The Podcast NO One Listens To (Episode 186) – John Riggs

First impression: this guy is a giant douchebag.  And I reached this conclusion before I even saw him.  I originally listened to this on Spotify.  Then I switched to the Youtube version and there’s video.  

I’m five minutes in.  I want to hunt this guy down for sport.  It’s AWFUL.   HORRIBLE!  He’s talking about 80s porn and saying “dude” every third word and talking about his “extreme” workouts.

Also, I don’t know if this is a wig or not.  This guy is at least 40 and he has fucking video game posters on his wall.  I have no posters whatsoever on my walls.  I’m an adult.  

9:45 – Finally, this god awful monologue is over and John Riggs appears.  John Riggs also has a bunch of video game posters on his wall.  

Anyway, Riggs is wearing an unbuttoned flannel shirt, of course.  This is not 1994 any more, Mr Riggs.  Again, he’s stuck in his childhood.  I’m not saying that you have to jump on all the latest fashion trends but you need to update your look every so often.  Keep up with the times.  

John Riggs is from the same town as this guy who does the podcast.  

Now they’re talking about fucking wrestling from “the 90s”.

We get it.  You used to jerk off to Alex Wright.  Nobody cares.  Are you doing anything interesting today?  Have you done anything interesting in the past 20 years?

I’m at 24 minutes.  I can’t with this.  John Riggs is talking about how he started his Youtube channel.  I have to move ahead. 

37 minutes…still talking about his channel.

43 minutes…”do you remember Sunburst Video?”  Don’t care.  Moving on.

50 minutes…how NES games are constructed…

55 minutes…Rob Zombie.  Hey guys!  Remember Rob Zombie?  

So that’s the video.  You could have watched this thing 25 years ago and the topics would have been the same.  Except for the Youtube stuff, I guess.

It’s not like I don’t get it.  These are *nostalgia* channels.  But does EVERYTHING have to be about “the 90s”?  Or “the 80s”?  How about joining us in the present once in a while.  

These people have nothing going on with their lives and/or they’re desperately unhappy with their lives so they retreat to their childhoods.  

Anyway, if I could say something positive about the podcast it’s this: nobody is listening to it, as the title indicates.  He’s been doing this consistently for four years and a lot of his videos have no views.  He almost never gets triple digit views.  There’s a certain madness to this that I can appreciate.

And he seems to have regular people as guests.  I mean, they’re “celebrities” in the loosest of senses: local stand up comedian, local musician, John Riggs but it’s nobody who you ever heard of.  I like that.

His stuff from like seven to nine years ago were like public access tv shows.  So he’s been doing this for ages and it’s all just for his own amusement.  There’s no money.  Nobody is watching.  It’s genius in its way.

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