The gameHERs Awards

It’s that time of year again.  There’s a lot of buzz going around about who’s going to take home the coveted gameHERs award.  

What the fuck is this?  Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining tweeted about this.

Pam was nominated for Top Youtuber of the Year.

So then you go to the site:

There are a bunch of different categories.  But under Youtuber of the Year, the only names I recognise are Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining and OctaviusKitten aka OctaviusKing.

Where the fuck is Erin?  This is just a god damned popularity contest.  How did they even come up with these nominees?  

And you can’t even write in a vote.  You just have to choose from these long lists and then apparently the top names will go on to another round of voting.  Why so many rounds of voting?  Nobody is going to vote multiple times for this shit.

Erin isn’t on the Twitch Streamer of the Year list either.  She got completely shut out.  This is a total joke.  

There’s also a Top Jounalist of the Year award.  Where the fuck is GamerGrrls?  I never heard of any of these people.  

I’m just looking at some random ones.  They all seem to list publications that they’ve had stuff published in but where are the fucking links?  I want proof.  Anyone can say, “I was published in the New York Times.”  I want to see the fucking articles.

Here’s a typical example:

HARDCORE lesbian, as all of these women seem to be.  And she lists some publications that she claims to have got stuff published in.

Yeah.  So?  How am I supposed to gauge the quality of her work?  I need to see the actual fucking articles.

This is fucking bullshit.  I put the work in.  I’ve been covering the gamer grrl scene for over two years.  Every day a new, powerful article is released.  I exposed Erin Plays as being a total fraud.  Repeatedly.  I’m the Bob Woodward of the gamer grrl scene.    

What the fuck are these clowns doing?  Masturbating each other off?  

Oh, finally I found somebody with actual credits.

That’s her blog.  It’s about books!  This has nothing to do with video games.

And seriously.  Every fucking one of these women is gay.  This isn’t me speculating.  They all have the fucking rainbow flag on their Twitter.  And most of them talk about how they’re “queer” and the like in their description.

This is fucking bullshit.  These women have done NOTHING to promote women in video games.  And I’m here every fucking day.  

Is it because I’m not a woman?  Some of these “women” had “they” as their pronoun.  So that’s a woman?  And why discriminate based on gender anyway?  

Am I not enough of a minority?  I’m an immigrant.  I’m partially sighted.  I’m a religious minority.  Get the fuck out of here.  I’m a bigger minority than any of these buffoons.  You can’t just dye your hair purple, change some pronouns, and call yourself a minority.

And does nobody find it weird that literally every single fucking one of these women on this list are gay?  Is this a fair representation of women in video game journalism?  It may well be but that calls into question the over-representation of gay women in video game journalism.

I mean, it seems like being gay isn’t even being a minority in female video game journalism.  I want to read the opinions of heterosexual women once in a while.  Why does everybody have to be gay?  This isn’t diversity.  This is the exact opposite of diversity.

These people have done absolutely fucking nothing for women in “gaming”.  At all.  I couldn’t find a single fucking article.  

You want hard-hitting journalism about women in “gaming”, it’s right here.  Who else is doing it?  Apparently nobody.  

This whole thing is a total farce.  Look at some of these categories.  “Belong Most Inclusive Org”.  What does that even mean?  “Visionaries Top Player of the Year”.  What’s Visionaries?  “Most Inclusive Studio of the Year.”  Inclusive of what?  I think they’re talking about studios that released games with women protagonists as the character.  Or especially gay, non-binary, “POC” protagonists.  And “Top Community Activation.”  What the hell are you talking about?  Is the person who made these categories even an English speaker?

It’s pathetic.  And then you go these people’s Twitter accounts and they say “Go vote for me for the gameHERs Awards.”  That’s all this is.  It’s just a pyramid scheme.  It’s just to promote this stupid fucking award.  

And what do the winners get?  A medal and cash like with the Nobel Prize Awards?  No.  They don’t get shit.  There’s a Twitch stream and they read your name.  Big fucking deal.  Maybe 50 people watch that shit.

So I say let these lesbians have their award show on Twitch.  Giving fucking virtual prizes to each other.  REAL gamers like me and Erin Plays will continue to do our thing for the love of video games and women in video games.  It’s not about phoney accolades.

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