Watch this if you want to keep loyal subscribers on ONLYFANS

Let me start by saying that I don’t feel good about this.

But look at this woman.  OnlyFans?  Really?  Is this really a career option that THIS woman should pursue?  

She has obvious skin problems.  And if you look at some of her other videos, you see that she’s really overweight.  

WHO’S PAYING FOR THIS?  I don’t want to see this woman fully clothed for free.  She’d have to pay me to look at her naked.  

She also has absolutely no charisma.  She’s boring as fuck.  

I had to turn this video off after about five minutes.  She’s painful to look at and she’s just so fucking boring.


Let’s see if I can stomach this one long enough to hear a figure.

It’s at the very end.  At the 20 minute mark.  Fortunately, I skipped right to it.

She made $1,044.

Not worth it.  This is less than minimum wage.  It says somewhere that she lives in Arizona.  Minimum wage is $11/hour there.  If she works 37.5 hours a week, that’s $1,650.  And she doesn’t have to take her clothes off.  And she has something that she can put on a resume.  And there’s the possibility for pay raises, advancement, whatever.

It reminds me a documentary I saw about prostitutes in the UK.  This woman is on there boasting, “I made £40,000 last year.”  Yeah.  Lots of people did.  That’s near to the average salary in this country.  You could have made that without getting fucked in the ass by six different dudes a night.

So this woman who’s making less than minimum wage does videos where she tells you how to make money on OnlyFans.  It’s obviously not working for her.  What advice can she impart?  

Then she goes on about how she used to wear long sleeves.  She doesn’t say why but it’s obviously because of self-injury scars and whatnot.

She advertises her “life coaching” services a lot.  Yeah.  This is the woman who I want to take life advice from.

Here’s a video where she tells you how she quit smoking marijuana.

Here she is getting ready for a “dick appointment”.  She has sex for money, I guess.  That’s what this is referencing.

God.  Who’s paying?  It’s just madness.  There must be absolutely no standards for this job.  ANYONE can do it.  The door is wide open.

And in this video she’s just like…putting deodorant on?  I can’t.

Well, here’s an apartment tour.  I do like those.  Maybe I can watch this one.

She lives with her boyfriend.  AND she has roommates.  There are four bedrooms in this place, so presumably she has at least three other roommates.  Possibly up to six.  Or more.  And she moved from Oklahoma to Arizona.

This is…this is not good.  This is fucking rock bottom.  She’s fairly young.  I get it.  You have to have roommates until you start making decent money.  But not this many.  And if you have a boyfriend, the two of you should be able to find a place of your own.  Or at least find a place with just ONE other roommate.  Or another couple.  

Oh, this place has it’s own like en-suite bathroom.  That’s cool at least.

Then she shows us her tampons…umm…hot?  I guess?  

Then she shows her room.  It’s a small room.  Fits a double bed and a tiny desk.  That’s it.

There aren’t any curtains.  But at least there are blinds.  She hangs a towel up at night because she can’t sleep with any light coming in.

And the view from this place is…a parking garage.

This seems to be a purpose-built apartment complex.  But it has four bedrooms?  There are four bedroom apartments?  Whatever.

Then she shows the little paintings that her boyfriend did.  I’m no art critic so take this for what it’s worth but these look like something a child would have made.  They’re fucking flowers and rainbows and shit.  And not flowers and rainbows painted in a realistic style.  They’re flowers and rainbows painted like children would paint them.

She shows her tarot cards…moving on.

She also shows the lube that her boyfriend uses.  Umm…hot?  I don’t know what I’m supposed to be feeling with this shit.  Let me check.  No, totally flaccid.  This isn’t hot.  It’s gross.

Then she shows the shared areas of the apartment and the balcony and whatever.  

So…umm…that’s that.  I think I’m done with this.  

This is all framed as like female empowerment.  I mean these videos generally, not the apartment tour video.  “Look at me!  I’m making money from pornographic videos and having sex with men!  I feel so good about myself!  Body positivity!”

What about getting a job?  Wouldn’t you feel good about yourself if you got a job?  Plus, you’d make more money.  Plus, it’s far less risky.  What exactly is the draw for the “sex industry”?  If you’re not making more money as a prostitute than you would do in a normal job, reconsider what you’re doing.  And you’d have to be making A LOT more as a prostitute to go that route.  If it’s any less than $70,000/year, I say don’t bother.  

She’s making $12,000/year.  At least from OnlyFans.  I don’t know how much the prostitution brings in.

The other reason people get into prostitution is because of pimp coercion.  She says that she went from Oklahoma to Arizona.  Let me check a map.  Where’s Oklahoma?  Oh yeah.  That’s pretty far.  That does suggest perhaps some human trafficking.  

And they live in that weird four bedroom apartment.  Are these all prostitutes living there?

Her boyfriend’s name is Corey.  Do black men have that name?  Not to be racist but we can all look at the racial statistics for pimping offences.  There’s Corey Haim and Corey Feldman and all of those Coreys.  But there’s also like Corey Sanders.  There’s Corey Smith.  So yeah.  It could be a black guy’s name.  

Would a pimp really be living in a squalid little apartment like this though?  With at least four of his hos?  Well, if this woman is representative of the quality of his hos, and his bottom bitch no less, I suppose that he might.  

It’s all very depressing.  

Oh, and I just looked at her “channels” page.  The top three recommended channels are of black “Youtubers”.  Yeah, something shady is definitely going on with her.  I suspect that Corey is a black dude and her pimp.  What white person names their child Corey any more?  

The good news is that her OnlyFans seems to be down.  Maybe she quit doing it.  That’s good news for society but she still seems to be in something of a pickle.

3 thoughts on “Watch this if you want to keep loyal subscribers on ONLYFANS

  1. i mean no offence to this woman, but she speaks with the cadence of a hooker. i know that she's trying to come across as sensual, but that's not the way it's supposed to sound like. but maybe she has other ongoing issues as well. and a no-show for a father. that would explain a lot of things

  2. the previous comment was made before reading the rest of the post. way to underestimate her venereal exploits

  3. It's a sad situation.But from the pimp's perspective, I don't understand why he doesn't tell her to go get a job at Burger King. It would pay more than what she's getting on OnlyFans and quite probably her combined OnlyFans/prostitution income. And he can still take his 100% cut. And it's all legal. I'm in the wrong business. I should be pimping out homely women to Burger King.

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