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I can’t tell if he’s joking or not.  At the very least, he seems to be playing some kind of a role.  How much he believes what he’s saying, I don’t know.

But yeah, this guy repeatedly says that he’s a “simp” for Madam Fomo.   

Oh, it seems that he was on a podcast.  Of sorts.  And this particular “episode” is currently at 369 views after a week.  

Here’s the episode:

And yeah, Madam Fomo is in the chat replying to these people.  She starts commenting at 22:45…in this absolutely unwatchable podcast, hosted by a guy in a Doctor Doom costume, that currently has 369 views.

This Doctor Doom guy was also in another totally unwatchable podcast here:

It has 368 views after a month, so just one less viewer than the other horrendous podcast.

In this podcast, they put Madam Fomo’s picture in the thumbnail and the plan is to talk about women…I don’t even know.  Something about women making video game “content” on Youtube.  But instead, it’s just some fucking GIANT nerds arguing about some personal “beef” that I don’t know anything about.

Then one of the nerds gets kicked for using profanity.  Then a fat black woman uses profanity REPEATEDLY and keeps shouting over everyone but nobody does anything about it.  

This Brie Larson “simp” also appears in the podcast.  He doesn’t say anything, as far as I could tell.

So that’s what this is.  It’s a group of about seven hardcore nerds going on each other’s “podcasts”.  And nobody is watching.  You can’t watch this.  It’s fucking horrendous.  

But Madam Fomo is there.  Jessica Rabbit herself.  Because she’s so starved for attention that she’ll even suffer through these excruciatingly bad “podcasts” if it results in even one person signing up to her horrendous OnlyFans.

Now that I know what this is, no.  This guy is not joking.  He’s mentally ill.  All of these losers are.  

4:15 – He says, “I’m going to send money whenever I can” in regards to Madam Fomo.  Just because she appeared in the chat for this podcast and typed his name a couple of times.

5:30 – After talking about how he “supports” getting money “any way you can”, he says, “I don’t do it.”  He’s saying that he’s not on OnlyFans.

Well, thank fuck for that.  

He also keeps saying things like, “I’m more attracted to how knowledgeable people are as opposed to how they look”.  And he described Madam Fomo as “brainy” or something.

That’s why I thought he was joking at first.  Comments like this.  But he’s not joking.  He’s just mentally ill.

For 18 minutes, he just keeps repeating the same two or three topics over and over and over again.  This is not the behaviour of a mentally sound person.

I actually thought I accidentally scrolled the video back.  But no.  It’s just him repeating himself.  Over and over and over again.

10:30 – He says that he bought numerous Brie Larson t-shirts as part of this “simping” that he does.  

14:45 – He sings a song about Brie Larson while playing an acoustic guitar.

He then says that he doesn’t know how to play the guitar.  He’s right.  And this might be like a toy guitar.

The song is about how he’s no longer a “simp” for Brie Larson because she never replies to his messages.

There’s nothing funny about this.  I get the feeling that this video will be in the news one day.

Somebody named Bell Reve Mendez replies.  She talks about how she has red hair just like Madam Fomo.  She then gets into a boring conversation with this guy.  She’s obviously trying to get this guy to start “simping” over her.  

Here’s her channel:

How pathetic is this?  Taking advantage of clearly deranged people.  And how much money can that guy possibly have?  He’s wearing the same fucking beat up “hoodie” in every video.

1,500 subscribers for Ms Mendez.  She streams several times a week on Youtube.  Trying to squeeze pennies from a handful of mentally ill losers and retards.  

Ms Mendez also talks about comics and video games.  Same shit as Madam Fomo.  Clearly tapping into the nerd demographic and there must be some demand for this.  Not much.  I mean, we can see the numbers that these channels are getting.  But this is clearly a calculated attempt to shake mentally ill and mentally retarded nerds down for money.  You only need one “whale” to give you a lot of money.

The whole thing reminds me of those “pay pigs” or whatever they’re called who give prostitutes their bank account passwords and whatnot.  I think that the idea is that they might take your money but you hope that they don’t.  But if they do, that’s okay too.  

But for Madam Fomo to sit there for HOURS on these little-known channels, talking to these boring as fuck psychopaths, I mean…how desperate can anybody possibly get?  How little is her time worth?  I wouldn’t want to talk to those weird freaks for two seconds.  She’s there for fucking hours.  Listening to their boring, repetitive, nerdy, poor-sound quality bullshit.  

(Edit: So I wrote the above in the morning of 19/05/21 and by the afternoon of the same day, this guy made another video.)

As here:

Now he’s no longer interested in this Ms Mendez.  

He calls her “toxic” about 150 times.  Same as what he did in the first video I talk about where he says “simp” 150 times.

He yet again criticises Brie Larson for not responding to his comments.

So what’s the dispute?  He likes some movie that they don’t like or vice versa.  

This isn’t in any kind of jokey way.  He’s genuinely angry over it.  

Why on earth did this woman invite this guy on to her stupid stream?  The same reason she invited these three other horny nerds on.  She wants money from them.  

Let this be a lesson to this woman.  Don’t engage with people with obvious mental health problems.  Go get a job.  Don’t try to shake the mentally ill and the mentally retarded down for money.  

What a bizarre, pathetic, subculture that is.  A bunch of horny losers, most of whom have mental health problems and/or mental retardation going on Youtube streams with completely immoral women who are trying to extract money from these guys.  And nobody’s watching this shit.  You can’t watch it.  

But Madam Fomo is there.  For hours.  Preying on these lunatics.  

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  1. “pay pigs” or whatever they're called who give prostitutes their bank account passwords and whatnot.Do people like this really exist? Good grief. And I thought I had seen it all…

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