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A new video from Super Video Game Gal aka Super Retro Gal aka Super Awkward Gal.  We were promised an FAQ video about Screenwave but instead we got this Disney shit.  

0:15 – “So we’re here to touch Disney” and then her awkward friend awkwardly almost touches her.  Covid and all.  They’re social distancing.  Covid is everywhere.  Everyone who I’ve ever cared about has died from covid.  All gone.  It’s the scourge of God.

Let me first of all DuckDuckGo “touch of disney” because you just know that Super Awkward Gal isn’t going to tell us what the fuck this is.  We’re just supposed to know.

Ummm…I don’t know.  I found the Disneyland website and there are words on there but it doesn’t explain anything.  It costs $75 per ticket, though.

What the fuck is Disney California Adventure Park?  Is that Disneyland or something else?  I…don’t know.  Again, I looked it up but can’t decipher this shit.  It’s all in the same city so it must be the same place but…it’s somehow separate?  Who gives a fuck?

Anyway, Super Awkward Gal got into this thing because her friend is a “cast member”.  I know what this is but it’s really sad that she uses this term.

2:30 – Oh this fucking guy…who is this.  Carpetbagger something.  Oh.  It’s just The Carpetbagger.  Anyway, she’s apparently here with this guy.  Or he just happened to be walking near her.  She doesn’t explain anything.

It’s a guy who does a lot of travel videos but also a lot of Disney shit.  He did videos with Adam the Woo who also does similar videos.

Wait…is this the guy?  I’m not sure.

3:00 – She starts going on and on about a “Bengal barbeque kiosk”.  What is this?  What the fuck is “Bengal barbeque”.  Can this woman explain ANYTHING?

We’re just supposed to know all of this shit.  Oh right.  Bengal barbeque.  Makes sense.

It’s a restaurant.  It’s a restaurant located in Disneland called Bengal Barbeque.  Couldn’t she have explained this?  Does she expect us to know every fucking restaurant in Disneyland?  Because personally, I couldn’t even name one.  I don’t think that I’m alone in this.

Then she starts talking about payment.  You have to use a card?  Or maybe the app?  But what is she even talking about?  

She’s talking about ordering food.  I only know this because I looked in the comments and somebody was complaining that they didn’t understand what this woman was talking about.  So Super Awkward Gal explained further in that comment.

It’s just so stupid.  This does not make me want to go to Disneyland.  Not that I ever had the desire to go anyway.  I’m an adult.  Even as a kid I had no desire to go.  But this solidifies my resolve never to go.  

4:30 – Then there’s…her husband scratched the back of the card instead of peeling…whatever it is that you’re supposed to peel.  It reveals a number, I guess.  So somebody replaced their cards.  She describes Disney as “amazing” for doing this even though none of this makes sense.  The card apparently said “scratch”, not peel.  And what difference does it make anyway?  What do these cards even do?  What the fuck is happening?  

Wait what.  Is the person I thought was Carpetbagger actually her female friend?  God.  I don’t know what the fuck is going on.

7:00 – “The food portions were pretty big.”

She’s telling you this AFTER she ate.  And she didn’t show anything.  She didn’t show you the restaurant or the food or anything.  This video is just about this weird card system that even in the video she says will probably be fixed by Monday.  I think that she means Monday, THREE DAYS AGO.  So by the time this video goes out, the problem that she’s been talking about all through this video will have been resolved.

So that’s the video.  She ends it awkwardly, of course.

Let me tell you what this video was about.  This is what I’ve pieced together from various sources.

Touch of Disney is a $75 ticket that gives the user admission to…somewhere.  Disney California Adventure Park, maybe, which may or may not be part of Disneyland.  Included in this $75 ticket is like a card that gives you $25 to use toward the purchase of any food at this park’s restaurants or kiosks.  

So this video is telling you how to use this card.  Basically, you need to peel the back of the card to reveal some kind of number.  You CAN scratch it, as the card indicates, but you have to do so gently or else you can’t use the card.  I’m not sure why.  I’m going to guess because it damages the card in such a way that you can’t read the number or whatever machine that this card is fed through can’t read the number.  Oh, and you have to enter the numbers on the card on to your phone via the app and then you order via the app.  But not always.  Sometimes you can just use the card.  I don’t know.  

That’s it.  That’s the video.  Who on earth is going to benefit from this information?  

Couldn’t she have shown the fucking restaurant?  Or the fucking food?  Or the fucking ordering process?  It’s insane.  

This might be the most pointless video I’ve ever seen.  

Adam the Woo leaves some comment.  Nothing interesting.  

Erin, oddly, did not reply.  Maybe there’s a rift since Super Awkward Gal has become very anti-Screenwave.  Erin is still somehow in the Screenwave camp, at least through Mike and quite possibly more directly. 

But what about cash?  Can you just pay with cash?  

I’ve always been big on cash.  I know that this makes me an out of touch old man and the young people are all about credit cards and debit cards but there are obvious privacy concerns with that.

It’s the same with store loyalty cards.  The grocery store does not need to know that I live on hamburgers and Pringles.  That’s my business.  But people are happy to sell their data about their eating habits if it results in them getting PENNIES back.  They’re selling their data for pennies.   

Getting back to debit cards/credit cards versus cash, aside from the privacy concerns, cash is just the manlier option.  You’re on a date, the bill arrives, what’s more impressive: daintily swiping your card on the little machine, gingerly tapping in your code, and waiting for the tiny receipt to print out; or whipping out a wad of cash?  

That’s a good dating tip.  Little things like this can make a difference.  If you play your cards right, you might even land a babe as great as Super Awkward Gal.

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