Castlevania: Bloodlines (Sega Genesis) Full Game – Erin Plays

Hello, gentlemen.  Do you recall Castlevania?  Well, Erin is playing it.  Yet again.  On stream, for money.

Four fucking hours of this.  

Right before this video, I was watching Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining’s latest video.  She’s reviewing some FMV game.  The video is ten minutes long.  I got to 90 seconds and I said, “What else could I be doing?”  Then I found this four hour Erin Plays video.  Even a four hour Erin Plays video would be less painful to watch than a ten minute Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining video.

So here’s the plan.  There is absolutely no way that I’m going to watch four hours of this shit.  I won’t even make it ten minutes if I just watch from the start.  So I’m going to watch the first few minutes, see if she says anything really stupid, and then I’m going to skip around at random.  It’s the only way that this is possible.  NOBODY can possibly watch four hours of this shit.  

0:00 – “I’ve played it before but I beat it on ‘easy’ so now I’m going to be playing it on ‘normal'”.

Whoa.  What a bombshell.  Is this the first time that she’s playing a game on ‘normal’ difficulty?  Any game that has an ‘easy’ option, she always goes for it.

“But I will be using unlimited continues because I just need to, you know, I don’t want to punish myself too much.”

Oh.  So then she enters a cheat code to give her unlimited continues.

She actually uses cheats and then counts that as “beating” the game.  She’s the only person I’ve ever encountered who does this.  Everyone else knows that using cheats means that you didn’t beat the game.  The clue is in the name: “cheats”.

Mike was playing Where’s Waldo for the NES recently, on stream, for money.  And at one point, his stream was “raided” by Erin.  He starts talking about how she’s playing Castlevania.  And he’s trying to really big up Erin’s “gaming” achievements.  “She beat the game as John?  I’ve not even beaten the game as John.”

Well, obviously Erin is a bigger “gamer” than you, Mike.  Is that what you want to hear?  Erin is a real hardcore “gamer”.  Not a scammer at all.  She’s beaten ALL the games.  On stream, for money.  With cheat codes.

1:00 – “SE to 73”

She’s adjusting the sound levels and reading from some notes that she presumably took from the last time that she played this game on stream, for money.  So first she changed the background music level and then she changed the “SE”.

She doesn’t know what this stands for.  It took me a few seconds too.  “Sound effects”.  But she doesn’t have a clue.  It’s a minor point, maybe.

1:15 – “We will be playing with John Morris.  When it’s Castlevania, I like to play with my whippy boy.”

She played this game ONCE.  On stream, for money.  Why does she portray herself as somebody who plays games extensively, in her spare time?  It doesn’t happen.

1:30 – “Yeah, last time I was wearing a Sailor Moon hoodie and now I’m wearing a Hello Kitty hoodie.”

Hey guys!  Remember that Erin is 33 years old?  And she’s wearing shit with children’s cartoon characters on it?  That’s normal, right?  Normal 33 year olds wear stuff that’s clearly marketed to children.

I don’t find this cute.  It’s pathetic in the extreme.  But you have weirdos like Shishi jerking off over this.  

2:00 – Then she goes on an extended rant about how she planned on playing this game without the cheat code but then decided, “Let me work up to that.”  So we’re going to get MORE of this fucking bullshit.

If you like the game, play the game in your spare time.  You don’t have to subject the entire world to this shit.  We’ve seen you play Castlevania.  Do something else.

I think that she cut out an extended section where she talks about how she’s getting used to the controls.  She said shit like, “It’s been so long since I played this, I forgot the controls”.  She played the game ONCE.  On stream, for money.  It’s not surprising that she doesn’t remember the controls.

She’s really bad at the game, by the way.  Do I even need to say this?

Okay, I made it to five minutes.  It’s time to move on.  

10:30 – “Boss time.  I forget.  I always forget.”

How can you “always” forget?  You played the game ONCE!  

It’s just constant lies from her.

4:11:30 – She “beats” the game and then says that the next step will be on “normal” without cheats.  We’ll all look forward to that boring as fuck stream.

She was wearing this same hoodie for the full four hours.  Is that right?  She streamed for over four hours straight?

Yeah.  I checked Twitch.  Four and a half hours.  And two days earlier, she streamed the same game for two hours and twenty minutes.  And five days after this video that she uploaded, she streamed the game for three and a half hours.

Isn’t this destroying her wrists?  Normally, she can’t play a game for 20 minutes without complaining about “carpal tunnel”.  

But I skimmed this video and didn’t see a single mention of “carpal tunnel” or any footage of her massaging her wrists.  Interesting.  She played a game for ten hours over the course of a week and no wrist problems.  

The third video that she did in this trilogy this week is where she plays the game on “normal” without cheats.  I don’t know what she did in the first video.  She didn’t upload it.  I assume that she played the game and didn’t beat it.

Anyway, it’s all trash.  Who can possibly be watching this?  They’re mentally challenged.  That’s the only explanation.

I’m subscribed to this guy:

He has autism or something.  Whatever it is, it’s severe.  So he’ll upload hours and hours and hours of footage every day.  His most recent obsession is showing his video game collection for the year 2021.  He must do this every year.  So for every console, he has a different video.  And it’s just hours of this shit.  And he gets like 50 views on these videos.

He also plays a lot of gameshow games like Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune or whatever.  And he’ll sometimes play with his friends on Steam or whatever.  Not co-op because the games don’t allow for online co-op but they’ll just help him with the answers.  His friends are also autistic or something.  And they get every fucking question right because they’ve played these games repeatedly.   They’ve memorised the answers.

One of his friends is a woman, which is unusual.  And they were all “playing” Wheel of Fortune together.  She gave the answer to the puzzle before there were even any letters revealed.  

So I can see autistic or just generally mentally challenged people enjoying Erin’s videos.  They like repetition.  So Castlevania over and over and over again.  They’re down for that.  Ten hours in a week.  They can watch that shit.  But nobody else can.  No healthy person can watch ten hours of Erin playing Castlevania.  I can’t watch ten fucking minutes of it.

Could this be a conscious decision?  Is Erin intentionally targeting the mentally challenged?  

It’s like cat videos.  There are videos on Youtube specifically designed to appeal to cats.  So it will be like a ten hour video of a mouse running in and out of shot.  Something like that.  And they’ll loop the footage to make it ten hours long.  And then cats watch that shit and the person who made the video gets money from this.

I’m thinking that Erin is doing a similar thing for the mentally challenged.  She’s intentionally making videos that appeal to the mentally challenged.  And in her videos, she’ll say, “Oh, I missed you guys so much.”  Shit like this.  It’s clear manipulation.  She doesn’t miss these fucking losers.  She’s intentionally creating a girlfriend experience to appeal to these pathetic horndogs.  

Anyway, she’s doing this shit for peanuts and getting fucked in the ass on the regular over this.  So at least this deplorable behaviour is not working out for her.

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