Game Genie Codes for NES Games! – Erin Plays

She “premiered” this video.  Here’s the chat log if anyone is interested.  Some emojis are in parentheses.  I had to do some formatting and I might have missed something so if somebody is saying something really weird, it’s possibly an emoji.

If you don’t want to read the chat, you’re not missing anything.  NOTHING HAPPENS.  It’s the banality of evil.  So you can just skip to the end of the italics.

adramelk44​ hello

adramelk44​ i want double dragon 3 plz

Erin Plays​ @adramell44 maybe eventually. I’m sore familiar with Double Dragon II

Erin Plays ​*more

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Taska Nawa​ 30min lesgo (elbow cough)

Martin Camacho Jr​ Double Dragon II would be an awesome playthrough. I love watching your videos Erin!! Keep them coming!

Michael Sullivan​ Hello Erin

Alien Fetus420 ​yessssss

Vintage Retrogames ​anxious!

Kevin Plays ​Hiiiii Erin ❤️

respergu​ Erinnnnnnnn

respergu​ Where are you

respergu​ ?

Jade Cummings ​good day Erin it’s jade here;

Jade Cummings​!

nostalgic wiz​ Another Erin video?  Yes and I’m taking a day off of work. See some more throwback Erin videos

highlander723 ​I wonder how her tailbone injury is healing up. poor girl she hasn’t been able to sit down to do a proper stream she’s had to be standing.

ashley p ​what up

Erin Plays​ Hey guys! Thanks for joining me for the premiere!

Erin Plays​ @highlander723 it’s better! THANKFULLY! I can sit now.

Liang Kou ​yougotthis

Jose De Luna ​Yes!

Michael Sullivan​ is it raining where you are

Erin Play s​no rain but it’s cold!

Michael Sullivan​ ok

Michael Sullivan​ your power pad games is over 200 thousand views.

Erin Plays​ @Michael Sullivan I didn’t know it crossed over 200K yet, WOW! 

FibGibbley​ People really love the power pad!

Erin Plays​ I want to do another power pad video. or something similar.

Erin Plays​ eventually.

Michael Sullivan​ awesome I look forward to it.

newwavejunkie (MODERATOR) ​PREMIERE HYPE!!

respergu​i got the youtube notification !!! Erinnnn!

Erin Plays​ virtualhugchillwcat

Erin Plays​ @respergu yay!! 

Jose (MODERATOR) ​goodvibesSup Yay! I can’t wait! (videocall)

Erin Plays​ @Jose hey!

Marcus Zertuche​ whats up!

FibGibbley​ Super Mario Bros: PIGNAX invisible mario, zero enemies 

newwavejunkie ​hey @Jose @Marcus Zertuche !

Erin Plays​ Thanks for being here so early guys

Erin Plays ​Well, I guess 8 minutes isn’t super early lol but still

Erin Plays​ 😀

Jay Ash​ Love You Erin, from a fan in the U.K

Marcus Zertuche​ @newwavejunkie ghistwazzup 🤪

hexregex ​Hi everyone 

Erin Plays​ @Jay Ash thanks so much! 

Marcus Zertuche​ @Erin Plays what up yo! 😄

yeibon999 ​(virtualhug)

Erin Plays​ @hexregex @Marcus Zertuche hey!

newwavejunkie (​erinpl1Ariel)

FibGibbley​ SMB: KILLEN – Mario runs FAST. Enemies are unpredictable

Alien Fetus420​ do another Q&A on twitch

Taska Nawa​7min HYPE

Erin Plays​@Alien Fetus420 ha maybe. I probably will. 

Erin Plays​I was thinking to do a just chatting stream where I sit there and clean controllers, cuz I need to do that lol

Marcus Zertuche​you should 

hexregex​:D @newwavejunkie

hexregex​erinpl1 (Bulbasaur erinpl1Bulbasaur erinpl1Bulbasaur)

Abraxas Voice ​BOING!!!❤❤❤

newwavejunkie @hexregex (erinpl1Bulbasaur)

Alejandro Arispe III Gaming Hey Erin!!!!!!!

newwavejunkie Doo doo doo

Vyper​ Hey Erin!! its cool you’re doing a stream on the game genie!

ian mclellan​hi everyone

Erin Plays ​@Vyper hi! This is a premiere of a video but yeah I thought it would be fun 

FibGibbley​ THREE

Jose ​@newwavejunkie @Erin Plays Hiya 🙂

Erin Plays​ @ian mclellan @Abraxas Voice goodvibes

Erin Plays ​I like when the little countdown starts, lol

newwavejunkie ​@Jose erinpl1Newman 😀

FibGibbley​ TWO

Michael Sullivan​ definitely

Alejandro Arispe III Gaming ​Same Erin ahahhah

Erin Plays​D:

Luis Chambers​ Hi Erin. Hi all.

FibGibbley ​ONE

ryan charron ​hello Erin

Erin Plays​ hi guys!

Jose ​😂 good ol’ newmans own

drew wadsworth​ Hi Erin, I’m glad you are feeling better

Shane Maloney ​Her Erin!! I’m a big fan! Could you give me a shout-out when it starts? that would be Awesome!!!!! love your videos, keep it up 🙂

Erin Plays​ @drew wadsworth thanks!

jnl8806​ Interesting idea for a video

Erin Plays ​@Shane Maloney hey! This isn’t a live stream, it’s a premiere of a video but Hi shane! lol

Taska Nawa​im rdy

Luis Chambers ​Erin’s vids are always interesting.

Erin Plays​ 😀

FibGibbley​ SHORTLY

FibGibbley​ !!

Robert Tolan ​hello?

Marcus Zertuche ​here we go!

Marcus Zertuche ​countdown!

Erin Plays ​ahhh

biolithic​al right let’s do this Erin! Can I haz infinite lives and more?

Kirko Millz​hi erin 🙂

respergu​ Let’s gooooooo

yeibon999​ Hola Erin!

Erin Plays​ I hear premieres are the way to go now with videos, what do you guys think?

Pixel_Champion​ Hello

respergu​ 🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿🍿

Vesa Lampinen​ Um… what’s that? 🙂

Erin Plays​ hey guys! thanks so much for being here 😀

Foz Moz ​Hey Erin! I am the designer of the official game sites for Nintendo of Europe. I would like to talk with you about a request

Foz Moz​ How can I contact you?

Taska Nawa​ 10

hexregex​ one

Taska Nawa ​GO GO GO

Erick Smith ​I always dreamed of having infinite lives 😆

Steven Law​ i remember when my bro got this for his Birthday long time ago, came with a sick blue backpack

Luis Chambers​ People enjoy interacting with you, so yes.

Vision​ @Foz Moz lies

04StartyCornOnlineBC88​ I’m seeing it on mobile.

Erin Plays​ @Foz Moz hi! my business email is erinplaysnes @ gmail

Black Illuminati​ how much does a game genie sell for these days

Pixel_Champion​ I had Game Genie for both Genesis and SNES 

Luis Chambers ​I’m watching on my tv.

Shane Maloney ​yeah Erin, premiering videos is fun 🙂 Tha is for the reply 😀

Taska Nawa​ (Pog)

respergu​ Erin is a cheater !!! 🙂

Foz Moz​ @Erin Plays Ok, I will send you a mail now. Please make sure to read it!

Erin Plays​ @Pixel_Champion that’s awesome

ian mclellan ​Hi Erin I’m in the UK and my favourite video recently was the Paperboy 2 vid, I was hooked on that game too

Robert Tolan​ yo wassup playerz

Jose Erin is Batman 🙂

Dean Bragg​ hi Erin.

Erick Smith​ lol Batman got ups

04 StartyCornOnlineBC88​ Batman the series has been good.

Erin Plays​ @ian mclellan yay I’m glad you liked that video!

Pixel_Champion​ Thanks @Erin Plays


vgamer11​ batgirl is more like it

Erin Plays ​this is probably my favorite code out of the whole video, lol

hexregex​ trippy

04StartyCornOnlineBC88​ NES Frankestein sucks for that.

breakpoint​ HI Erin hope all is well great video 🙂

Taska Nawa​ speedrun code

Brooks’ Looks​ Heyyy everyone!

Marcus Zertuche​ crazy lol

Erick Smith​ Cyberpunk

Erin Plays ​lol the music on that part is so insane

Dean Bragg​ [message retracted]

Luis Chambers​ I’ve heard of this code.

Black Illuminati​ it’s so cool seeing all the love in here .Erin has come so far 🎮🖤🎮🖤🎮

Robert Tolan​ahhhh the old Nintendo days of gaming. gotta love it

Erin Plays​ @Black Illuminati thanks for being in the chat 🙂

04StartyCornOnlineBC88 ​I need to play the NES Zelda games soon. I am Error.

jnl8806​ I miss things like this and gameshark lol

Dean Bragg​hey Robert.(emoji)

Michael Sullivan​ your voice is soothing

Stewart Matthews​ hey Erin how are you

Bret Linden​ I still have my Game Genie, and book, after all these years

Erin Plays​ 😀

Bruno Christian​ Heeeey!!! Hello everybody! 🙂

respergu ​these are secret codes !!!

Dean Bragg​erin you are not streaming now?

Alejandro Arispe III Gaming​ Great Video Erin!!!!!

Erin Plays​ @Stewart Matthews hey! I’m good, you?

Marcus Zertuche ​I only have a Game Genie for SNES

Philippe​ How I wanted a game genie back then

Bruno Christian​ Hi Erin! 🙂

Steven Rodriguez​ 👋👀

Erin Plays​ @Dean Bragg this is a video premiere, not a stream 🙂

Michael Sullivan ​I hope you are enjoying the day.

Stewart Matthews​ I don’t have this game but I have the snes super mario allstars

Bret Linden ​I don’t use my Genie anymore, cause they’re in my MiSTer

Erin Plays​ Hey guys just joining!

Shawn ​I made it to a premiere!! Hooray!!!

Bret Linden​ Hey

Black Illuminati ​so many game genie codes . what was frustrating is the games that don’t have codes to help u beat them .ugh

Steven Law ​woah they didnt have these codes in the original code book.

Azziee ​hey

Erin Plays​ @Shawn yay!

Juuke​moi (emoji)

Silvester Godzik​ Hi everybody 👋👋👋

Falcom Scott​ Hey everybody Falcom here!

04StartyCornOnlineBC88 ​I didn’t heard about the Game Genie until the Nerd when he used that for the crappy GB game.

Luis Chambers​ Everyone is confused by the new direction Erin is taking with her channel. lol

Stewart Matthews ​oh man

Falcom Scott​ Hello @Erin Plays how are you?

Taska Nawa​hello silvester

Robert Tolan​th is is what I got to say to y’all be true to yourself and you will never fall

Erin Plays​ @Falcom Scott hey! I’m good, you?

biolithic ​what??? 🔨

Stewart Matthews ​woah that is wild

Erick Smith​ lol killer goombas

Erin Plays ​I like hammer throwing goombas, lol

04StartyCornOnlineBC88 ​Oh the world 8 of Mario despised me, i lost many lives there.

Steven Rodriguez​☁️🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨🔨

Falcom Scott​ I’m okay here good to be here!

Super Geoff Good Gamer​ Hey Erin

Stewart Matthews ​I like the hammer 🔨

breakpoint​ @Erin Plays How’s it going hope you are well 🙂 great video !

Steven Rodriguez​ 🚩

Marcus Zertuche ​Goombas just became scary with the power to throw hammers

Dean Bragg​erin your a good streamer to us. I am so happy for you.

Super Geoff Good Gamer​ Hammer Time

Taska Nawa​ 🤣🤣🤣

Erick Smith​ rofl flag pole denied

Onionman77 ​thanks for doing this 🙂

hexregex​ Yeah, the hammer one is fun 😀

Silvester Godzik​ hello taskayougotthis

Bret Linden​ Erin you got a front loading NES or a top loading one?

hexregex​ LUL

Steven Rodriguez​ 🐢🔥🔥🔥🏃‍♂️

Stewart Matthews ​oh wow nice 😌

camila olivera​ ytw

Erin Plays​ @Dean Bragg aw thanks

Falcom Scott​ What games are interested this year @Erin Plays

Todd Rossmanith​ Hi Erin!

Stewart Matthews​ very cool

Erin Plays​ @Bret Linden top loading. it sucks getting the genie in there

Steven Rodriguez​ 🐙

Black Illuminati​ damn everyone hit the like on the way in now THATS LOVE 🌊💙🌊

respergu​ 🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢🐢

camila olivera ​this suks

Steven Rodriguez​ 🌟

Stewart Matthews​ that is a bummer

Bret Linden​ @Erin Plays really? I thought it would make it easier. Huh. I never got a top loader so I dunno

Erin Plays​ @Falcom Scott new pokemon snap

04StartyCornOnlineBC88 ​I remember when i played the DS Mario Bros. I liked that game.

Retro Sauce​ these are great

NINfan (MODERATOR) ​The Game Genie is handy if your carts are loose in your NES too!

Super Geoff Good Gamer​ Those were hard to put Game Genie

vgamer11 ​neat! will try these

Robert Tolan​ bye

Abraxas Voice​ Thanx Erin!!

Wietse Fryslan​ Erin, do you also play battle of olympus for the NES?

Pixel_Champion​ Good video Erin

respergu ​Eriiiinnnnnn!

Alejandro Arispe III Gaming​ Awesome!!!!

04StartyCornOnlineBC88​ That was nice, Erin. 😊

Marcus Zertuche​ nicely done Erin!

biolithic​ have a good one

Erin Plays​ thanks for being here guys!

Erick Smith​ Nice video Erin! 

vgamer11 ​bye bye

hexregex ​I thought game genies were just for cheats. I didn’t know they did silly things too. 😲

Bret Linden​ Yay us

Falcom Scott​ Stay safe @Erin Plays I left a like

Taska Nawa​ awesome video, cya later erin, bye guys and take care

breakpoint​ will have to give this a try thanks for the upload Erin .

Brooks’ Looks​ Good Times!

Stewart Matthews ​I will say snes was my childhood for being around 8 years old

drew wadsworth​ short and sweet, great vid!

Shawn​ Gotta go shovel snow! 😕 Have a good day everybody!

Vesa Lampinen​ See you…

Bruno Christian​ Nice video!! Thanks Erin! 🙂

Super Geoff Good Gamer​ No problem Erin

seydi demir​ (washhands)\

NINfan ​Thanks for the videos @Erin Plays !

Super Geoff Good Gamer​ I’m Batman

hexregex​ Thx. Fun Video @Erin Plays



I’m fucking sitting there with the horndogs.  You have this one guy talking about the Powerpad video.  Obviously has his dick in his hand.  Erin just says “lol” a lot.  Then the video starts.  There are a few codes for maybe three popular games and then the second half of the video is codes for the original Super Mario Bros.

That’s it.  That’s the video.  It ended abruptly.  People couldn’t fucking believe this shit.  

Why would she “premiere” this boring as fuck video?  This video was awful even by Erin Plays standards.  

She starts the fucking video with, “I didn’t own a Game Genie growing up”.  No surprises there.  I don’t think that she even has one now.  I assume that the one that she shows in the video is Mike’s.  

And the codes she uses are fucking stupid.  They are not remotely interesting.  Wow.  Batman can jump really high.  Batman is a different colour.  Change your bullets in Contra to your character sprite.  Beat the level immediately.  Play with garbled sprites.  No clip Link.  No clip TMNT.  Link jumps high.  Speed up Bubble Bobble.

These are fucking shit.  She’s showing BROKEN codes.  You can’t play with most of these.  

Then the rest of the video is Super Mario Bros 1 codes that add extra enemies.  WHO CARES?

God, anyone who is at all interested in this shit has already done this shit and far more in depth than what Erin has shown.  It’s just unbelievable.

Erin has never seen this shit.  So Erin finds it “interesting”.  Or at least pretends to for the purposes of making a video.  The rest of us saw this shit when we were 8 years old.  It no longer holds any appeal.

And that fucking chat.  Everybody is just so fucking bored.  There were like 60 people in there at the most.  

I mean, what the fuck can you say to that video?  And she doesn’t even appear on screen, so there’s nothing to jerk off to.  

None of the other gamer grrls were there.  Not even Mike bothered to show up for this thing.

There are fucking billions of Game Genie codes.  THIS is what she found?     She spent about ten seconds “researching” this shit.

And the moderators were Jose, NewWaveJunkie, and NINfan.  Fucking disgusting.  All three of these guys are mentally challenged.  Jose has repeatedly asked Erin to visit him in Argentina.  He lives with his parents.  And NewWaveJunkie is an autistic Lego nerd.  I don’t know much about NINfan, to be honest.

It’s fucking trash.  She did this “premiere” because lately she’s been complaining about getting low view numbers.  She blames it on Youtube not notifying people that she released a video.

No.  Youtube is sending the notifications.  People aren’t watching because your videos are shit.  Just like this one.  Maybe work on THAT and you’ll get more views.

2 thoughts on “Game Genie Codes for NES Games! – Erin Plays

  1. I made the comment of the NES Tetris game genie code that uncaps the max score. Guarantee she won't be seeing that work out anytime soon, she'll never know until her score reaches A00000.

  2. Erin has never played Tetris before.Oh my god. I just realised that this isn't a joke. She never streamed it before, after all. That means that she never played it.

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