The Best Video Games of 2020 – Cannot be Tamed

This obligatory end of year “best of” bullshit.  Fortunately, the other gamer grrls were all too lazy to do likewise.   

0:00 – After hinting at the bad cold lockdown and how she had more leisure time, she says, “I played, though not necessarily finished, 37 releases from this year.”

This struck me as peculiar.  She’s counting the games that she played?  And categorising them by year of release?  This sounds like autism to me . 

0:15 – “A common theme for games this year are games that let me travel the world, going where I please.”


God, I’m already fucking bored with this shit.  Fifteen seconds in.

2:30 – I’ve zoned out already.  She’s talking about a card game?  Something?  Fuck.  I don’t know.  I can’t.  Seventeen minutes?  No.  

I simply don’t care.  Let me look at her fucking timestamps.  Maybe I’ve heard of one of these games.

3:15 – Wasteland 3.  Fine.  Give it to me, Pam.  Hit me up with some INTERESTING takes on Wasteland 3.

4:00 – There’s something not right about the way she pronounces “Reagan”.  As in Ronald Reagan, star of Bedtime for Bonzo.  

You don’t really see films or tv shows with chimpanzees in supporting roles any more.  You hear about how dangerous they are and they can rip your arms off and whatnot but has it ever happened?  I mean, they made loads of chimp-centric films and tv shows up until about the late 1970s.  How many actors were maimed?  

Anyway, Pam liked the game.  No.  It was terrible.  Completely broken.

That’s as much of Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining that I can stomach for today.  She’s just so boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring.

– “hi pam you are so friendly and charming, i want to say this since few days ago :hi”

This guy expects to get a date out of this.  How?  How is this going to work?  Even if it was a good pick up line, which it obviously wasn’t, he has a completely blank profile.  

– “Hi beautiful Pam ^_^.I really enjoyed your video. As I see, there were good video games this difficult year. From your list I’d like to play Maneater for its originality and theme, Hades for the mythology and action, Spiritfarer for the beautiful art, Cloudpunk for its futuristic theme, and Ori and the Will of the Wisps for its gameplay and art.Haven is a game that is fine for me, mainly for its art, but I would love to play it with you by my side <3 

As a comment I would like you make a video about what were your best NES games you played this year for the first time. 

I will keep watching your awesome content next year and always admiring your personality and the pretty girl you are.Happy New Year!!! (^o^)”

What a fucking creep.  He actually wrote that and thought that this was how you pick up chicks.  

He has a blank profile too but he does have a playlist so we can get some insight into his interests.  Fucking anime in Spanish.  

Well, his English was good.  I didn’t think that he wasn’t a native speaker.  Now that I know he isn’t, I can see his awkward grammar but I only noticed this after I knew English wasn’t his native language.

So there’s some fucking giant nerd in Central or South America, possibly Spain, watching anime.  Anime seems to transcend nerd culture across the world.  What is it about anime that appeals so much to nerds?  

In “the 90s” anime was kind of a new thing.  At least in the US.  Am I insane for saying that?  Let me check Wikipedia.

No, that sounds about right.  There’s been Japanese animation since, whatever, at least the 50s but it only started to take off in about the 1980s in Japan.  I’d say late 80s/early 90s is when it started to make in roads in the US.

I remember people not even knowing what it was called.  There was some dispute at first as to what to call it.  There’s that 1990s Simpsons episode where they call it “Japanimation”, for example.  That’s a term that I remember being used at the time.  

For a very short while, I was able to watch some anime on some obscure channel.  It might have been public access television.  I only caught it a couple of times.  But I remember there being nudity.  And this in the 1990s on basic cable so I couldn’t believe what was happening.  So I’d try to watch it but it wasn’t being shown regularly or I just didn’t know when it was on or what channel.  

Then Ghost in the Shell was like one of the big early animes in the US.  I remember seeing advertisements for it in comic books.  They played up the nudity in it.  It was marketed as pornography, effectively.

In the mid to late 90s, there was an anime I enjoyed watching.  I think it was on the Cartoon Network.  I only watched a few episodes but I liked it.  It was about a futuristic cowboy…or policeman…or something.  And I think there was a giant mech involved.  They kept referring to the protagonist as “The Negotiator”.  

A Wikipedia search is coming up with Yugo but that doesn’t look familiar.  Also, I think I’m conflating things with Cowboy Bebop, which I think I also saw.

Anyway, I never considered myself an anime nerd.  You really couldn’t be.  The material wasn’t readily available.  If I’d see it on tv, I’d watch it but whatever.  Also, I was a kid when I was watching this shit.  

In terms of getting a date, do not mention that you like anime.  Women will run a mile from that shit.  Free advice for all the clueless anime nerds out there.  

Haha.  Somebody mentions her pronunciation of Camus, some dog character in a game that was named after Albert Camus.  She apparently knows that it was named after Albert Camus but still pronounces the name phonetically.  It’s at 12:00.

– “Top notch content.”

I’m going to assume that he was being sarcastic.

– “You have an interesting face.”

Imagine going up to a woman in a bar and saying that.  It’s not going to fucking work.  Another blank profile mother fucker.

– “Pam, you are so damn sexy.”

Now, that’s more like it.  I mean, it’s way too direct and it’s not going to work but at least it’s not some weird, creepy, autistic, anime nerd shit.  

Oh, this is horrible.  You know who fucking wrote that comment?  A vile, disgusting, subhuman piece of shit.

It’s a video of his son.  His son is maybe three years old.  No shirt on.  I don’t think that the father is wearing a shirt either.  Like father like son.  Unfortunately.

His fucking tattooed heifer of a baby momma is in the background.

And he’s trying to get his progeny to show a toy puppy to the camera.  The child reluctantly does this.  

Then after further prompting, this fucking scumbag keeps telling his pride and joy to say “That’s my puppy, bitch.”  The child doesn’t want to, perhaps knowing that profanity isn’t something said in polite society.  This isn’t the way that family members speak to each other.  

Then the child sort of says it?  I guess?  And everyone laughs.  

And this fucking piece of shit is posting messages like this to Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining.  A guy with a baby momma and a young child.  

Here’s his Twitter:

I won’t even quote any messages.  They speak for themselves.  He last posted in 2012.  He’s clearly been a piece of shit his entire life.

Dimitrius Medina, you have an open invitation to put a shirt on and meet up with me.  We can discuss child rearing strategies.  Afterwards, you can pick up your meth-rotted teeth and go cry to your fat baby momma, you hillbilly inbred fuck.

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