Channel Update 2020 – DestinyFomo

This video has been up for five days and hasn’t even cracked 10,000 views.  She has 134,000 subscribers.  I suspect that a lot of these are fake.

Nobody is watching this shit.  Can you blame them?  How many times can you get burned on this?  She’s just advertising her fucking OnlyFans yet again.  We all know about it.  We don’t fucking care.  

So she’s sitting cross-legged on this desk.  I don’t know why.  It looks unnatural and uncomfortable.  But people are jerking off over this?  I guess?  

And she’s holding this giant microphone really awkwardly.  

The video is two minutes long and she repeats herself a lot.  I’m going to do a “shoutout” count.

0:00 – “Shoutout to everyone who’s been coming to my livestreams.”

0:15 – “Shoutout especially to everyone who stopped by the stream where I was decorating my Christmas tree.”

0:30 – “Shoutout to Roberto Blake.”

He recommended some monitor.  So she bought it.  The monitor is like $1500 and three times bigger than anyone needs.  I mean, what is this for?  She makes videos on OnlyFans.  Why does that require a huge monitor?

1:45 – After calling out her “haters”, she advertises her OnlyFans.

She also said “bad boy” twice, in relation to different hardware.

She repeats herself a lot because she’s really unintelligent.  Like…mentally retarded levels of unintelligent.  I’m thinking of the time she said “bougie” like 30 times in a ten minute video.

Somebody in the comments says, “$500 for you to FaceTime me?”.  You can do a lot more than that for $500.  

But yeah, it’s all really sleazy and pathetic.  She posts a lot on Twitter about all the expensive shit that she has.  

How long does she think that this is going to last?  Are there many “escorts” who have invested their money wisely and become successful businesswomen?  

And Madam Fomo…I mean…I don’t say this as an insult but she’s fucking stupid.  REALLY stupid.  Do you think that she’s doing anything remotely intelligent with her money?  She’s blowing it all on video games and comic books.  And this presumably all belongs to her “manager” TuanX.

Anyway, enough of that imbecile.  She mentions this guy Roberto Blake.  Here’s his channel:

His videos are about making “passive income”.  His latest video claims that he made $250,000 just from one source of passive income.

Wow.  He’s a real baller.  So why is wearing a fucking track suit in every video?  

His Youtube channel can’t be making him much passive income.  Low views.  Let me check SocialBlade.  Well, $850/month.  You could still make more money at Burger King but he’s doing better than these gamer grrls.  Let’s hear him out.

He allegedly got thousands of people to sign up for some “affiliate program”.  Whatever that is.  

So that’s how he made money.  Getting people to sign up for something.  It looks like a pyramid scheme.

I think I’ll stick with working for a living.  

I watch videos from a sort of similar channel.  It’s a guy always talking about how much money you can make from Youtube and various other “passive income” shit.  He apparently made some money.  But now nobody watches his videos and he’s broke.  So you see him desperately trying to create “content” that got him popular in the first place but no, people have moved on.  He got lucky.  Youtube made one of his videos “viral” and he thought that the good times would last forever.

This “passive income” shit seems like a whole lot more work than the non-passive variety.  I’d rather dig ditches than have to constantly worry about how nobody is watching my shitty videos about pyramid schemes.  And what are you going to do when Vimeo takes over?  

Maybe he’s spending his money wisely.  I mean, he’s obviously not spending it on clothes.  So good for him.

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