Kieran is making more money from Twitch than Erin is

 I’ve been analysing more of the Twitch payout data.  Pouring over the numbers day and night.  

Kieran left Rex Viper after the first or second single citing “wanting to concentrate on Twitch.”  I thought that it was a joke.  I’ve seen a couple of his Twitch streams back before he locked everything down.  They were horrible.

But no.  Looking at the last six months, from May to September, he made about $3,800.  Over the same period, Erin made about $3,300.  If these trends continue, we’re looking at rough yearly earnings of $7,600 for Kieran and $6,600 for Erin.  

Back in January 2021, Kieran was making like $15/month on Twitch.  He was barely streaming, presumably.  Then as soon as he starts taking this seriously, he’s making more money than Erin.

This is just further proof that Erin is totally wasting her time with this.  A guy who basically just started streaming is already making more money than her.  She’s been doing this for like four years.  

Maybe he’s streaming a lot more than Erin.  Let me check.  

Maybe?  He seems to stream every day or two but he also takes breaks of up to a week.  These are mostly like three or four hour streams but his latest stream was for 12 hours.

Where does he find the time?  

I was watching this recent AVGN nerd convention thing.  As here:

I can’t time stamp it but I didn’t get very far into this “cringe” fest so it’s somewhere near the beginning.  Kieran told an odd story.  He was having trouble with his internet so called the internet people to come fix it.  The engineer arrives and he says, “Are you Kieran from Cinemassacre?”  And Kieran didn’t want to tell him because he was afraid that he would “dox” him.  He did tell him and it turned out that this engineer was a big Rex Viper fan.  I am not making this up.  Kieran probably is but I’m not.  So then Kieran said that if this guy is in the audience, he’ll take him backstage to meet Jimmy and the gang.  Fortunately, nobody came forward to accept that weird groupie sex suggestion.

But the idea that Kieran thinks that people want to “dox” him is peculiar.  There are a few homosexuals on Reddit so he thinks that everyone is against him.  The truth is that nobody cares.  

In any event, he’s making more money than Erin even though he basically only started streaming recently.  Maybe it’s just that Erin needs to stream more.  She’s not working.  She has all the time in the world to stream.  Why isn’t she doing this eight hours a day?  

There’s her fake carpal tunnel syndrome, I guess.  And how many times can ShiShi and the other retards give money?  Whether she streams once a week or seven times a week, they can only subscribe once a month.  And I don’t think that they’re going to give more “gift subs” just because she streams more.  They only have so much money.

If she streamed more, she could grow her audience but how many people are going to be interested in this?  It’s shit tier commentary and shit tier gameplay.  Very few people are into that.  

So I don’t know.  I just found it interesting that Kieran is making more money than Erin, having just started streaming.  It really puts into perspective just how poorly Erin is doing.

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