This trash.  We know what it is.  It’s Ali doing fake “reactions” to mundane shit.  She makes the “O” face.  People are jerking off to this.  

1:30 – She almost shits her pants at a reference to a Pokemon mobile adapter.  Whatever that is.  

3:30: “XMY!  I miss XMY.  I know that’s like, boomer of me to say, but I do.”

Oh yeah.  People born between 1946 and 1964 are forever going on about XMY.  Whatever XMY is.  

Oh.  She was saying “X and Y”.  God, her diction is fucking horrendous.  Meth head Ali over here.

So what’s Pokemon X and Y?  Two Pokemon games released in 2013.  Yeah.  Totally “boomer”.  

God, she’s just such a fucking idiot. 

4:00 – Pokemon Go.  I just had a visual of Ali finding Pokemon in her local meth lab.  And she doesn’t know if it’s real or not.

5:45 – It’s too stupid to even describe but if you want to watch some infuriating fake “reactions”, there’s the timestamp.

Okay.  I made it to eight minutes.  It’s just Ali making stupid faces and saying “yeah” periodically.  

Let me check out her Twitter.  Does she just talk about Pokemon all the time?  Yeah.  Pelvic Gamer does the same thing.

Ladies, this is BORING AS FUCK.  We know that you like video games.  But talk about other stuff sometimes.  Do you even have other interests?  Do you do anything with your lives?  

We don’t know anything about these people because all they talk about is fucking video games.  If you can’t give some insight into who you are as a person, it’s just boring, bland, 2d shit.  

Isn’t this what this is about?  You’re tuning into these streams because you like the personality of the “streamer”?  What personality does Retro Ali have? 

I suppose that this is why nobody is watching her shit.  Well, one reason among many.

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