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It’s just clips from some Spider-Man game.  Some of them are actually a bit funny.  I assume that it’s footage that Bobdunga captured herself.  So whatever.  Check it out, if you’re so inclined.  Wow.  It’s not every day that I can sort of recommend a video.

How about some Spider-Man *nostalgia* to pad this out?  Hey guys!  Remember Spider-Man?

I used to purchase the comic books as a youth.  Let’s see what those are worth now.  Check ComicsPriceGuide dot com.  Maybe I can retire.

Amazing-Spiderman 245 was the oldest comic that I had.  $15?  That’s how much I paid for it 30 years ago.  Oh.  This doesn’t bode well.

What about 361?  I’ve read good things about that one.  First appearance of Carnage.  I think he’s going to be in a movie or something.

This is more like it.  $145.  Although…my copy isn’t near mint.  I had a subscription and they just came in the mail in little bags.  So the mailman would fold them and put them in the mailbox.  Most of them turned out pretty good but not pristine.  Plus, I read this particular comic a few times, thus increasing the damage.  It should be at least very fine.

359 is only $4.  For the very first appearance of Carnage?  Madness.

360 is only $17.  Another Carnage cameo.

362 is $15.  Part two of this Carnage story.  

So yeah, it looks like 361 is the only one worth anything.  

Wow.  All of these adjectiveless Spider-Mans are worth NOTHING.  $2 for #1.  The rest of the series seem to be the same price.  That #1 used to be listed at a fairly high price.  I know that a lot were produced but whatever.

Let me check.  I had a run from 356 to…I don’t know…

365 is $14.  That was one of the hologram covers.  I think I have three of them.  Cover price was $4 so…adjusting for inflation…this was a poor investment.

Yeah, 378 was the last one that I had.  These are all worth $4.  But yeah, 378 was part 4 of 14 of some Maximum Carnage storyline that ran across all the Spider-Man titles and I just got sick of it so stopped my subscriptions.  

I remember they published a letter of some guy complaining about this Carnage overkill.  It’s true. A 14 part series spanning four titles?  Fuck off.

Maybe my Spectacular Spider-Man collection fared better.  

No.  These are all $3.  Even the hologram cover?  Fuck off.  That was a better hologram.

201 is $9, though.  That was the last one I got.  Let the good times roll.

Web of Spider-Man.  Surely.  That’s where the money is.

No.  Three dollars.  Some are even two dollars.  Even the hologram issue is $3.

What about Spider-Man 2099 #1.  That has to be worth a fortune.  I have like ten of them.

Oh yeah.  $13.  Look out.  

The problem is that I should have been buying the older stuff.  Even when I was buying this shit, I knew that I should have been buying the older stuff.  But I didn’t get much of it.  And by “older” I mean stuff from the 70s and 80s.

Vampirella #8.  That was like the oldest comic that I had.  From Warren.  Hey, $140.  That’s about what it was going for 30 years ago, though.  I think that I paid $40 for a very fine copy.

Hey, Crazy #4 is worth $40.  I got that for free.  I used to order from some company and they’d give you free shit with every order.  They were old comics that nobody wanted.  Casper the Wimpy Ghost and whatnot.  But yeah, these old comics that I got for free turned out to be some of the most valuable shit in my collection.

What about Penthouse Comix?  No, the first issue is still only $14.  That was supposed to be huge.  Then it just fell apart and the editor or somebody killed himself in the end.

But I have so many.  And rare variants and shit.  Nobody even knows about these variants.  They’re not listed on this price guide.  I might be the pre-eminent expert on Penthouse Comix.

For example, issue #3 features a female SS guard brandishing a swastika branding iron.  But there was also a version where they edited the swastika to make it look like a cross.  I read that this was intended for the German market but the price was still in dollars and everything was in English so I don’t know.  Anyway, I have both versions so it definitely exists.  They only show the swastika version in this price guide.

Then there’s Penthouse Men’s Adventure Comix.  This was a short-lived spin off series.  And for like two or three of the early issues, they experimented with selling the comics in both comic size and magazine size.  The standard for Penthouse Comix was magazine size.  I have the comic book size for Men’s Adventure Comix #1 but the magazine size is surely more common.  

So are my rare variants worth anything?  Am I the only person on earth who cares about this?

Spawn #1 is $12.  That’s half as much as it was 30 years ago.  Sorry, Spawn.  You’re just not a draw any more.

Well, I’ll always have my Rob Liefeld autograph card.  I got in a pack of X-Force cards.  There might be 1000 of them.  I think that I’ve only seen these referenced once in my life.  I’m thinking it was worth $75.  You can see the card here:

It’s the one on the right with Cable on it.  So it exists.  But damned if I can find a price.

Oh, I found an Ebay listing.

$400.  Good luck with that.  

Anyway, it was a giant waste of money buying this shit but I only did it for a few years from the ages of 12 to 16 or so.  And I didn’t have a huge collection.  It’s like 600 comics and like 8 boxes worth of cards.  Like the retail boxes of cards that have 32 packs in them or whatever.  

I probably did better than the kids who blew their money on baseball cards.

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