Elmo's curiosity gets the best of him – Erin Plays


(edit: I wrote this like a month ago so it’s a bit out of date)

Erin is uploading clips of Elmo.  That’s what she does.  She knows that the streams are unwatchable so she just uploads the Elmo clips.

So it starts with Mike (as Elmo) singing and Erin has her usual awkward as fuck “banter”.  Then she says something really weird.  

0:45 – Elmo is talking about how Ernie locked the door to the bathroom.  So Erin says, “We’ve talked about that.  It’s probably because he’s taking a bath and crying and he doesn’t want anybody to see him.”

What?  Is this what Erin does?  She cries in the bathtub?

Maybe this is referencing something that I just don’t get.  But I prefer to think that this is a window into Erin’s every day life.  She takes baths and cries about how miserable her life is.  

1:45 – She edited something out.  I don’t care enough to find out what it was.  Probably Mike talking about anal sex again.

2:30 – Mike starts doing his Ernie impression and Erin think that it’s Kermit.

Anyway, the joke is that Elmo catches Ernie masturbating in the bathtub.  Mike did a whole long bit on this during one of his streams.  He must really like this joke.  He’s trying to impress the love of his life Erin with this shit now.

4:00 – “Big Bird was here?  Did I hear Big Bird?”

There was no Big Bird.  Again, Erin is dumb as shit.  He was clearly doing an impression of Ernie and Elmo having a conversation.  She’s ruining his bit with these stupid questions.  She doesn’t realise what he was doing.  She thought that the Ernie impression was Kermit and now Big Bird as well.

But then Mike decides to go with it and says that there were five people in there.  But there wasn’t.  He was doing an impression of Ernie having a conversation with Elmo.  That’s it.  Elmo catching Ernie masturbating in the bathtub.  It’s a simple story that we can all appreciate.  But now, because of Erin’s idiotic questions, he changes the story so that the whole of Sesame Street was in the bathroom.

4:45 – “I don’t know what to say.”

Boy, is that accurate.

Erin will sometimes enter Mike’s streams to give him coffee or something and Mike will try to have a little chat with her.  She’s off camera, she’s just giving him coffee.  And she’s always AWFUL with this.  She’ll just repeat what he’s saying or give some completely braindead, generic response.  This is fucking awful.

I mean, if you’re a boring person or you’re just not good at conversations, it’s fine.  You can still have a meaningful relationship with someone.  A lot of people don’t mind boring people.  It’s no problem.

But this is not good for Youtube.  This is not remotely entertaining.  She has absolutely zero charisma.  

Crying in the bathtub.  I guess that’s what she does.  That would be a place to do it.  You have privacy.  So Erin is just sitting there, quietly sobbing over her life.  She’s making $200/month.  Getting sodomised on the regular by a man she doesn’t love.  It’s terrible.  But it’s a nightmare of her own making.

It reminds me of Bobdunga’s comment about how in Donkey Kong Country 2, she thinks that Dixie Kong is Diddy’s Kong’s girlfriend because she cries when he throws her.  It was something really weird like that.  Let me look this up.

Oh, it was on my sub-reddit.  I’ll have to move them all over to here at some point.  I have them all saved.

“She cites the fact that Dixie Kong cries as proof that she’s in a sexual relationship with Diddy Kong. I know that it doesn’t make any sense but that’s what she says. Maybe there’s a lot of crying in Bobdunga’s relationships.”

The video is here:


It’s at about the four minute mark.  There was A LOT of weird shit in that video.  

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