Most Disappointing Games of 2020 – Cannot be Tamed

Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining starts the video off by saying, “2020 probably wasn’t anyone’s favourite year unless you happen to be a billionaire.”

I remember talking to my girlfriend about this coronavirus nonsense back when this all started.  It didn’t sound right to me.  Why would the world get shut down over the flu?  Millions of people die from the flu every year and it’s business as usual.  

So my girlfriend says, “Why would they shut everything down if there was no reason?  What would anyone have to gain from everyone losing their jobs?”  So I said, “Somebody is making a lot of money off of this.”  

That seems to be the case.  Just follow the money.  Amazon reporting record profits.

When I first heard of this shit, it reminded me of when that girl gave some speech to Congress about babies being taken out of incubators in Iraq.  I was like 12 years old when I heard this and I thought, “Wait a minute…this doesn’t sound right.  Nobody is going to believe this shit.”

But they did.  And that was the pretence for invading Iraq.

As a 12 year old, I didn’t buy it.  Taking babies from incubators?  Why would anyone do that?  It’s cartoonish super villainy.  

But I had these dumbass teachers coming into school and telling us, “Oh, it’s so terrible.  He’s taking babies from incubators.”  So people bought it.  

It was all made up bullshit.

In this same conversation, I was talking to my girlfriend about Osama bin Laden’s alleged burial at sea.  She never even heard of this.  But when I told her, she was surprised.  Her first question was, “Why would they do that?”

Exactly.  That was my first question too.  It doesn’t make sense.  You’ve killed the number one terrorist in the world, you’ve been looking for this guy for 20 years, and then you just throw him into the ocean?  No press conference?  This is big news.  Why be coy about it?  

And the suggestion that this is in keeping with Muslim burial traditions.  I didn’t know anything about Muslim burial traditions but I had a strong feeling that burial at sea wasn’t among them.  And indeed, I was right.  There’s no such provision.

Why would they care about respecting Muslim burial traditions anyway?  When Sadam Hussein and his sons were killed, George W Bush held a rowdy press conference in front of their bloodied, propped up corpses.  Army guys were taking Weekend at Bernie’s style selfies with the corpses.  

But now suddenly we’re concerned about respecting Muslim burial practices.  So they’re dumped into the ocean.  No independent member of the press is there to record any of this.

That’s all made up bullshit too.  

So too with coronavirus.  Where are the piled up corpses that we were promised?  Or is because we’re wearing homemade masks and standing six feet away from each other that we’ve avoided catastrophe?  

The people who work in the grocery stores and fast food restaurants seem to be doing just fine.  I think that we can all go back to work now.  This was all a giant scam.  It was a money grab.  And people bought it.  “Oh, I don’t want to get the flu.  I better stay home.”

0:30 – Doom Eternal is Pam’s first game that she was disappointed by.  Yeah, it did look like shit.

2:00 – X-Com Chimera Squad.  I always wanted to play the original X-Com but I never bothered.

Chimera though…I’m reminded of…what was that show…it was about alien policemen.  Alien Nation.  From 1989.  That was a good year!  Only lasted for one season.  Nobody talks about it now.  It was probably a piece of shit but whatever.  I watched it as a kid.

3:15 – Final Fantasy 7 remake.  Yeah, I never cared about this shit.  Certainly not past the SNES era.

There are also a lot of weird glimpses of Pam looking at her phone during this thing.  Like she’s reading from her script.  But they’re just on screen for a second.  Must be an editing mistake.

4:30 – Kentucky Route Zero.  I never heard of this but it reminds me of some other game that I think Pam aka CannotBeEntertaining recommended.  It was about a guy…and the moon is crashing to the earth.  And he had to fight giant spiders, I think.  Let me look this up.

I can’t find it.  I never played it but I was interested enough to watch a full playthrough.

5:45 – Tell Me Why.  It’s some adventure game.  I stopped caring about this shit when they moved away from text parsers to point and click.  That was fucking…King’s Quest 5?  In 1990.  That was a good year!  But yeah, that’s when I gave up on adventure games.  They became dumbed down.  Click everything on everyone else.  No thanks.

So that’s the video.  Here’s mine: Wasteland 3.

This was a game that I played on Pam aka CannotBeEntertainment’s recommendation.  I do play a number of games based on her recommendations.  I don’t think that I do that for anyone else.  But in some ways, Pam and I have similar game preferences.  We were obviously made for each other.  

But yeah, Wasteland 3.  I played the original.  Not when it came out but in like 1997.  It originally came out in 1988 so it was really, really dated by the time I was playing it.  But I still liked it a bit.

Then I wanted to play the sequel but I just never got around to it.

Then I picked up the third one based on Pam’s recommendation.  It was okay at first but then I started noticing how everything was broken.  For example, there’s no reason to pick certain skills like “gun repair” or whatever because you can recruit an unlimited number of people and just keep them at the base.  And when you create these characters, you can max out at least a couple of their stats.

So if you want a gun to be repaired, you don’t have to waste those points into a guy who you’re actually going to use in missions and whatever.  All you have to do it go back to the base, create a character who has maxed out gun repair, temporarily swap one of your guys out for that gun repair expert, fix the gun, and then swap back.

Also, partly because of broken things like the above, the game was just too easy.  I intentionally gave my crew shit stats to test how difficult the game is and it was no problem.  I was able to get through the game just fine until I got to this fucking clown gang that I couldn’t get past.  Partly because it glitched out and the giant fucking clown car disappeared.  I just lost interest at that point.

So I played it for a few days but then I said, “Fuck it.  This isn’t any fun.”

There’s just no challenge.  In a game like Fallout 3, if you pick bad stats for your character, you’re in some real trouble.  But it’s still possible to finish the game even if you chose bad stats.  The stats actually matter and help determine how you’re going to play the game.  So this helps with replayability.  You can be a sniper one game and a sneaky guy the next and a computer expert the next whatever.  

Wasteland 3?  No.  It’s shit.  You have a team of like six people and everything is maxed out.  You only need one person who needs to know lock picking, for example.  There’s no reason to give lock picking to anyone else.  So that other person can specialise in something else. 

The game just isn’t fun and it’s broken and it’s easy and it’s linear.  Also, some of the choices are really stupid.  Like if you choose not to get a handjob from a robot, a little while later, a giant robot attacks you because it says that you hold discriminatory views toward robots.  It’s fucking stupid.  Because you don’t fuck a robot, you get attacked?  Maybe you didn’t fuck the robot because you respect the robot and you’d like to get dinner first to see if you’re compatible.  Maybe you think that fucking a robot you just met would be disrespectful to that robot.

Anyway, fuck Wasteland 3.  There’s also a part where you fuck a goat.  Who made this shit?  Some horny degenerates…

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