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New year, new games, same old boring bullshit from Ali.

0:30 – Some Legend of Zelda game for the Gameboy Advance.  She had this game as a child but never beat it.  However, she says that she wants to beat it on stream, for money.  Fabulous.

Oh, by the way, these are games that Ali purchased recently.  That’s all this video is.

She got another Japanese RPG for the Gameboy Advancce and she really wants to play this one on stream, for money too, but is afraid that the battery is going to die.  So she’s going to try to replace the battery.

1:15 – Whoa.  She says that she was moving recently and didn’t want to spend any more money on games.  So…does that mean that she has her own place?  I just assumed that she lived with her mother.  There’s no particular reason why I thought that, other than the fact that I don’t think that Ali has a job.

1:45 – She says “john-ra” for “genre”.  What is this?  I heard this bizarre pronunciation from somebody else not long ago.  Of course, Jimmy “Rainmain” Rolfe pronounces it this way.  But isn’t Ali from the Midwest?  Again, this is just another thing that I assumed based on some Midwest-looking video she did with some guy.  They were in somebody’s backyard and, I don’t know, just looked Midwestern to me.

Maybe this is just the new English.

4:15 – She says “SNES” as a word.  You know…as opposed to individual letters.  Whatever.

5:15 – “My buddy AJ gifted me Hades.”

Why do you suppose these strange men are “gifting” you games, Ali?  Are you a complete imbecile or do you just enjoy taking advantage of these desperate losers?

“I think I’m going to play offline first and then if I really, really like it, I’ll stream it.”

This one went straight to Ebay.  Thanks for the gift, AJ!

That’s the video.  It sucks ass.

Oh, AJ left a comment.

– “5:15 You’re welcome! Can’t wait for you to enjoy Hades!”

Here’s his channel:

It’s a fat guy who takes videos from like a MySpace angle.

Here’s a video where he “reacts” to a video game commerical.

He makes spastic motions and over-“reacts” to everything.


Not even a joke.  That’s a direct quote.  He got excited to see Mario in the game.  Mario has been in every Smash Bros game ever released.  Why is this surprising?  And the latest game has been out for quite some time now.  I don’t get this whatsoever.

He draws and animates anime.

This guy clearly has autism or something.  Something REALLY serious.  And Ali accepted a video game from him.  

How much is this Hades game?  $25.  Shameful.  Just watch the videos.  The man is mentally retarded.  

He’s been making videos for at least seven years.  They’re all the same.  “Sorry for the lack of updates.  I’ve been really busy.  My grades are bad.  I don’t know what kind of videos I want to make.”

Seven years of that.  He calls this lack of creative inspiration “video block”.  He’s been struggling with “video block” for at least seven years.  

It’s absolutely disgusting that somebody would accept gifts from this man.  But this is what these gamer grrls do.  A lot of the people I’ve looked up are like this guy.  They’re not simply nerds, these people have serious mental deficiencies.  

There was that clearly retarded man who goes to Erin’s streams who always said “hugs” and he had a bunch of videos of him at Disney World or Disneyland hugging all of the costumed characters.  Erin is taking money from this guy.  

It’s unbelievable.  Taking advantage of the MENTALLY CHALLENGED.  It doesn’t get any lower than that.

One might say, “Well, how do we know who’s mentally challenged and who isn’t?  We can’t vet everyone.”

First of all, we know that AJ is mentally challenged.  So give him his fucking game back, Ali.  You sick fuck.  

Secondly, it’s safe to assume that EVERYONE who watches these gamer grrl videos is mentally challenged.  Who but a retard would possibly be entertained by that shit?

4 thoughts on “New Year, New Games! | Ali's Retro Pickups – Retro Ali

  1. The guys who throw money at these girls cos they're horny or whatever, I don't see anything wrong with the girls taking their money all day long. Guys like that AJ though, I don't know how they can justify it. They know these guys have problems.

  2. They're completely immoral people. I had a neighbour who was mentally retarded. Unlike these gamer grrls he had a job so he had some disposable income. So he would go to the flower shop to make his room look nice. The flowers were always dead. This scumbag florist grrl was selling him dead flowers that she was going to dispose of because she knew that he didn't know any better.

  3. if you reversed the roles, a man who takes gifts and money from mentally challenged women would be universally derided and hated.

  4. I don't even think it's a gender thing. I think it's universally accepted that women who take advantage of mentally challenged men are deplorable people. Only in the niche sphere of Youtube/Twitch gamer grrls does this appear to be accepted.

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