Erin's Crippling Back Injury

She explains what happened in one of her “just chatting” streams which, oddly, she uploaded.  She never uploads these:  Even she deems them unwatchable.  But at 1:30 she says:

I was going down the stairs and I tripped and I fell a few times on my tailbone and then I somehow ended up on the floor on my face.  I don’t know how I got to that point.  So basically, my tailbone hurts really bad, my hip feels weird.  So I can’t sit normally which means that I haven’t really been able to edit or stream and anything and I really didn’t want to have to like Tweet about this or anything because, you know, it’s a little silly.  It was a dumb accident but shit happens.  So I’ve just been laying on my side or walking or like standing.

As she’s saying this, one of the horndogs says, “Lay off the booze Erin”.

That was my initial thought as well.  Who the fuck falls down stairs?  This is a problem that children and the elderly have.  Normal, healthy adults are almost always able to navigate stairs without issue.  Unless they’re drunk.

I mean, what else can it be?  I get the impression that this happened in her home so it couldn’t have been ice on the steps or something.  I assume that Mike didn’t push her.  And I’m not going to make the obvious vigorous anal sex suggestion.  We’re above that here at GamerGrrls.  So yeah.  Alcohol.  

She says that she didn’t know how it happened and she didn’t know how she ended up face down and shit like this.  This all seems to suggest a drunken fall.  

Then one of the horndogs asks “Did you see a doctor?”  That was my second thought.

She doesn’t answer but it seems that she didn’t.  Why not?  

I injured my back many years ago and never went to the doctor either.  I didn’t think that there’s anything that the doctor could do.  Maybe I was right, I don’t know.

But I was quite a bit younger than Erin is now.  And a guy.  And I didn’t have insurance.  

I don’t know if Erin has insurance but Mike can pay for a fucking doctor’s visit.  

I’m trying to think if I’d go to the doctor today if I fell down the stairs and couldn’t sit or lay down.  I think that I would.  You want to make sure that nothing is broken.  And in the UK, this is all free.  You just go to the doctor, tell him the problem, they do whatever, and you go home.  There’s no cashier.  

Then she explains some more:

This is what I think happened.  I was wearing some Beavis & Butthead socks from the men’s section and they’re a little big.  I think, like, they were kind of coming off and then I slipped on the carpet and I just tumbled.

No, I’m sticking with alcohol abuse.  Oversized socks.  Fuck off.  She even added the Beavis & Butthead detail to try to give it some credibility.  Hey guys!  You know how much I love Beavis & Butthead, right?  The 90s!

No.  You love alcohol from the 90s.  90 proof.  

What else is she doing all day?  She has no job.  No hobbies.  No interests.  Doesn’t watch television.  Doesn’t play video games.  Not much is left but alcohol.  She must be wandering around in a drunken stupor all day and only sobers up to do these shitty streams once or twice a week.

18:00 – She’s showing a Barbie game.  “I streamed this before.  It’s addicting and I wanted to keep going.”

But she didn’t.  Because the stream ended.  And she doesn’t play games unless she’s streaming.  Another “addicting” game.  

I can’t listen to the lies any more.  I have to skip around . 

25:00 – Mike comes in with Elmo.  

But yeah, obviously this injury will put a damper on the buttsex.  How will Mike cope?  By releasing weird Youtube “shorts”.  Like these:

I think that he’s wearing makeup.  I know that the gay men on that homosexual sub-Reddit will talk about the darkness under his eyes but I don’t think that wearing makeup is the answer.  I think that the answer is not caring what a bunch of catty homosexuals have to say about you.

And what the fuck are these Youtube shorts anyway?  I’ve seen a few of these now from different people.  It’s for like…people who view videos on their phone.  But people do that anyway with videos of all lengths.  

What’s in it for these individual “Youtubers”?  Are they getting paid more for these short videos?  Why does everyone seem so keen to jump on this stupid shit?

Anyway, I’m skipping through this video and it’s just Erin showing her games and toys and whatnot.  And it’s all stuff that I’ve seen before.  This is stuff that she got YEARS ago, for the purposes of her Youtube channel.  Hasn’t she got anything recently?  Like…in the past two years or so?

1:43:15 – “Here’s the Powerpad.  Almost as infamous as the shorts I wore in that video.”

Then she bends straight down at more than a 90 degree angle.  Wouldn’t that hurt?  You know, with the injured tailbone and all?  Is this all made up?  I wouldn’t put it past her. 

Why did she upload the stream anyway?  She never uploads these “just chatting” streams.  But here’s one where she’s talking about her “embarrassing” injury.  If it’s so embarrassing, why upload the video?  This is another attempt by her to garner sympathy.  And I’m not even 100% sure that this is a legitimate injury now.

1:46:00 – Somebody suggests doing another Powerpad video and she says that she has plans to do so.  Joe from Gamesack has to clean up now.

I don’t even understand the appeal of the Powerpad video.  It was obviously intended to be sexual with her constantly saying, “It’s so hard” and the thumbnail that looks like she’s waiting for the viewer to shoot a hot load in her face but otherwise it’s just a woman in shorts.  Even if it was an attractive woman, that wouldn’t do it for me.  I guess for guys who are into legs and/or feet, this might be their thing.

It seems so old fashioned to be into legs.  It hasn’t been shocking to see a woman’s legs in like 70 years.  But whatever.

Back to Erin’s alcoholism.  Apparently, Zima is still sold in Japan.  Maybe Mike can import a case or two for Erin.  Some of that alcohol *nostalgia*.  

What about Jolt Cola?  Do they still make that?  Not…really, it seems.  The company was sold in 2008 and then in 2009 the new owners filed for bankruptcy.  But in 2017 it was available for a short time in Dollar General?  

Anyway, maybe Mike can track some down some vintage cans on Ebay or something.  Erin can add vodka to them.  

4 thoughts on “Erin's Crippling Back Injury

  1. i have a less charitable theory of what might have happened. what if erin just threw herself off the stairs in a fit of identity crisis brought on by her recent life choices? she's creeped out by her audience. she's bound to a passionless transaction with a man who is obsessed with doggystyle. she has to lie to others and herself everyday to go through life. the whole reason for being with mike was his cinemassacre clout, which is now gone. she doesn't feel like hooking up with another male youtuber if she leaves mike because the whole ordeal was too much for her. it's little wonder that her distress levels may compel her to turn to self-harm. the best thing that could possibly happen to her now is if her parents reached out to her and offered to take her home and arrange a regular job for her while she searches for a suitable man to start a family with. and who is willing to turn a blind eye to all of the above. preferably, let her parents make this choice as well.

  2. I suppose it's possible. More a cry for help than a suicide attempt.But yeah, the best thing for her is to move back with her parents and get a job. And the sooner the better. Don't waste any more time on this scam.It's just a shame that she used Mike for this pointless shit. At least he got a lot of buttsex out of it.

  3. As someone with good health insurance now , it’s fucking expensive as hell when you don’t. Even a simple doctor visit for five stitches can cost you upwards to $1000. Thankfully my copay is $5. My friend has his own building construction company and has to buy health insurance for himself & family: $1000.00 a month. I will bet Erin has nothing sooooo she’s gonna have to start an Onlyfans

  4. Yeah, I could see $1000 for stitches. I was thinking it might be like $200 for a doctor's visit where she just gets her back looked at. It's prohibitively expensive to most people, of course, but Mike can afford that.

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