I Play Star Wars: Tales From The Galaxy’s Edge Using Oculus Quest 2 – Bobdunga


Is this really happening?  THREE fucking advertisements in a row.  

Who are these people sending shit to Bobdunga in exchange for an advertisement?  These videos get 1000 views.  How could it possibly be worth it for these companies?

After she gushes over the good people at Oculus for being so generous as to send her this shit (in exchange for a commercial) she then says…I can’t even believe this.  

“I’m going to be publishing a series of videos on behalf of Oculus and this is going to be the first in a series of four or five part video series.”

She’s doing a five part commercial.  And this video is 20 minutes.  So we’re supposed to sit through a fucking feature film-length commercial for Oculus.  

No.  I’m not doing that.  Fuck you.

How could she possibly have thought that this was a good idea?  A five part commercial???  

1:30 – She’s opening the box.  The caption says, “Note: this box was customized to me as it is an influencer package.”

Who the fuck is she influencing?  She has 25,000 subscribers.  These commercials get 1000 views.  It’s just ridiculous.

So then she goes on about how it’s the greatest box she’s ever seen.  Unbelievable.  Is there even a chance that this is going to be a remotely objective review of the product?  

She keeps going on about how lucky she is and how amazing Oculus is for sending her this thing.  Doesn’t she get it?  They’re doing this because they want a FIVE PART commercial for their product.  They’re not giving this away for free.  You have to make a FIVE PART commercial in exchange for this thing.  You have to sell out any integrity that you may have in exchange for this thing.  

Not worth it.  Not even close.  How much are these things?  Let me check.  

Something like $800.  Let’s say it takes her eight hours to make each of these five hour commercials.  I know that the videos are shit but they probably take a while to make and edit and whatever.  That’s 40 hours of work.

That’s $20/hour.  That’s a reasonable amount of money.  But there are many jobs out there that pay $20/hour.  And they pay in cash.  Not video game equipment.

3:00 – Torturous footage of Bobdunga using this thing for the first time.

This does not make me want to buy this.  It looks awkward and not fun.  

A five part commercial.  Holy shit.  And she presents this like we’re supposed to be excited for this.  We’re supposed to be excited to see a five part commercial.

Who wants to see commercials?  You go to the cinema, people complain about the trailers.  On television, people change the channel during commercials.  On the internet, people use ad block to bypass the commercials.

But Bobdunga is saying, “Get ready for fun!  I’m going to show you 90 minutes worth of commercials!”

It’s crazy.  And this is her third fucking commercial in a row.  Did she give up on non-commercial content?  Everything is just, “Hey, I’m trying to sell shit” now?

Oh, I just noticed that she’s also wearing an Oculus sweater that they send her.

Where can I get some Oculus underpants?  Send them my way, Oculus.  I’ll do a full review right here on the blog for you.  For underpants.  That’s all it takes.  I’m willing to sell out for underpants.

This video is fucking brutal.  It’s just Bobdunga stumbling around her mother’s living room for like 15 minutes.  I’m not watching this.  

17:00 – She gives her final thoughts.  She likes it.  She REALLY likes it.  It’s the greatest thing ever.  

She says that you should try it if you like video games or if you don’t like video games.  So…only those two categories of people.  

19:45 – If you want to buy this revolutionary piece of equipment, Bobdunga directs you to the link in the description.  She gets money for every click and a lot more money if you actually buy this thing from that link.

WHAT?  Then she gives the retail price.  $300.

Holy fucking shit.  She’s doing a five part commercial for a product that cost THREE HUNDRED DOLLARS.

Just get a fucking job, Bobdunga.  Come on.  Three hundred bucks.  When I thought it was $800, I was willing to let things go.  But three hundred?  Fuck no.  A 90 minute commercial for that cheap piece of shit?  

Then she ends the video by thanking Oculus FOR LIKE THE TENTH TIME and talking about what an honour this has been for her.  It’s an honour to make a fucking commercial for you.  And tune in next week for part two of this commercial.  Part two of five.  

And she’s doing this over a $300 piece of shit.  

Forty hours of work for a $300 video game thing.  I don’t think I’ve ever had a job that paid as little as $300/week.  That’s $7.50/hour.  No, I guess I did.  The first job I had paid $7.50/hour.  That was 25 years ago.  I think that wages have gone up since then.

It’s just sad.  Making a five part commercial for…this.  I don’t think that she’s getting paid anything.  It’s just in exchange for these fucking cheap goggles.  It doesn’t look like she even wants this.  

And as a viewer, I can state categorically that this is not what we want.  I don’t want to watch commercials.  I want to watch interesting content.  It doesn’t have to be about video games.  There’s all kinds of shit you can do videos on.  

Unlike the horndogs in the chat, I’m not going to congratulate Bobdunga on her “success” in getting this commercial deal.  This is not a success.  This is abject failure.  Success would be getting a job.  Success would be not having to make five part commercials in exchange for cheap video game hardware.  

Let’s say it was cash.  If somebody said to me, “We’ll pay you $300 to make a 90 minute commercial for us”, I’d tell them to go fuck themselves.  NINETY MINUTES?  No fucking way.  

It’s companies taking advantage of, effectively, hobos.  They know that these people are unemployed.  So they’ll do these commercials for nothing.  Just give them the product.  That’s all they need.  And they’ll do a 90 minute commercial.  

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