It's the Itsmintsalad Show #3: Too Minty Games – Mint Salad

This hillbilly deviant again.  I talked about the first “episode” of this “series” here:

She harassed people at Walmart.

Now she’s at Too Many Games.  Tony from Summarise the Movies seems to have set this up.  I think that this is a nerd convention that Screenwave operates.

0:00 – What the fuck is she saying?  I’ve listened to this twice already.  Let’s try a third time.

“I’m (something), it’s Mint Salad, and I’m interviewing people at Too Many Games.”

What a way to start a video: with completely incomprehensible gibberish.

Then she talks to Fat Chris (as he calls himself) who says that he’s the “world’s biggest Stay Puft fan”. 

Mint: Amazing.  How do you like Stay Puft fan?

Chris: How do I like the Stay Puft fan?

Mint: Yeah.

Chris: I like myself pretty well.

Then he goes on to give some lame jokes.  But obviously, her question didn’t even make sense.  

0:45 – “How do you like this CON-vention?”

Is this because she can’t speak or is it because she’s from the South and they emphasise the first syllable in certain words?

This question is inane, of course, but at least it makes sense.

This guy is trying really hard to turn this interview around by asking Mint questions instead of the other way around.  Because he can see immediately that she’s fucking retarded and totally incapable of speaking.

Then he makes his excuses and leaves.

1:15 – Now she’s with that “Italian” woman who sometimes appears on Talking About Tapes.  Again, Mint Salad can not speak so I can’t even transcribe this.

“I’m here to ask her about her questions about the con.  How do you like this con?”

This is terrible.  It’s intentionally bad.  Why do this?  Why not make something that’s intentionally good instead?  Because that’s a lot more difficult.  That’s why they don’t do that.

2:45 – Now Tony from Summarise the Movies is talking to some gay man with green hair.  I think that this guy was in the awful Talking About Tapes that featured Mint Salad’s fat boyfriend/pimp and there was a gimp as well.  It was so bad that I refused to watch it.

3:00 – Now Mint Salad is “interviewing” this poo pusher.

She said, “What are your at’s” and he actually understood what she was saying.  Is this something that people say?  She was asking what his social media shit is.

Mint Salad says “amazing” a lot.  She intentionally says this to be awkward.  Again, she’s incapable of making something that’s good so she’s making something that’s “ironically” bad.  

Then there’s an awkward conversation about Gundham or something that never ends.

6:30 – Now Mint Salad is “interviewing” a couple of nerds in costumes.

I don’t want to get all body fascist here but this guy in the alien costume…it’s just a fat guy.  And the woman in the Samus (or whoever) costume…it’s just a fat woman.  She’s not obese but…this is not a flattering costume.  I’ve never played Metroid but the main character isn’t a chubby single mother in her late 30s, is it?

8:00 – Then she interviews some 10 year old who happened to walk by and he just keeps saying “donkey”.  He out-autismed Mint Salad so she doesn’t know what to do.  She just keeps repeating “donkey” too.

8:15 – Now she’s interviewing a man and his girlfriend who is having serious second thoughts about her choice in a mate.  They’re both in costumes.  I don’t know of what.

Oh.  It’s some kind of Mario shit.  That woman is so embarrassed by this.  What are you doing with your life?  There aren’t any other men around?  This is all that you can get?

This guy has a gut as well.  God.  How did he manage this?  The woman looks fairly slim.

Then he talks about how he collects (some nerd shit that I couldn’t understand), Hot Wheels, and action figures.

Honey…what are you doing?  Go outside and find a man.  Don’t hitch your wagon to this loser.  He’s not going anywhere.

Then this woman gives her “at” but I have no idea what she said.

10:15 – Now she’s “interviewing” some fat nerd in a Kirby shirt.  He has one of those long “I don’t need a girlfriend” beards.

12:30 – Now she’s interviewing some Asian woman who’s trying to…I don’t even know.  What can the angle be?  Why would a slim Asian woman be cosplaying at a nerd convention?  Nobody is paying, right?  Is she just doing this for the attention?

Actually, I don’t know if she’s slim.  She looks pretty chubby for an Asian woman.  

Oh.  I see.  BugCatcherSam.  She’s not Asian.  She’s just cosplaying as an Asian character.  And yeah, she’s chubby and not a looker and presumably a lesbian.  It all makes sense now.

16:45 – She’s “interviewing” some nerd holding a low-calorie beer.  His mask keeps falling down.  I think that he’s drunk and he’s talking about how he blacked out at a previous convention.  Or something.  Probably woke up with his ass hurting.

19:30 – Mint Salad is wearing some harlot outfit while her fat boyfriend/pimp is dressed as Batman.  They’re doing karaoke, I guess.  Justin Silverman is in the background eating something.  

Yeah.  This is karaoke and nobody gives a shit.  Again, they’re intentionally bad because they’re incapable of doing anything that’s intentionally good.

21:15 – Some Asian woman is taking down Justin’s Burger King order.

It just dawned on me, this fat guy in a Batman costume is a professional singer.  Of sorts.  Listen to this.  He’s not even trying because he knows that he’s incapable of producing anything that anybody wants to see or hear.  So he creates bad “content” out of “irony”.

22:30 – Kieran is in the background too.

Then the video ends with a shot of Mint Salad’s ass as she’s walking through the nerd convention in his harlot costume.  It says “property of puddin” on her ass and her boyfriend/pimp is filming this.  There’s a message that says, “Check out Patreon for more”.  No, I’m okay, thanks.

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  1. I was relieved when she admitted in a vid on her channel that she has autism because I kept thinking how scary it would be if she didn't and there was no explanation for her behavior

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