Dogma is overrated. Despite issues Skyrim is still a better game.Also just play Fallout 4. It's better than 3 in most ways and definitely better than Skyrim.

  3. Don't listen to that goon, Dragon's Dogma is far better than Skyrim.It got mediocre reviews because it was reviewed by normies who were expecting “le new Skyrim” but got filtered by the game not holding their hand and telling them where to go.Talk to anyone who has played it properly and they'll say nothing but good things.”Flawed Masterpiece” is the most recent review I saw which I think it accurate.Plus the original release had a banging soundtrack, listen to “Into Free” on Youtube.

  4. Nah, DD is definitely not as good as Skyrim. If anything normies are the ones who always praise it. So pretty ironic. Mass Effect games are better frankly.Also, I would get past the max stats bothering you or mod it out. You're missing one hell of a game world and a lot of sick weapons/enemies for that one issue.

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