The Girl Games of Lost Media (Part 2) – Bobdunga

I reviewed part 1 in late March.  I couldn’t even get through it.  She and her fellow unemployed “Youtubers” were so patronising to people who left comments on some forum that I just couldn’t take it any more.  I reviewed it here:

Let’s see if she learned anything from that.  Like don’t insult your audience.

0:45 – I’m feeling uncomfortable already.  I don’t know if it’s just me or if everyone experiences but when you watch something that’s clearly the product of a diseased mind, it makes you feel sick.  Or if you’re talking to somebody with serious mental illness, it just causes an uneasy feeling in you.  I get that big time with Bobdunga’s videos.  

She’s said in the past that she’s in therapy (over that guy who “gaslighted” her like three years ago) but I don’t know if it’s working.  Well, I shouldn’t say that.  Maybe she’s getting better.  But she’s certainly not among the sane members of society as of yet.  Maybe she’ll get there one day.

Yeah, the editing is…I don’t know.  It’s giving me diarrhoea.  

2:30 – It seems to be the same format as the last one: have her “Youtuber” “friends” do voiceovers.  

Oh, I looked at the description.  She doesn’t have nearly as big a cast of “Youtubers” doing voiceovers this time.  That’s good.  This is being narrated by Saberspark.  Whoever that is.  Sounds like a douchebag.

3:30 – “I expect right about now, you’re expecting some kind of fakeout.”

What?  No.  It was just this douchebag talking about the game, or something, and there were a bunch of insane edits.

“You’re thinking that maybe somebody will leap out from behind the scenes to tell you that this is all just a ruse and that you’ve been click-baited for a small amount of ad revenue.”

She just can’t help herself.  She has to talk about how little she’s making from these videos.  If you don’t want to make the videos, don’t make them.  Nobody cares.  That’s the reality.  It’s nothing personal.  Nobody cares about any of this shit that anybody does.

It’s like James Rolfe when he tries to portray himself as a martyr doing all of these videos for his eager fans.  No.  Nobody would give a shit if he stopped making videos.  If you don’t want to do them, don’t do them.

If Jimmy decided to stop making videos, a few nerds would say, “Well, that sucks” and then the next day, they’d be on to something else.  

3:45 – Weird, maniacal laughter.

5:30 – She begs you to watch part 1 of the video.  “I promise you won’t be disappointed.”  

Bobdunga, I tried.  It was unwatchable. 

She keeps making out like this is some Indiana Jones shit and she’s searching for the Ark of the Covenant.  No.  All she’s doing is Googling for some rom.  And put the lights on in your room.

6:30 – Oh, and she’s also sending emails to people who worked at the company that developed this game.  I don’t know.  It’s fine, I guess.  She’s a “journalist”.  She’s trying to uncover a story.  A story about…the Mean Girls Gameboy Advance game.

7:00 – She uses the term “reaching out” in one of these emails.  It’s some obnoxious American business term.  

Then…what…there’s some Asian guy in a mask who’s replying to her email.  He’s reading the email that was apparently sent.  Is this the actual guy who wrote the email or an actor playing the part of the guy who wrote the email?  It’s weird in either case.  Why is wearing a mask while in his home, in a darkened room, alone, using the computer?  

No, I think that that was an actor because the next “scene” gives this guy an alias.  So…it was an Asian guy in a mask…portraying this anonymous person who responded to Bobdunga’s email.  Why the mask?  Why even have an actual person, on screen, reading this?  

And why all the secrecy anyway?  Why is this source anonymised like it’s some Deep Throat situation?  Bobdunga isn’t uncovering corruption at the highest levels of government.  She’s emailing computer programmers to find out if they worked on some little-known game that nobody cares about from 20 years ago.  Can’t the programmer be identified?   

Oh.  She goes on to say that he requested to be anonymous.  Well, fine.  There could be any number of legitimate reasons why he wouldn’t be too involved in Bobdunga’s project.  

But she frames this all like it’s some kooky X-Files shit.   She’s going to talk to the Cigarette Smoking Man soon.  

It’s so annoying how Bobdunga is sitting in the dark and pretending to type on her pink keyboard.  

10:45 – Bobdunga makes a shocked face in this weird re-enactment of this masked guy sending her screenshots of the game.  

14:00 – A different anonymous source sent Bobdunga the rom of this game and the “actor” who’s doing the voice over has a lot of really weird pronunciations.  

17:15 – “Was this really a copy of the rom or just somebody really dedicated to trolling me?”

Another bizarre comment from Bobdunga.  She thinks that everybody is against her.

17:45 – She shows footage of the game.  This anonymous source told her that he doesn’t want her uploading the rom.

But wait a minute.  Isn’t Bobdunga in a whole lot of trouble now?  She’s in possession of this Mean Girls rom and everybody knows it now.  People are going to track her down to try to get their hands on this valuable piece of “gaming” history.

18:00 – “It felt like a literal fever dream.”

Erin used this term recently too.  I’ve heard it before, of course, but I don’t even know what a “fever dream” is.  Does anyone?  Let me DuckDuckGo this shit.

“A fever dream is a term used to describe vivid dreams you have when your body temperature is elevated. For many people, these dreams can be disturbing and unpleasant.”

I’ve never experienced this in my life.  Of course, I haven’t had a fever since I was a kid.  Not that I know of, anyway.  What even is a fever?  When you have a high body temperature?  Yeah.  Causes are viruses or bacteria.  Okay.  

Yeah, I’ve never experienced this.  I must have had a fever at some point in my adult life but I don’t recall any associated vivid dreams.  Does this actually happen on a wide scale or is it just a stupid expression?  

Anyway, back to the worst episode of The Twilight Zone that I’ve ever seen.

19:30 – She says that she can’t supply the rom, as mentioned earlier, but she’s going to show gameplay.  Then she tells you to like the video and subscribe to her channel, complete with a graphic showing you how to do to this.  Also her Twitter and Instagram.  This is shameful.  

I’m 26 minutes in.  This is boring as shit.  And Bobdunga has an odd pronunciation of “cliques”.  

Fuck.  This is so booooooooooooooooring.  I could be doing so many other things right now.  Well, there are just five minutes left.  I’ve gotten this far.  I can do this.

28:15 – The game crashes at a certain point.  So we’re “treated” to more bad acting from Bobdunga in her darkened room.  Is her mother not paying the electric bill?  The computer works.  Maybe it’s hooked up to a generator.

28:45 – Footage of a DIFFERENT person using a computer while wearing a mask.  Who is doing this?  People who don’t want to infect their computers?

29:15 – She talks about how she got the music data from the game.  She uploaded these songs over the past couple of weeks on her channel.  

30:45 – “In a last ditch effort to debug the Mean Girls DS game, I was put in touch with a programmer.”

It’s so fucking annoying.  So now we have an anonymous programmer who’s going to help her fix this game.  And she doesn’t say where she found this person.  It’s more stupid X-Files bullshit.  

Didn’t she know a programmer?  Couldn’t she find somebody online who could have helped her?  No.  Just some random person approached her on the street one day like L Fletcher Prouty approaching Jim Garrison.  

Then there’s yet more bad acting from Bobunga as she re-enacts talking to this secretive computer programmer on the phone.  This elusive programmer said that he would fix the game on the condition that the rom stays on a USB drive but Bobdunga has to visit him in person.  Then Bobdunga makes a weird coronavirus half-joke.

So that’s it.  The programmer refused to meet with her because of coronavirus.  .  

I mean…is this the only computer programmer in the world who can fix roms?  It’s just so stupid.  All of this is stupid.

We’re talking about a video game here.  Why did she present this like it’s the most important issue of our time?  Why did she never turn the lights on in her bedroom?  Why was  the whole thing presented like we’re talking about international espionage?  

Just more craziness from crazy Bobdunga.

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