PlayStation 5 Black Edition – Destiny Fomo

0:00 – “Since a lot of people get triggered by my outfits, I’ve decided to go all out for this one.”

She’s wearing a leather or PVC top of some description that doesn’t really fit.  We’re supposed to be jerking off to this.  Umm…I’m not going to be doing that.  

And who are these people who are “triggered” by her outfits?  Who gives a fuck about Madam Fomo?  The only people who regularly talk about her are me and Darius Truxton, who does Youtube videos about her.  That’s it.  Darius Truxton has about 500 subscribers.

0:30 – She starts aggressively shilling for this company who makes the product.  It’s just like a replacement case for a PS5.  You can change the side plates.  Who gives a fuck?  But link is in the description if you want to buy this.  Madam Fomo REALLY needs that two cents for every click.

3:00 – She demonstrates how “easy” it is to remove the panels from your PS5.  As it turns out, it’s not actually all that easy.

3:30 – “I’m actually going to have side by side pictures of the black Playstation 5 and the white Playstation 5 on my Twitter, if you guys want to check that out.”

Then she gives the link.

Why not just put it in the video?  Wouldn’t that be more sensible.  We’re already watching the video.  Why should we go to your Twitter?

Because she relentlessly promotes her various social media shit.  And spoiler, there’s no such picture on her Twitter.  But there is a weird picture of her naked back.

She’s covering her tattoo with some text.  She has a tattoo like right below her neck on her back.  You also briefly see it in this Youtube video.  I assume that her pimp made her get it.  It’s like a branding.

4:00 – She has even more trouble removing the other plate.  She had to edit this one.

5:15 – Then she takes some “sexy” pictures of her holding the console.  Are people really jerking off to this?  Well, I suppose the mentally challenged might.

5:45 – “If you’d like to see what’s underneath this outfit, you can check out my OnlyFans.”

No, thanks.  And she doesn’t do nudes.  So that’s just a lie.  She should say, “If you want to see pictures of me with bubbles on my chest while wearing a one piece bathing suit, check out my OnlyFans.”  

– “Question are you a cancer or Aries ?”

She’s a cancer alright.

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