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Couple of guest hosts.  Just look at this guy.  Holy shit.  That’s some hair and blouse that you have there.  Ding a ling a ling.

And I did some investigation before even starting the video and the woman is gay too.  She describes herself as a “titty artist”.  And what she seems to do is draw pornographic furry “art”.  I think that this is the woman that Tony was talking about on one of the Godzilla podcasts.  She apparently drew unsolicited furry art of Tony and his co-host Johanna.  And I think that she then charged him for it.

So in the first few seconds of this video, we get a preview of the upcoming “fun”.  This woman is a straight up moron.  Some dumb hillbilly from Virginia.  I’m not saying that all people from Virginia are dumb hillbillies but she is.

Why can’t we get any good women on this show?  Because I come off as misogynistic with this shit.  But look at what we have:

Johnanna: Dreadful
Newt’s “Model” Girlfriend: Horrendous
This latest woman: Objectionable on multiple levels

Why can’t we get intelligent, articulate women who can review a film in a forthright and meaningful fashion?  Why is it always these vulgar dumbasses?  Does Tony not know any classy, intelligent women?  

So let’s see what these two homosexual pornographers have to say about the fucking Power Rangers.  Hey guys!  Remember the Power Rangers?  I guess but I was too old to watch that shit.  Can we can review some films that normal adults enjoy for a change?

0:45 – So they start with Tony saying that this woman, who is either high or just really slow (could be both) did some picture of Tony in booty shorts.

Then he mentions that gay Godzilla picture that I mentioned before.  

And he’s throwing such softball questions to this woman in an effort to get her to say something funny and/or interesting and she fails hard.  

I think that this gay man is wearing a cape.  It reminds me of a video I saw of noted Hollywood homosexual Ben Vereen.  He was wearing a cape during some interview and the cape is never mentioned.

Anyway, Tony watched this movie on Youtube.  How lazy can you possibly get?  He couldn’t even download the torrent?  The torrent version is going to be better than what’s on Youtube.

2.45 – Tony asks them how “pumped” they were for the movie back in 1995 or whenever it came out.  This woman says, “My mom watched it for me.”  Tony just says “oh” kind of awkwardly and moves on.

What does her comment even mean?  Tony obviously didn’t care enough to explore it.  I can’t blame him.  This dope is a total lost cause.  Don’t try to get anything intelligent out of that woman.

By the way, I’m six minutes in and this woman isn’t contributing anything.  It’s just this man in a cape and Tony talking.  That’s pretty much always how it is when you have three people talking.  And this woman is just not equipped to interject.  It requires quick thinking and this is not a skill that she possesses.

6:00 – Tony must have noticed this, so he said, “What do you think, Min(?)?”  I guess that her name is Min.  Or something.

So let’s see what old Min has to say.

“I was never really into Power Rangers as a kid.  I was really only introduced by Vizzy.”

Vizzy is the man in a cape.  They’re in some kind of homosexual relationship.  A gay man and a gay woman.  There’s probably a name for this but I don’t know what it is.

So yeah, she’s totally worthless for this discussion.  She’s straight up telling you, “I don’t give a fuck about this shit?”

I appreciate the candour.  I really do.  It’s a lot better than pretending to be interested in something and then trying to fake your way through it.  But it then begs the question, “What the fuck is she doing here?”

Even if this was a topic that she’s very familiar with, say, methamphetamines, she just doesn’t have the mental acumen to have a discussion about it.  She’s dumb and she has no conversation skills.  

I’m sympathetic.  I really am.  I used to go on dates and not say a whole lot and they were fucking disasters.  It wasn’t until I learned, “Hey, I have to work on my conversation skills if I’m going to get a second date out of this shit” that things started to change.  You have to make an effort.  If you’re an introverted person, it doesn’t come naturally.  You have to force yourself to have a conversation.

Fortunately, my humiliation was limited to bad dates.  This woman went on a podcast and decided to try to get by on her “good looks”.  13,000 people have seen this.

It’s just not her thing.  She wants to make pornographic furry “art”.  Fine.  Do that.  Not everybody has to be a podcast superstar like Tony from Hack the Movies.  The world also needs pornographic furry art.  Stick to what you’re good at, avoid what you’re bad at.

6:15 – Then Tony turns to the guy in a cape and says, “This is a great guest you’ve got here.”

Let me check the comments.  Are even these weird Tony from Hack the Movies “fans” turning on this woman?

– “You could crop mint out of the whole video and hardly notice”

Oh.  Her name is Mint.  I said “Min” before.  But yeah.  She’s bad.

– “Mint is charming but she didn’t bring much to the discussion. Still it’s refreshing to hear an opinion from someone with a different point of view.”

You mean the point of view of somebody who didn’t even watch the movie?

– “That’s a good way of putting it. Is she just really shy?! It’s cute… But doesn’t add to the discussion”

– “Mint is definitely the Korben Dallas to this podcasts Ruby Rhod.”

I don’t know what any of this is but I think that he’s shitting on her.

– “Tony, I know she is trying but she killed this for me…. you guys have great back and forth then she just try’s to add in but knows nothing :/”

– “She’s an empty void”

– “Lol mint… it’s like when I have a gig and bring my girlfriend. Shes trying tho”

Somebody replies, “No she’s not”

– “well she was clearly out of her element on this one. bring her back on something she knows about so she has a chance man.”

– “Mint was very insightful (laughing emoji)”

– “And the awards for the worst guests goes to…”

Somebody replies, “Come on the dude was pretty alright.”

– “There’s a whole lot of ’tism in that room. Wow.”

– “Mint is totally high during this.”

– “Mint needs some caffeine or something.”

– “Those two made it very difficult to get through the whole video with what little they brought to the table. Him trying to play the stoner character & her the naive person who knows very little about the topic being discussed. At least your other guess take notes & watch the movies before you film. If you bring them back again, please make it something that they are BOTH knowledgeable of. That way the video will be more entertaining. Keep up the good work & can’t wait for Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Darkman in the next few weeks.”

– “Tony where’d you find these zoomer weirdos? Peppermint doesn’t even like power rangers. Where’s Newt?”

– “how many lady`s are in this room?”

– “She doesn’t know very much about the power rangers”

– “Shes on some mad drugs”

– “Awful guests. No pink haired zoomers pls”

– “Why is she here?”

Tony replies, “She wanted to be!”

That’s the only criteria?  It does somewhat explain things, I guess.  

– “Mint is a girl? I never knew…”

I assume that she makes references to her being female.

– “Two questions what’s this girl been smoking??? And can i have some….”

– “Sorry can’t finish this,plz don’t use these two again”

– “is just me or she is trying to hard to be thug guy.”

It’s true.  She tries to sound like a hillbilly thug.

– “I can see why this channel is struggling”

– “10:54 seriously don’t ever have this chick on again, she was a total drag on an otherwise great funny episode. Why would she even want to be here if she knows nothing about the movie, didn’t even watch it and gets annoyed and acts weird when Tony asks her about the movie. I know It was probably just a joke but she seriously killed the laughter every time the attention went back to her. Never thought I’d miss Newt lol”

– “Sorry don’t care for these other two people at all… bring back rental reviews”

– “very terrible guests”

– “Don‘t have Mint back, please. I’m sure she’s nice and all, but that was terrible.”

Somebody replies, “I was pretty amazed at how worthless she was and how little she had to contribute.”

– “Man, these guests are really cringe..”

– “Dude looks terrible for 22. Get a gym membership. Nice Cape nerd”

– “You need to have these two specific guest on more often and Mint should never know what you all are reviewing. Just have her pretend she knows what you all are talking about. Its hilarious.”

– “Mint might be the most annoying, awkward person I’ve ever seen / heard speak.”

– “Ouch…ruff guests this time around..”

Okay.  I have to stop.  There are more but I can’t just keep copy and pasting comments.  

I’m actually intrigued to watch this now.  I know that I stopped at 7 minutes but now I want to see how bad this truly is.  Just for my own enjoyment.  I can’t write about it, though.  I think it’s pretty well established that she’s god awful.  There’s nothing more that I can add.

But holy shit.  I don’t think that I’ve ever laughed so hard at Youtube comments in my life.  

I have to watch this, though.  I’m going to fucking download it even.  This is so bad that I suspect he’s going to delete the video.  I should do an edit of just Mint.

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  1. You should be sent to prison for naming your son Newt. I’d legally change my name I swear to God I would not go through my entire life with the name Newt

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