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I was watching a few of this woman’s videos.  For a few seconds each.  That’s as much as I can stand.  She’s always sitting on the floor for some reason.  And she’s often wearing a tank top, no matter the month.  She must live in a warm climate.

The reviews are…pretentious?  I’m not sure of the word here.  But nevertheless, they’re film reviews.  These are actually thought-out critiques of the film.  

I compare this to Tony from Hack the Movies who just gives a run down of the plot points.  There’s no actual analysis in his reviews.  

It’s like in school, during lunch time, we would sometimes discuss movies that we had seen.  “Remember this scene?  Remember this scene?  That was so funny.”

But the problem with this woman’s reviews is that unless you’ve seen the movie, or any of the many movies that she references within her reviews, you have no idea what she’s talking about.  Because she doesn’t give any sort of summary of the movie.  It’s just straight to Pseud’s Corner.

What you need is both.  Think about a Siskel & Ebert review.  First they would sum up what happened in the movie, they would splice in clips from the movie, then they would discuss what they liked or didn’t like about the movie.  The reviews were in two distinct parts like this.  

Maybe this woman can do a “collab” with Tony.  Let’s see if she gives her location anywhere.  

No, but she has art that she sells on her website.  It’s all very…what’s another word for “pretentious”?  Flatulent?  That’s surprising but I’ll go with that.

So Full Metal Jacket.  I’ve seen that so maybe I can follow along.

One of the big problems with her videos is she edits out pauses.  So it’s rapid fire commentary.  Give me a moment to let things sink in.  

2:30 – She describes one of the characters, I don’t know which because this is all happening so fast, as “jizz-filled”.  What a bizarre turn of phrase.  Not to mention sexist.  And patronising.  She’s very patronising.

4:30 – She’s talking about “toxic masculinity”.  I don’t know the context.  My mind wandered and I decided to check out what other social media she has.  She’s on Instagram and there are loads of pictures of her in a bikini.  Is that toxic femininity?  Because stuff like this debases women, right?  Most women don’t like this sort of shit because most women don’t want to take pictures of themselves in swimwear.  But now they have to compete with these whores.  

There’s literally a picture of her spreading her legs, more than 180 degrees, in a doorway, while wearing her underwear.  

There are women out there who want to make videos where they review movies.  And they’re seeing this horseshit and it turns them off.  “I want to review movies but not if it means that I also have to do softcore porn for retards.”  

It’s like that Lady Decade video that I reviewed where she complained about OnlyFans.


She didn’t like people asking her if she’s on OnlyFans.  And she’s right.  But the reason that people ask her this is because there are so many sluts on Youtube who are doing this.  

Can’t people just make fucking videos?  I don’t need the softcore porn.  I’m saying this as a guy.  The porn is not a turn on for me.  I don’t give a fuck how far you can spread your legs or how many creative excuses you can come up with to take pictures of yourself in a bikini.  That doesn’t do it for me.  When I’m looking for porn, I’ll go to PornHub and watch a woman with giant tits getting fucked.

But when I’m on Youtube, I’m looking for people to talk about movies, games, woodworking, travelogues, apartment tours, whatever.  Why don’t people get this?  Why try to combine the two?  

And as a woman, I would just say, “Fuck it.  There is no god damn way that I’m going to make videos on Youtube.”  Because it’s almost an obligation that you have to take these slutty pictures of yourself.  

It’s not just a small number of women who do this.  CannotBeTamed will show her boobs when she wants to get more subscribers.  Bobdunga recently posted pictures of her in lingerie.  Erin will do these shitty Power Pad videos where she’s wearing tiny shorts.  DestinyFomo…no need to explain that one.  Retro Ali does the horse cock sucking face in her “reaction” videos.  And Pelvic Gamer sometimes does some vaguely “sexual” stuff.  I can’t give an example because I don’t want to think about Pelvic Gamer doing sexual stuff.

So all of the women who I cover do this to varying degrees.  It’s the norm.  

Does Jimmy Rolfe have a sexy Instagram page?  Does John Riggs do videos in his underpants?  Is Joe from Gamesack on OnlyFans?  No.  It’s not expected that guys do this.  It’s not even wanted.  Nobody wants to see this.  But it is expected that women do this.  And the blame falls entirely on the women who do this.  They’re the ones ruining it for everyone else.  Toxic femininity.  It’s up to the non-toxic women to call out the toxic women.

Here’s a video where she answers some questions from her “fans.”


She’s wearing a sports bra.  Why?  First of all, this woman doesn’t even have any breasts.  Who’s getting off on this?  

But secondly, what does any of this have to do with movies?  Can’t you just make videos about movies where you’re dressed like a normal human being?  

And if she’s doing this for views, it’s not working.  She has 30,000 subscribers and she’s been making these videos since 2007.  

Let’s say that she had breasts.  Well, we can look at Madam Fomo’s videos as an example.  She does the same thing.  She’ll wear little tops and show a foot of cleavage.  I haven’t jerked off to that shit once.  

It’s jerk off material for retards.  But how many retards can there possibly be?  Why has this become the norm?  Why are retards dictating the attire for these women on Youtube?  Why are these women so interested in attracting the retard demographic?  

Would the views suffer if these women decided to dress appropriately?  I don’t think so.  I mean, maybe marginally because the retards might not want to watch but what percentage of the population is mentally retarded?  


This article from 1964 suggests that 5,600,00 Americans were mentally retarded.  The population of the US in 1964 was about 192 million.  So that’s about 0.03% of the population.  That sounds about right to me.  

So you’re going to lose 0.03% of your subscribers by putting some clothes on.  Isn’t it worth it?  You also get to have some dignity.  You don’t have to objectify yourself.  And you don’t have to make other women feel bad about how they look.  Or make other women think that they also have to do this if they want to make videos on Youtube.


[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwIEUflY6YI]

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