NES Games in 30 Seconds – Erin Plays

0:00 – “Hey guys!  Today we’re going to be doing something a little bit different?”

How so?  Playing a game for 30 seconds is Erin’s usual procedure.  

Oh.  The reviews themselves will be 30 seconds.  Mike is going to name random NES games and Erin has 30 seconds to review.  How is this going to work?  She doesn’t know the fucking games.  And she never played them before.  Or if she did, it was for a matter of seconds, on stream, for money.

Unless this is a set up and Erin actually knows the games ahead of time, this is not going to work.

0:15 – “So there’s a good chance, some of them, I may have nothing to say.”

If this is legitimate, I concur.  

0:30 – Arkanoid.  This is a game that she played on stream, for money.  

She says that the game is a lot like Breakout.  In a previous video, she called this game “Breakaway”.  But now she suddenly knows the name of the game.  And there was no hesitation.

She also mentions that the game is colourful.

1:15 – A game that she played on stream, for money, and has referenced many times.  These are not random choices.  

Then she just talks about the one time that she played this game, which was on stream, for money.  This is awful.  She’s just summarising the stream.  That’s all that she can do because she only played these games one time each.

2:00 – Remote Control.  This is a farce.  It’s a game that she said that she played and wanted to stream but was embarrassed because she thought she would get the questions wrong.  It’s some Mtv thing from before Erin was born.

2:45 – Paperboy 2.  Another game that she played on stream, for money.

I don’t even want to watch this any more.  This is stupid.  She has nothing to say about any of these games and these are all games taken from streams that she’s done.  These aren’t random.  And I have no doubt that she knows what games are going to be asked about.

“I went through a phase not too long ago where I played a lot of Paperboy games.”

Yeah.  We know.  On stream, for money.  This is fucking idiotic.

“I think I did a video on Paperboy 2.”

That’s right.  She also played the game for a Youtube video.  I think it was just a rehash of the stream that she did on the game.  Used the same footage.

3:15 – Bubble Bobble.  You know what?  This is stupid.  I’m done.  It’s another game that she played on stream, for money.  That’s all that this going to be.

14:45 – I just skipped to the end.  She says that she wants to do this again.  Please don’t.  And she suggests that it should be a different system.  Because she already ran out of NES games that she’s played, on stream, for money.  She lists a few consoles.  Conspicuously absent: “PC Engine”.  She only knows one game for that: “Rondo”.  And, I guess, Sexy Parodius but that wasn’t actually a game for that console.


Oh, Joe from Game Sack left a message.  That horny loser.  He wants Erin to review TurboGrafx games.  Yeah…I mentioned the problem with that above.  And you know this, Joe from Game Sack.  Don’t encourage her delusions just because you’re trying to have sex with her.

– “Did Erin get implants?”

You know what, that’s a good question.  I was thinking that Erin had some bigger tits.  And she’s showing them off in this video.  

Maybe that’s what she actually went to the doctor for, instead of this carpal tunnel bullshit.  

And it was only recently that I suggested that these gamer grrls get implants if they want to increase their views.

So if that’s what happened, this is a real coincidence.  Let me check previous videos…maybe she’s just wearing a tight shirt so they look bigger.

Mmm…it’s tough to say because she’s usually wearing black and often something kind of baggy.  But in this video, she’s wearing a tight, brightly-coloured sweater.

No, I don’t think these are implants.  And if they are, she didn’t go nearly big enough to get an increase in views.  These have to be 1990s porn star size to see any significant change in views.  Pandora Peaks, Rocki Roads, Tiffany Towers.  Back in the day, the big bust porn stars had names that used alliteration and referenced their boobs.

What would Erin’s name be…Erin Alps?  No, too classy.  Erin Appalacians?  An anaemic mountain range on “the East Coast” known for mentally deficient people.  That’s more fitting.

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