Erin Plays and Mike Matei stream Boom Blox (Wii) – Erin Plays

TWO HOURS of this shit.  And Erin is there with her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shirt.  Hey guys!  Remember Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

We’ve gone over this before, Erin.  Yes.  I do remember them.  But you don’t.  It’s impossible.  I give a detailed breakdown here:

I mean, I think that everybody knows the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles but it’s impossible for Erin to have first hand experience of watching the 1987 cartoon series as a child.  By the time she was old enough to watch this shit and have memories of it, the show was off the air.  And there was no new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles shit until she was like 16 years old.

Everything she does is a lie.  It’s insane.  These lies are ridiculously blatant but nobody seems to be calling her out on any of it.

1.  The relationship with Mike is obviously a lie.

2.  The fondness for videos games is obviously a lie.

3.  ALL of this fake *nostalgia* is a lie.

We can just look at the fucking dates to see that the *nostalgia* shit is a lie.  Why does she do this?  Why doesn’t she ever come up with PLAUSIBLE lies?  She’s there screaming, every day, “EVERYTHING I DO IS A LIE!” and nobody calls her out.  I suppose part of the explanation is that everyone watching her videos is mentally challenged.

On to the video.  Erin never played this before.  Boy.  I would have never guessed.

1:45 – Mike says, “You’re playing Mario Party 5 on Wii?  That’s interesting.  I didn’t know it was on Wii.  I had Mario Party 4, 5, 6, and 7 on the Gamecube.  I didn’t know 5 was on the Wii.”

Umm…I know absolutely nothing about the Wii but isn’t it backwards compatible with the Gamecube?  Let me look this up.

It is.  How did Mike not know this?  Of course, Erin had no idea.  When this guy said that he was playing Mario Party 5 on the Wii she just said, “Oh cool” or something and was moving on before Mike stopped her.  And of course Erin didn’t mention that Wii is backwards compatible with the Gamecube.  Erin also said that she’s only familiar with the Nintendo 64 Mario Party games.  Yeah.  I’ll bet.  Do a stream of those then, Erin.  Let’s see what a pro you are.

2:30 – “I like the noises”.

She’s talking about some “cute” popping sounds.  How does Mike possibly stand it?  That guy must REALLY love anal sex.

3:45 – She starts referencing a game that she played THE DAY BEFORE on stream, for money.  She wants Bitch Duo to make an animation of the train from this game for her shitty streams.  I’m pretty sure that Bitch Duo works for free.  Indeed, he pays THEM to do work.

4:00 – Mike starts talking about the train from the Price is Right and Erin says, “That’s a good train!”

She has never seen this train.  She has no idea what Mike is talking about.  She has never watched a single episode of the Price is Right.  This is all a lie.  

The last time I saw that train was probably 1991.  Erin was three years old.  Just endless lies from her.  

4:45 – “I want the Jolly Trolly from Toontown.”

What is this?  Let me look it up.

Oh.  Some online Disney game that ran from 2003 to 2013.  Yeah, this is something that I can buy.  The years match up and her interest in Disney might be one of the few genuine interests of hers.  Why doesn’t she just do more of this shit and less of the “Hey guys!  Remember 1980s nerd culture?” shit?

5:30 – Mike starts quizzing Erin on Mister Rogers Neighborhood.  “Do you remember the town next to the Land of Make Believe?”

Erin doesn’t have a fucking clue.  There should be more of this stuff.  Expose her for the total fraud that she is.

6:15 – 

Erin: Look at the little beavers/woodchucks dancing.  You haven’t heard of this game, Dan?  Yeah, I haven’t heard of it either until this morning.

Mike: They look like Ewoks.

Erin: I mean, this is a Steven Spielberg production.  Maybe because of his influence.

Mike: That would be George Lucas.

Erin: That’s why I said “influence” because as the words were coming out of my mouth…

Mike: Ah.

Erin: I know he didn’t do Star Wars!

Umm…more lies?  Is there anything she says that ISN’T a lie?  Maybe I should just be pointing those out.  Those are much rarer.

She’s all about nerd culture.  She’s all about the 1980s.  But somehow…she has ENORMOUS gaps in her Star Wars knowledge.  It’s just unbelievable.

Why doesn’t she just say, “I don’t give a fuck about Star Wars or Star Trek or TMNT or any of this shit”?  Would ANYBODY care?  Would she even lose ONE subscriber as a result?  

Her mentally challenged fans are tuning in because they want to see a woman playing video games.  That’s it.  That’s all that they require.  It makes absolutely no difference how boring, unattractive, or ill-informed she is.  

When she talks about Disney and various “cute” shit, THEY LIKE THAT.  Why doesn’t she do more of it?  They’re constantly recommending that she play “cute” games.  What is she not getting?  She doesn’t have to be a fake nerd to score points with these losers.  She could be GENUINE and they’d still watch.  Play the “cute” shit, play the Disney shit, play the girlie games.  THEY LIKE IT.

7:00 – “I’ve never seen ET.”

Oh.  You don’t say.  How about a list of movies that you HAVE seen?  Can we get that list some day?  Because I think that every film ever released is on your “I haven’t seen it before” list.

7:30 – “Oh my god.  The sound came out of this.  Isn’t life amazing?”

She’s talking about the controller.  I guess that there’s a speaker in the controller.  I’ve never played the Wii so I don’t know.  But hasn’t super gamer grrl Erin played a Wii before?  Apparently not.

8:45 – Erin isn’t listening at all to Mike’s story about a recent video he made so she absent-mindedly picks up the game box and reads the copyright.  “2008?  That wasn’t a good year at all.” 

Let’s see.  Erin would have been like 21 years old.  Maybe she was still in college, maybe she was working in the music store.  Maybe she had some other job.  I mean, the music store job was the LAST job that she had before starting her fake gamer grrl career.  So presumably, her earlier jobs were even less prestigious.

I appreciate the value of work.  I don’t denigrate anyone because they’re working retail or in a grocery store or whatever.  But few people want to work in a music store when they’re 29 years old.  Especially when they have a degree and they were promised a great job if they just got a degree.  

But yeah, I think that Erin’s employment history must be quite underwhelming.  Hence her desperation to make this fake gamer grrl thing work.  She’s literally selling her ass over this.

11:15 – “Speaking of games like Jenga, did you know that they have Hello Kitty Uno?”

How on earth is Uno similar to Jenga?  Erin just wanted to talk about some “cute” shit that her horny fans probably told her about recently.

12:15 – “They go, ‘Erin, you’re so bubbly’.  Yeah.  It’s all suppressed.”

She’s talking about she’s not really bubbly.  In fact, she’s angry.

Who the fuck ever described Erin as “bubbly”?  Doesn’t “bubbly” mean somebody with a warm and outgoing personality?  Erin doesn’t even have a personality.

18:30 – “Have I watched The 70s House?  I haven’t yet.  I need to show Mike that show.”

Why?  Erin hasn’t even seen the show but she wants to show it to Mike?  

And this thing was on fucking 16 years ago.  Is that they’re talking about?  This Mtv show that was on for ten episodes?  

And why would Mike be interested?  He wasn’t even alive in the 70s.  More ridiculous lies from Erin.

18:45 “Thank you for reminding me.  I’m all about Mtv reality shows that nobody remembers.”


God.  Who’s more fucking retarded: Erin or her fans?

“Thank you for reminding me of this show that I never saw before.  I’m all about forgotten Mtv shows.  Especially shows that are so forgotten that even I forgot about them.  I never watched a single fucking episode.  I’m a huge fan.”

19:45 – “Yes.  Tom Green did have an Mtv show.”

Did you ever see even a single episode, Erin?  Don’t just repeat what the chat says.  Give some of your own experiences.

Well, she does sing a bit of the theme song.  She got the words all wrong but she must have at least an inkling of a memory of the show.

“This is the Tom Green Show.  It is the favourite show.”


Then she talks about Tom Green putting paper in a shredder and “It just keeps piling up and up”.

I have to say that I don’t know what she’s talking about.  I’m not the biggest Tom Green fan out there but I’ve seen a good number of episodes and, much later, Youtube clips.  And I’m DuckDuckGo’s this shit and not seeing anything.

Mike ignores this and then starts talking about Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  So that brings us back to the start.

Maybe that’s why Erin does all of this fake shit.  She thinks that it’s what Mike wants.  So the fake *nostalgia* for TMNT and science fiction shit and the 1980s and whatnot.  But I’m pretty sure that none of this will be a deal breakers for Mike.  Just keep serving up that buttocks.  That’s all that Mike cares about.  If he can endure her abysmal conversation skills and talk about “cute” shit, he can put up with just about anything.

24:45 – 

Mike: There are horse games on the Neo Geo.

Erin: Oh my god.  Is there?

She just fuckng played a horse game on the Neo Geo a few days earlier, on stream, for money.  She already forgot.

26:45 – Then some horndog reminds her of this and she has a hazy recollection of it.  She doesn’t know if it was a Neo Geo game, though.

26:30 – “You know what one of my favourite things from the Simpsons is?  From when I was a kid?  I haven’t thought about it in…when Abe puts the forks in the potatoes and he does this with the potatoes.”

Oh.  Well…at least now we know that she watched at least one episode of the Simpsons in her life.

Then Mike explains that this is a reference to Charlie Chaplin.  Erin says, “Is that what it is?”

It’s even alluded to in the episode.  A lawyer representing the Charlie Chaplin estate then comes in and tells Grampa to stop upon threat of legal action.

Then Erin says, “I went to college.”  Mike says, “Maybe they should teach more about Charlie Chaplin and less about Shakespeare.”

This is a reference to Erin’s English degree.  So does she know much about Shakespeare?  Let’s hear it.  Don’t hold out.

Erin is TERRIBLE at this game, by the way.  You have to knock blocks out of some tower-like thing.  The scores for each block are clearly labelled.  And she keeps going for the blocks that are worth 5 points, even after Mike asks her why she keeps doing that and tries to explain that you get more points for the higher value blocks.

29:45 – They’re talking about dental implants and Erin says, “Like Hilary Duff.  You’re watching the Disney Channel.”

This must be the only thing that she did in her entire life.  She watched the Disney Channel.  I guess that Hilary Duff has dental implants?

So I made it to 30 minutes.  That’s enough.  I did a good job with this one.  I think it’s less painful when Mike is there.  

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