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Guest host.  It’s some woman who appeared in a bikini in a few videos with Tony and/or Tony’s co-host on this thing.  Is his name Nate?  Newt?  Oh yeah.  It’s in the description.  Newt.  I think that she’s mostly a friend or “friend” of Newt’s.  She had/has a website where she claims to be a model and I’ll just leave that comment there.

So it starts with a preview of the upcoming fun to be had.  This woman is so fucking annoying.  At least in this preview.  “Why did you do that to yourself?” in such a disingenuous fashion.  So I’m excited to watch this.  How annoying can a person possibly be?  Stay tuned to find out!

I never heard of this movie, by the way.  Let me look this up.  It looks like it might be a horror movie.  Oh fuck.  Yeah.  It’s fucking trash.  Why does he “review” these trash movies?  

I don’t want to see anything that’s remotely popular.  I want to see reviews of classic yet forgotten films from the 1940s to the 1970s.  Fuck this popular culture bullshit.  I don’t give a fuck about your “the 90s”.  This film is from the early 2000s but most of his videos are about films from the 1990s so my point stands.  This fucking throw away, trash culture.  I don’t fucking care.  

Is there a big market for obscure films from the golden age of cinema?  Maybe not.  But he’s not exactly setting the world on fire with these “the 90s” movie reviews.  So forget about popularity.  Focus on QUALITY.  

How about a review of Arsenic and Old Lace?  

Oh, here’s one:


600 views after two years.  And this guy seems to be a friend of Dorothy.  He’s also annoying.  And the vast majority of his reviews are of old horror films.  That’s disappointing.  

But that’s like the only review of this film on Youtube.  So there’s a clear gap in the market.  Old films.  Of all genres.  Not just fucking horror.  I’m an adult.  I don’t give a fuck about horror films.  There’s so much more you can do.  Fucking westerns, comedies, musicals, film noir, biblical epics, foreign films.  There’s a near endless treasure trove out there waiting to be re-discovered.  

Or, we can do some fucking bullshit horror film from the early 2000s that was written, produced, and marketed to children and it’s all done in a cynical attempt to maximise profit.  I don’t think that we’re going to get much in the way of artistic merit out of that process.  

4:00 – “Ohhhhh baby.”

I don’t even know why she said this.  But you know what?  I’m done.  I don’t give a fuck about this.  Any of this.  I don’t give a fuck about Newt’s story, that I wasn’t even paying attention to, or whatever Tony is doing, and I certainly don’t give a fuck about this patronising woman with no personality who’s like a pod person.  It’s like watching an alien trying to behave like a human being but they only have a slight familiarity with the species.

Actually, let me skip around.  I’ll try to find some more “gems” from this woman.  If they let her speak.  Fortunately, Newt and Tony are constantly going back and forth, which doesn’t give her much opportunity to interject.

This video is an hour, by the way.  All of his Talking about Tapes have been about this long of late.  It’s way too long.  Even if it’s a movie that I’m semi-interested in, I can’t watch all of that.  I sure as fuck don’t watch the videos of movies that I’m not interested in.

Yeah, she’s brutal but I’m not going to quote any of this shit.  It doesn’t really come across in text.  You just have to watch it.  And it’s a good thing that I stopped at four minutes.  This film is a giant fucking piece of shit.  “Oh, here’s the best decapitation” and the like.  Fuck off with this low-brow, psychopathic bullshit.  

5 thoughts on “Wrong Turn is Ridiculous – Talking About Tapes – Tony from Hack the Movies

  1. I know that it's a “meme” to say this sort of thing, but I suspect that that was written by Johanna from the Castszilla podcast, StuffLikeGames, and ScreenWave Media. I mean, who else could it be?I can't imagine that it would be the woman who I talk about in this article because I only wrote about her once before. And I suspect that that woman isn't much a reader, no offence to her.So is it a hardcore Tony from Hack the Movies fan? How many of those are out there? And how many of these people are also regular readers of this blog?Is it just some guy who reads the blog even though he doesn't seem to like it? Why would he choose THIS article to comment on? I was pretty mellow throughout this. I didn't say anything outlandish. I just…you know…said that this woman is awkward.So I'm thinking that it's Johanna. I've written about her a number of times, she uses internet terms like “incel” and “cringe”, and she has an irrational contempt for me. So this all fits.It could also be Tony, I guess. Or Newt. Or maybe it's just some random lunatic. What do I care?

  2. compared to sleepy jamesy, mike and erin, tony from hack the movies and that woman thing that tags along at times are pretty anonymous. criticising this specific post means that it may have hit a nerve with someone close to those two.very strange comment indeed

  3. “I like writing about Tony from Hack the Movies and his absolutely dire co-host Johanna. I have a really vitriolic article about Johanna in the vault but I don't know if I'll ever publish it. I mean, she's fucking awful on that podcast but I don't think that that's a reason to heap hate on someone.” (from https://gamergrrlsofficial.blogspot.com/2021/02/erins-alleged-fondness-for-blockbuster.html)I'm now intrigued by this never-published article.

  4. I'd feel bad if it turned out that she didn't even write that.I don't even like talking about her. And I've always been as positive as humanely possible when I do talk about her. I mean, I would say that she sucks and she's boring but I'd also be encouraging and say that she's getting better and shit like this.It's somebody who's trying to help Tony with his podcast. That's how I viewed it. And she's not using her sex appeal to do it, for obvious reasons that we won't get into here. So I always treated her particularly carefully.But she got so pissed off every time Tony mentioned me. Calling me childish names and whatnot. I just found it weird. Like she was trying to inject herself into the Gamer Grrls crew. If it was somebody like Erin saying, “Fuck this guy. He's an asshole”, I would get it. I've written some critical things about Erin. But I've intentionally not done that with Johanna. Obviously, wishing death on someone, whoever wrote that, they're a real scumbag. And I left the comment up for everyone to enjoy.

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