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It starts with Rainman “joking” about how he’s depressed and hasn’t left the house in a year.  But this is real.  It’s not something to joke about.  Seek help.

1:30 – “But first, a message from our sponsor.”

It’s the same fucking ad that they’ve been doing for this VPN for ages now.

Jimmy suggests using this VPN to watch shows on Netflix that are blocked in your country.  Tony from Hack the Movies recently said that he tried this and got a message from Netflix telling him not to do that again.  So this is something that you can possibly get banned for.  

6:30 – Extended poo talk…

7:30 – More poo talk.  Retards the world over are holding their sides.

14:15 – “Tabasco enema”.

I’ve finished the video.  Other than that poo talk, it was okay, I guess.  Nobody gets a writing credit on this one.  There were no dumb skits.  There was even a joke about this.

Let’s see what the homosexuals on Reddit have to say about this.

Yeah, they seem to give it mediocre to good reviews.  Maybe a 6/10 on average.  That’s about right, I guess.

I was watching earlier episodes a few months ago and was actually surprised that they were funny.  I didn’t even realise that these were supposed to be funny.  Not actually funny, anyway.  I haven’t laughed at any AVGN in many, many years.

So why do I watch?  I don’t know.  They’re mildly interesting.  I’m subscribed.  I’m not subscribed to a lot of channels.  I don’t have a television.  So…whatever.  It’s better than a lot of the shit that I’m subscribed to.

But I haven’t expected it to be funny in many, many years.  Way before Screenwave.  Poo talk and dumb skits.  That doesn’t tickle me.  

That’s it for the video.  Now for a diatribe on the essence of comedy.  

I’ve always had a problem with rehearsed comedy.  I remember as a kid, I really hated stand up comedy because although the guy is presenting this material like he’s just coming up with it off the top of his head, I knew that he had done this bit a thousand times before.  There was a dishonest element to it that I didn’t like.

It’s like with clowns.  Nobody thinks that they’re funny.  And they’re unsettling because there’s a disconnect between their painted on smiles and their actual expression, which, even if they’re smiling, you know it’s fake.  Same thing with costumed characters.  That Mickey Mouse head is always smiling but the person inside that costume is probably miserable.  But even if he isn’t, I don’t know.  This is fake.  That smiling Mickey is fake.  

You can extend this to television or movies or whatever.  I almost never find any of this shit funny.  If you’re trying to be funny, there’s a really good chance that it’s not funny.  

But of course, there are tv shows and movies that I find amusing but they have to be cleverly written.  If I’m not congratulating myself for being smart enough to get the joke, it doesn’t work for me.  So a lot of this lowest common denominator shit, particularly from the 80s and the 90s, I don’t even understand how anyone is laughing at that.  Fucking Webster or Two Broke Girls or whatever.  How can anybody possibly be laughing at that shit?

So it’s like with AVGN.  The poop talk, no.  It doesn’t work for me.  That’s fucking stupid.  Small children and the mentally challenged might like that but not me.

But here’s an example of something that’s actually funny:


9:45 – After talking about poop (which isn’t funny) he talks about if video games are art (a popular topic for a time) and goes on to ask if Tiger handheld games are actually games.  He then describes them as a “Caveman’s version of video games.”

It’s funny because you can relate, what he’s saying is true, and it’s a relatively intellectual topic.  It is a mystery why those handheld games were so popular and they barely qualify as games.  Why would anybody buy these when you can just save up a bit more money to get a Gameboy?  But people did.  I had some and I played them.  I don’t really know why.

So I think that this is the key.  More of the intelligent and relatable stuff, less of the poop talk and dumb skits where he’s beating up a costumed character or bad CGI or whatever.

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