Classic Concentration and Wheel of Fortune on NES! – Erin Plays (Part 2 of 2)

The thrilling conclusion.  She’s playing Wheel of Fortune now.  She’s never seen the show in her life.

She starts off by saying, “This is more stressful”, comparing the game to Classic Concentration, a game that she played for the first and last time a little while earlier.  She cut this comment from the Youtube version.

56:30 – “GameTek.  GameTek also did the last one.”

Tell us what other games GameTek “did”.  Anything?  No, she doesn’t know.

What I would have mentioned was the fact that Rare is listed on this title screen.  Are you familiar with Rare, Erin?  No, of course not.

57:00 – One of the horntards tries to teach Erin about GameTek.  “They did all of the game shows for NES.  Yeah.  Like there’s also Remote Control but I’m afraid that I won’t know a lot of the answers because it’s like I do know stuff about the 80s and stuff but I don’t know if I would get it right.”

Why is she so nervous about looking like a fraud and a fool?  She looks like a fraud and a fool every fucking stream.

And by the way, Erin mentioned Remote Control in reference to a person talking about how GameTek made all of the game show games for the NES.  Remote Control is not a game that GameTek had anything to do with.

But yeah, Remote Control would be good for Erin.  It’s not just music questions.  There’s also general *nostalgia* questions.  I mean *nostalgia* from the 1980s (so earlier than the 1980s) but also contemporary 1980s questions would now be *nostalgic”.  So what’s the problem?

Dare I do a Remote Control playthrough?  Let’s try it out.  Fire up the emulator.  

Yeah, this is not challenging stuff at all.  I completely curb stomped everyone.  The computer players NEVER ring in before you do, unless you want them to.  And I played the game once beforehand, as practice, and in this recorded playthrough I got some of the same questions.  So there don’t seem to be many questions in the game.  So I know that this is crazy to say but if she actually played the game off stream a few times, she should be able to sort of memorise the questions and the answers.  

Also, the head to head game at the end is completely broken.  All you have to do is keep scrolling down and hitting the button.  As you see in the video, I shut the other guy out by doing this.  There’s no penalty for getting a wrong answer so you can just choose all of them.  

The game is also mostly about television.  I forgot that.  I thought it was mostly about music.  But no.  So it’s pretty easy if you’re at all familiar with late 1980s television and the most popular shows of the 1960s and 1970s (Brady Bunch, Hogan’s Heroes, I Dream of Jeanie, shit like this). 

So Wheel of Fortune.  One of America’s longest running game show.  It’s been on for Erin’s entire life.  Five days a week, 52 weeks a year.  But somehow she’s missed every episode.  But she “wants to see it”.  Probably.

57:15 – “If they had Remote Control for like 90s or early 2000s, I’d be on top of that shit.”

Now I’m interested.  Is it possible that Erin would do really poorly at this game?  I mean, I know that she does poorly at every game but this Remote Control game is so easy that I’d be astonished if anybody loses.  I’m thinking that even people who have never lived in the US should be able to do well enough to win.  You can guess on a lot of the questions.  Also, just like in the head to head part of the game, there’s no penalty for guessing in the normal part of the game.

“But yeah, I wish that there was more trivia stuff that was just simple like this.”

What about a You Don’t Know Jack stream?  There were loads of them.  From 1995 to 2018, apparently.  Choose one that looks promising to your particular knowledge base.

57:45 – “Win Lose or Draw?  I don’t know if I’ve played Win Lose or Draw.”

I can field this one for you, Erin.  You’ve never played it before.

“The 70s House?  Yeah, if they had one about deep cut Mtv shows, that would be great.”

Erin has said that she’s never seen this show before.  Let me look this up.

Thank fuck for the archive.  Catching out Erin’s lies again.

“Have I watched The 70s House? I haven’t yet. I need to show Mike that show.”  That was three months ago.  Maybe she’s had a chance to see it now.  And show Mike.  But I really doubt it.

Oh, and she didn’t know Aeon Flux.  

58:45 – She puts it on easy mode.  Of course.

“I’m just going to put ‘Erin’ because that makes things less confusing.”

She picks that name every time.  Is she this easily confused?

If she picked “Poo” or something, would she be sitting there and letting the timer run out when it was Poo’s turn?  “Who’s Poo?  I’m not Poo.  I’m Erin.”

59:15 – “I haven’t seen this show or played this game in yee—a very long time.”

She was about to say “years”.  She’s right.  The last time she played this was like two years ago, with Mike, on stream, for money, and she was horrible at it.  And she hasn’t seen the actual show, I suspect, ever.

59:30 – “Am I excited for anything from E3?  To be totally honest, I haven’t looked at anything today about E3 or anything.”

Forget about today.  Have you looked at anything EVER about E3?  For this year or previous years?  Of course she has not.  And she’s so clueless about this that she can’t even come up with her usual obvious lies.  So she decided to be “honest” with us for a change.

“I don’t know.  I’ll see what Nintendo says or if anything interesting comes out of it.”

This is just ridiculous.  Hey, what is Nintendo going to say?  I’m really curious what Nintendo has to say.

Let me remind everyone that Erin was chosen to give a PRESENTATION at E3, what was it, two years ago?  She doesn’t know the first fucking thing about video games and she doesn’t give a fuck about video games.  This was the presenter.  How did she get the job?  Was there any sort of an interview?  Was there any vetting process whatsoever?  

Anyone who would have talked to Erin for five minutes would have been able to determine that she knows nothing about video games and isn’t interested in that shit.  But she’s there in her little dress telling the world about how great the Sega Genesis Mini is.  She hasn’t touched that Sega Genesis Mini even one time since doing that presentation.  

She is a complete and total fraud and there should be an investigation into how she got this job at E3.  

“I don’t know what to expect so I don’t have an interesting answer.  I’m sorry.”

Your ridiculously bad answer is not a result of not knowing the future.  It’s a result of gross lack of knowledge about video games and gross lack of interest in video games.  

Why does she even read these questions?  “Oh, what is Nintendo going to say?”  She knows that she has no fucking answer for these questions.  Why doesn’t she just ignore the question?

1:00:00 – Unbelievable.  She has not gotten any better at this game since she last played this two years ago with Mike.  It’s her turn and she reads “Enter a CONSONANT”.  She reads “consonant” like this is a new word for her.  And then almost chooses “A”.  Then she almost chooses “E”.  Then she panics and chooses “D”.

You know how in Wheel of Fortune, how the most commonly picked consonants are R, S, T, L, and N?  Well, Erin doesn’t know that.  Because she never fucking watched the show.  Not even once.  

“I shouldn’t have picked D.  I should have picked the popular letters.”

Maybe Mike finally explained to Erin, in a way that she can understand, this basic bit of Wheel of Fortune knowledge.  Because he was getting frustrated as hell playing this game with her.  Erin doesn’t have the first fucking clue how to play this game.

Yeah, and then the horndogs promt her with the popular letters and she says, “Yeah, I know” and then READS the letters that the horndogs told her.  She doesn’t know them.  

1:00:30 – “Would I rather be a contestant on Double Dare, Legends of the Hidden Temple, or Guts?”

She doesn’t know the fucking shows.  They were before her time and SHE HAS NEVER WATCHED TELEVISION.  Are you fucking retards not getting this?  

“Legends of the Hidden Temple for sure.  I used to want to be on that show so bad.  That was like my favourite out of those three as a kid.”

Why?  Can you elaborate at all?  What specifically did you like about Legends of the Hidden Temple.

You can take her answer and replace ANY of the shows with Legends of the Hidden Temple.  

“Double Dare for sure.  I used to want to be on that show so bad.  That was like my favourite out of those three as a kid.”

“Guts for sure.  I used to want to be on that show so bad.  That was like my favourite out of those three as a kid.”

She’s never seen any of these shows so she just lied and gave the most generic answer that anyone can possibly provide.  

Now she’s avoiding looking at the chat because I bet that people are asking follow up questions.  Why guess?  I can just look at the Twitch stream.

Yeah, a couple of people are talking about how there’s going to be an adult version of Legends of the Hidden Temple.  Erin doesn’t want to see this because she has no idea what this game is.  

Then some horntard says, “You’re gorgeous have a good night”.

These are the things you miss from the Youtube version of these streams.

Then a horntard gives her the answer and she says, “I’m going to solve it” even though she only has $600 and there are loads of letters left on the board.  

Meanwhile, people in the chat are leaving comments about the “silver monkey” (a Legends of the Hidden Temple reference) and Erin doesn’t have the foggiest idea what they’re talking about.

Then she runs out of time while trying to put the letters in because she’s a complete imbecile and doesn’t know how to play video games.  

1:03:45 – Then it’s her turn again and she decides to try to solve it again.  

You know how in Wheel of Fortune, the goal of the game is to get as much money as possible?  Erin doesn’t know this.  She has no idea how the scoring system works.

1:04:15 – “I like how she claps.”

Let’s just move on.  She’s a moron.

1:05:00 – Erin starts clapping like Vanna White apparently does in the game.  She’s a moron.  Let’s move on.

1:06:30 – Erin thinks that the answer to the puzzle is Love Shack.  But she’s taking a gamble by spinning again.  Why not solve right away again?

I will bet anything that the answer is not Love Shack.  She’s a moron.

Then a horntard suggests that it might be Love Story.

Then Erin chose an “N”.  There is no “N” in either “Love Shack” or “Love Story”.  She’s a moron.  There was also no “N” in this particular puzzle, which I suspect is neither “Love Shack” nor “Love Story”.  We only got on to “Love” titles because some idiot horntard gave “Love Boat” as an answer, which doesn’t even fit.

Then the game asks if she wants to use her free spin.  Erin says, “What?  Uhhh…yeah.”  She doesn’t know what a “free spin” is.  She’s never watched the show before.

So now she says, “Should I just solve it?  Oh, I’ll spin” and then she spazzes out.  She has no idea what she’s doing.  She doesn’t know the rules of the game.  She’s never seen it before.

Oh my god.  Then she chooses an “A”.  

When she played this game with Mike, she would do this CONSTANTLY.  She doesn’t know that you have to BUY vowels.  She doesn’t even know what a vowel is.  

“Oh you have to buy…oh, an ‘A’ is a vowel.  Damn it, Erin, you stupid, stupid girl.  See the time makes me do stupid things.”

She blames the timer on everything.  Is it the timer that made you “forget” what a vowel is?   Anybody who has watched the show even one time would be able to play this game without issue.

And she had these exact same fucking problems when she played the game with Mike two years ago, on stream, for money.  She learned nothing from that.

Then one of the horntards is berating her for choosing an “N”.  “I know it doesn’t have an ‘N’.  It’s stressful.  I don’t like being under a time…uhhh…limit like that.”

Oh, and I’m looking back at what the horntards were saying.  One of them says, “Love Shack is from 1989”.  This game was released in 1987, I believe.  But as Erin has said already, she doesn’t know when the game was released.  She presumably doesn’t know when Love Shack was released either.  I’m not even sure if Erin knows that Love Shack is a song.  Maybe it’s just something that she heard somewhere.

It was NewWaveJunkie who corrected Erin.  He said, “Neither shack nor story have an N lol”.  I suspect that if anyone else said that, they would have been banned.  But I think that he’s a moderator in the chat.

1:08:00 – In a nerd voice, Erin says, “Erin can’t spell.”

I don’t believe that that’s the issue.  The issues are that she doesn’t know the rules of the game and she’s a total moron.  

Then she chooses a “K”.  There are no “K”s.  “Okay, so it’s not “Love Shack.  I bet it’s Love Story.”  

Then maybe you should have chosen a “V” to determine if “Love” is even the first word.  That would have eliminated both options.  

Then the computer, who is on “easy” mode by the way, chooses a “V” and indeed, it is in the puzzle and the first word may be “Love”.  The computer in this game, maybe especially on easy mode, basically picks letters at random.  But they still do better than Erin, who also chooses letters at random, but at least the computer follows the rules of the game so never chooses vowels when they’re supposed to choose a consonant.

1:08:45 – A horntard suggests “Love Stinks”.  Erin thinks about it for a moment and says, “There’s no ‘K’ though.”  Another problem, one that Erin misses, is that “stinks” is too many letters for the fucking puzzle.

1:09:30 – Then the computer player, in this ridiculously easy game, on this ridiculously easy setting, solves the puzzle.  It was Love Story.

1:09:30 – “Now you know why in Legends of the Hidden Temple, all of those kids could never put that three piece statue together at the end.  (laughs nervously)  Yeah, it’s stressful.  I don’t blame them.”

She has NO IDEA what they’re talking about so just says her generic, “It’s stressful.”  She said that this was her favourite game show out of the three mentioned and that she “always” wanted to be on the show.  It’s a giant lie.  She doesn’t know ANY of those shows.  She’s never seen any of them.  

Why didn’t she just say that?  Would anybody have cared?  They’re there jacking off over an average (at best) looking 33 year old woman playing a video game, REALLY poorly.  That’s their fetish.  They don’t care if you haven’t seen some children’s game show from “the 90s”.  

“I would be horrible at a game show.”

How about this particular game show.  Tell us about this particular game show.  How would you be terrible at Legends of the Hidden Temple?  Give an example.  

“I could do Match Game, though.”  

Oh, of course.  Match Game, hosted by Ray Born.  She’s seen two episodes AT BEST and now she’s a real Match Game pro. 

Why am I the only person writing this shit?  Why aren’t there 100 blogs exposing Erin’s lies?  Because this is fucking ridiculous.  It’s INSANELY OBVIOUS that she’s a massive fraud and everything that she says is a lie.  Does nobody care?  

She’s taking money from people with mental retardation.  This is disgusting.  The New York Times should be doing an expose on this.  Or at least the Rural Pennsylvania Gazette.  Why am I the only journalist covering this story?

“Because they’re all just wasted so there’s like no pressure.”

Oh.  So when Erin said that she wants to be on Match Game, she meant that she wants to be ONE OF THE CELEBRITY PANELISTS.  She doesn’t even know what she’s saying.  I don’t think that she knows that there are contestants on this game.  

And the reason that she changed the subject is because she knows NOTHING about Legends of the Hidden Temple because she never fucking saw the show before.  She was 7 or 8 years old when it was cancelled.  Even if she did watch it, which she didn’t, her memories of the show would be hazy at best.  But she said that she wanted to be on the show.  Even though she was 7 or 8 when the show was cancelled and the kids on the show were at least 12 years old.

1:10:00 – Then she’s in the speed round and she chooses an “E”.  She doesn’t even know that she’s in the speed round so if this was a regular round, that would have been another fail.  But in the speed round, of course, you CAN choose vowels but they’re not worth any money.  So why would she choose a vowel straight off the bat?  Because she doesn’t know the rules of the game and she’s never seen the show.

1:10:30 – “The Fisher Price memory game?  I’m sure if I saw it, I’m sure that I’d remember it.”

Why didn’t you just say that you know what it is and give a generic rider?  “Oh, yeah.  The Fisher Price memory game.  That was my favourite game as a kid.  I really liked it.”  Something like that.

She keeps looking at the chat for the answer to this puzzle.

“Thank you Marty!”

So what did old horntard Marty say?  “Your hair style looks really nice Erin” and then five emojis: Grimace (or something) Erin, Pikachu, and I think two cats or possibly a dog and a cat.  

This is what these mentally retarded people are here for.  And tell me that that person isn’t mentally retarded.  Who of normal intelligence would say something like that?  

1:11:15 – “Ohhhh…I don’t know…”  Then she chooses a “T” and is really surprised by this.  “Oh there’s a T?!?!?!”  It is one of the most popular letters, Erin.  If you’d watch the show even one time in your life, you would know this.

Then the horntards give her the answer.

1:12:15 – “You bet I’d do good at Super Market Sweep?  That would be fun.”

She has no idea what this game is.  She’s never seen it before.  So she again just gives a generic response and changes the subject.

1:12:45 – She’s at the bonus round.  “Enter five consonants.   Okay.”    She reads this bit every  time.  She needs to be prompted what the rules are because she has no idea what the rules are.  

“Okay, I’ll do the popular letters.”  Then she chooses RSTMN and E.  Well…not quite, Erin.  Maybe watch the game just one time before you play the 30 year old video game.

She doesn’t know the answer so appeals to the horntards.  So a horntard gives her the answer.  “I would not have gotten that.”  YOU WOUDN’T HAVE GOTTEN ANY OF THIS SHIT IN ANY OF THESE GAMES IF IT WEREN’T FOR THE HORNTARDS!

“See, I was thinking like the NAME of a person, not a position.  You know what I mean?”

I know what you mean.  That’s why on the show, Pat Sajak used to explain that “Name” does not necessarily mean a proper name.  

Then Erin claps like she thinks Vanna claps (in this game, she never saw the show, of course) and then laughs nervously.  

“See, I’m horrible at this game but it’s fun!”

You don’t even know the FUCKING RULES, ERIN.  STOP LYING TO YOUR MENTALLY RETARDED “FANS”.  Shaking these mentally challenged people down for money.  It’s fucking disgusting.  

Done with this shit.  She goes on for another 45 minutes.  Fuck this scumbag.


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